Agent Herobrine (Book 1): Under the Shadows (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 - 12 (Preteen)

       Mark Mulle
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Agent Herobrine, Book 1: Under the Shadows

Copyright 2017 Mark Mulle
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Author’s Note
This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this "Minecraft Adventure Series" such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine...etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

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Day 1
How should I get started? Oh well, maybe I should write something about me, … Anyway, my name is Angie and I am a Herobrine! Yes, that’s right, I am the mythical creature known as Herobrine.
“But wait a moment Angie, what do you mean by ‘a’ Herobrine?” you must be asking, my dear diary. Well, fret not! Let me explain exactly my situation, and how things work: In the world of Minecraft, there is the entity known as Herobrine.
The Herobrine is a creature who has outstanding powers and abilities, such as the ability to teleport, break absolutely any blocks with his bare hands, craft anything without a crafting table, and super strength, among a few other powers! Herobrine is also immune against the monsters.
Additionally, Herobrine isn’t an omnipotent and omnipresent creature: there are several Herobrines in the world, and they’re all scattered across the globe to be present in all possible regions.
Therefore, Herobrine is actually the name of a category of creatures, of which I belong to. I am one of these Herobrines, and we all take part in an organization known as the Herobrine Agency, also called HA.
Our duty as Herobrine is to keep the world safe and organized: we deal with griefers, control the spawn of night monsters, make sure the bugs and glitches don’t ruin anything for the regular players and also help the other creatures in the world. In other words, we are like the moderators inside the world of Minecraft!
I am one of those. I live in the HA headquarters located in the South, where we run the local management of cities and other areas and protect the good citizens from any harm. Our presence is kept a secret from the regular players, and we are always acting under the shadows to keep our disguise.
However, players still find evidence of our presence very often, which leads to several hoaxes about us. Unfortunately, we cannot get in touch with humans, because this would lead to a devastating mess and confusion. So, it’s also our job to hide every trace left behind and keep our distance from humans.
And with this diary, I’ll be describing more of my daily life as a Herobrine in the Agency.

Day 2
Working for an undercover agency is not as easy as it seems. It sure sounds cool and all, but it’s tough keeping your identity hidden from the masses. In this specific server where we live in, there are thousands of players living as well.
They form big cities crowded with all types of players, from builders to fighters. As for us Herobrines, there’s nothing we can do other than hide. Unlike humans who boast their cities above the ground and build unimaginable things, we do our best to hide from them.
But let me be more specific about my base, the South base of the Herobrine Agency. This is just one of the five branches of the other HAs; there’s also the North, West, East and Central agencies. The Central Herobrine Agency is the most important one, and where the Herobrine Master known as Vince is located. I’ll tell you more about him later!
Our agency is located way deep into the ground. And when I say deep, I mean it! We are located below the bedrock, which is an unbreakable item for the humans. And that’s exactly why we live under it, to make sure humans never find our lair.
The agency’s structure is very sophisticated. I can say that we have great accommodations, despite living in such a despicable environment as the underground, an area filled with lava and rare minerals.
The agency’s main entrance is a big oak tree in the middle of a forest. This forest is a few miles away from the nearest city, and again, this is all to make sure we keep our distance from the humans as much as we can.
Always living far, but at the same time, keeping an eye on them. That’s our mission, and our goal.

Day 3
Have I told you about how to become a Herobrine? No? Well, ask no more! I am sure you must be really curious to know how to become a Herobrine; although Herobrine’s existence is known, most players believe it to be a single entity filled with hatred and anger.
And it’s the absolute opposite: There are, as of today, 25 Herobrines spread across the agencies! Exactly, twenty-five! There are 5 Herobrines in each one of the branch agencies (South, West, East and North agencies) and 5 in the Central Agency.
But of course, the silly humans don’t know anything about that; they think there’s only one in the whole world! Anyway, on to the next point; each and every Herobrine in the Herobrine Agency was a regular player before becoming this mystical creature with amazing powers.
We were all just regular people living our normal lives, playing by the rules and minding our own businesses. But one day, someone from the agency discovered our potential and gave us the opportunity to join this exclusive club.
The Herobrines are selected amongst the best humans of all. And by best, I mean the most fair, honest, free-spirited and open-minded players; you must meet all these requirements in order to be invited.
And that is not all; before joining, you will have to take a test. A proof of your valor as a Herobrine, worthy of its powers and perks. In case you fail this test, your memory is completely wiped off and you forget everything related to the Herobrines.
And what kind of test is that, you must be asking me? Well, I’ll tell you more about it later because I’ve got some things to do right now!

Day 4
Today, I was about to write more my dear diary but my colleague Zack called me.
- “Angie, let’s get going! We’ve got a 1-2-4 in progress.” He said.
- “Oh really? I’m on my way!” I said.
1-2-4 is the code for a fight between humans. The first number is designated to indicate whether it involves humans only, Herobrines only, or both. The code for humans is 1, Herobrine 2 and both 3.
The second number is the amount of creatures involved. In this case, 2. And the third number indicates the situation. Number 4 means there’s a fight of some sorts, a skirmish. I know it can be tough memorizing it all, but I’ve got every code number right at the tip of my tongue! The full list can be found in every agency and we must memorize everything.
Anyway, I left the agency with my partner Zack and we headed to the Arlington City, where the fight was taking place. You must be asking yourself, why do Herobrines have anything to do with a fight between humans?
Well, it’s simple. We are here to maintain the balance. And it involves taking care of things, anything that may disturb the peace among others. Fights are included, of course. That’s why we were chosen to be Herobrines in the first place, because we all showed the capacity of helping others in need even when we had nothing to do with the case.
I’ll tell you more about how I became a Herobrine later!
So, we both went to Arlington City and put on our human disguises. Arlington City is a big place, so no one ever recognizes others on the streets and it’s easy to get mixed in with the big crowds.
We entered the city and headed to the area where the fight was reported. When we got there, we saw two players having a heated argument about some minerals and other ores.
- “I told you a thousand times! These ores are mine, because you mined them off my own cave!” One player said.
- “No way, these are all mine. Go get your own!” He replied.
The first player was about to hit the other player with his fist, when Zak and I intervened. Herobrines have many amazing powers, and one of them is a mind-controlling perk which lasts for only 10 seconds.
Zack controlled the first player’s mind, and made him believe that the ores belonged to the other player, regardless of where he took them from. I controlled the second player’s mind, and made him decide to share the ores with the first player for taking them from his cave.
They shared the ores and when they regained consciousness, they had no idea what had happened. But the fight was over, and there was no reason to keep going with the discussion. Everyone left and we two returned to the agency with another job completed.

Day 5
Anyway, back to you diary! Now I’ve got
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