The Friendly Creeper Diaries: The Relics of Dragons, Book 7: Possessed by Herobrine

       Mark Mulle
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The Friendly Creeper Diaries: The Relics of Dragons, Book 7: Possessed by Herobrine

Copyright 2017 Mark Mulle
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Author’s Note
This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this "Minecraft Adventure Series" such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine...etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

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Day 1

I’m extremely tired. Today was long and involved a ton of farm work. It honestly isn’t my personal favorite thing to do but Alex needed my help. He’s terrible with it. I have no idea why he decided to start working on the farms.
After everything that had happened with Lucas the Creeper King and the Nether, things around the village had changed a lot. Friendly creepers began to leave the village to explore the Overworld. No one felt like we had to hide anymore. After all, I had worked with David to stop Lucas. We had shown that we could interact with the Overworld and it wouldn’t end in disaster.
Since people were leaving, jobs opened. That was when Alex had decided to try his hand at farming. He hadn’t liked the excitement that going to the Nether had brought and wanted a quiet life style.
Yet Alex was hopeless at farming. Just today he accidentally let the cows loose which caused them to run across the wheat, crushing it. I keep telling him to try something else: open a shop or something! But he is determined to make this farming thing work.
Because of this, I am sore and tired. It took ages to try to fix the damage done by the cows. On top of that, we had to try to wrangle them back into their pens. I’m pretty sure the entire village was laughing at us. Some tried to help but Alex told them he could do it himself. It was truly a sad sight.
I understand Alex not wanting adventure. Really, I do. After Lucas and my discovery of Moon City with David, all I want to do is lead a quiet life as well. But I trade between our village and David’s. I like the breaks from the village and the long walk to his place. We hang out a bit as well. After all, we went through several quests together like saving his aunt and looking for the Moon City.
But I still wish Alex would decide to give up farming.
Anyway, it’s late and I want to sleep. I am sure that Alex will need my help again tomorrow. Better to get some rest.

Day 2

I got up at the crack of dawn, deciding I’d go into the village square and get something from the bakers. I was craving fresh bread. Since we had opened trade routes with the rest of the Overworld, tons of new and delicious food had been brought in.
My stomach grumbling, I left my small house behind. There was a chill in the air and in the distance I could see dark clouds brewing. A storm at this time of the year? I studied the clouds for a few moments before shrugging and making my way down the hill towards the bakers.
The trees were a bright green and danced in the breeze. The air smelt crisp. The cobblestones were neat and organized. After Lucas, the village had been remodified and updated. It was so nice! There were even a couple of human researchers who had come to discuss our history. So many changes but still the same quiet atmosphere.
I went into the bakers. I was the first one to arrive. The baker, Sylvia, looked up.
“Hey, Mike. You’re here early.”
“You have fresh bread? I’m craving some.” I said as I sat at the nearest table.
“Sure.” She said and then frowned.
“What?” I asked.
“Well, normally Alex is here already. But I haven’t seen him yet.”
I thought back to yesterday and what a disaster it had been, “He’s probably sleeping in. We had sort of a…chaotic day yesterday.”
“He is still trying to farm?” Sylvia asked.
I sighed, “Sure is. He’s fixated on it.”
She came over and gave me warm bread and fresh milk, “Well, maybe stop by to see him afterwards. For me?”
“Sure. I was going to head over there today anyway.” I said as I crammed some of the bread in my mouth, starving.
She laughed and left me to eat. I finished quickly. It was delicious. The wind had picked up a little, sending leaves across the stones.
“A storm is coming in.” I warned Sylvia.
“Strange for this time of year.” She replied.
“Sure is. Stay safe.” I said as I waved good-bye.
I went outside and decided to see Alex early. Sylvia had seemed bothered that he hadn’t come by. Knowing Alex, he was probably stuck in his own pen or something. I sighed and made my way to his house.
I knocked but there was no answer. I frowned. Maybe Alex was just fast asleep. Even so, I was starting to get a bad feeling about the whole thing. I had a key to Alex’s house. I unlocked the door and stepped inside.
“Alex? Are you asleep?” I called out but there was no reply.
I went to his room after seeing that he wasn’t in the kitchen. I pressed open the door and blinked in surprise. The room was empty. There was no sign of Alex. For the first time this morning, I felt worried. What was going on?
“Alex?” I called out. Nothing.
I told myself maybe he was out at the farm. Yes, I would check there. I quickly made my way outside and onto his farmland. But I searched high and low. There was no sign of him. How could this be possible?
That was when I went around the village to try to find out if anyone had seen him this morning. But no, everyone told me they had seen him last night but not anytime afterwards. I had no choice but to go to Beth and tell her what was going on.
At the mention of one of our own being missing, she looked panicked. In charge of the village, making sure all the creepers were safe was her biggest job. To have Alex suddenly go missing was alarming. We needed to get to the bottom of it.
Everyone who could help began to search the village for Alex. We searched the village and the paths that lead into the village.
But there was no sign of Alex! I could feel myself starting to panic. Where could he have gone? It was so unlike him to run off like this. Had something happened in the night? I didn’t remember hearing or seeing anything odd. But I had been so tired and had fallen asleep quickly that I could have easily missed something.
As the evening began to settle in around the village, we had to face something scary: Alex was not in the village. Somehow, he had left and was now missing.
“I need to go look for him,” I said to Beth as I started packing a bag, “I’m going to check the woods.”
She protested, “Mike, you can’t. That storm is coming in.”
She was right. The storm that had been looming over us all day was threatening to start at any moment. It was dangerous to go into the surrounding woods and try to find Alex. But that was even more of a reason to go search for him. He couldn’t be lost in the storm!
“If Alex is out there, I have to find him. Whatever happened to him, I need to search. If someone stumbles across him – well, he’s a creeper. They might not know he comes from this village.” I argued back.
Beth knew I was right but I know she didn’t like the idea of me going out into the woods, “Fine. But I’m coming with you.”
“You can’t. The village needs you. You’re in charge.”
“Exactly. I’m in charge. I can’t have the people that live here go missing and not help. Come on. We’ll scout the woods and come back, hopefully before the storm starts.”
I didn’t like Beth coming with me but I couldn’t tell her no either. She was in charge and she was going to help me find Alex. So, I agreed and we got our things together to search for him.
A few minutes later, with the wind whipping around us as the storm rolled in, we headed to the woods. Every few steps, we would call Alex’s name but there was no answer.
“I don’t understand how he could just go missing.” I mumbled for the thousandth time that day.
“Maybe he was sleepwalking and got lost.” Beth said as she tripped over a twig.
“Yeah, maybe.” I replied although I didn’t believe it.
We swept the woods but there was no sign of him. A light rain had begun, signaling the start of the storm. We should be going back. But that meant that Alex would be out somewhere the entire night. I hated the idea.
“Storm is starting. Come on, Mike. We can’t stay out here.” Beth said, gently tugging on my arm.
“Where could he have gone?” I said to myself as we turned around to head home.
But the rain went from a light drizzle to the clouds opening and spilling buckets of water on us. The wind whipped furiously around us causing our progress to be slowed. I could hardly see a foot in front of me. I held onto Beth as we tried to get back to the village.
The storm was so intense. There hadn’t been one like this in ages. What had
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