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The Angkora Warlands
The Angkora Warlands


  K Silvermoon

  ©2012 K Silvermoon

  Edited by Ted Mahsun

  Cover by Mark Tan “Bear”

  (January 2013)

  License Notes

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  K Silvermoon



  The Prophecy

  The White Naga

  The Prince

  The Resistance

  The Murder of the King

  The Confirmation

  The Little Girl

  The Dark Lord

  The Explanation

  The Plan

  Pirates in the Sky

  The Chosen One

  The Search

  The Destiny

  The Dragonslayers

  The Punishment

  The Black Naga

  The Omen

  The Elders of Langkasuka

  The Healing

  The Needles

  The Kiss

  A Choking Engagement

  The Bodhi Tree and the Garuda

  Leaving Langkasuka

  Pirate, Lover, Saviour

  To Get the Blood

  The Apocalyptic Vision

  The Battle Plan

  The Kidnapping

  The Big Battlefield

  The Meaning


  A long time ago, before the Great Flood,

  While there was still Ocean in the Sky,

  Humans and Animals alike lived in Peace and Harmony.

  The GodKing among Humans ruled fairly and equally,

  Nurturing the Angkora civilization into a Golden Age,

  Advanced in Divine Mathematica and Transcendental Navigation.

  But one day, the Dark Lord of the Shadow Kingdom,

  Descended upon Angkora and laid waste unto the lands,

  The Foul Lord murdered the GodKing and enslaved the Animals,

  Throwing the states of Angkora into Anarchy and Darkness,

  And Angkora was left to become nought,

  But Warlands for years to come…


  The Astrologer Monk closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. He sensed something in the air.

  It is different this time.

  The Shadow Kingdom fortress floated in the sky, giant, motionless, menacing. Its dark shadow loomed over Angkora with a silent intimidating presence. Up in the top-most levels of the fortress, a group of levitating astrologer monks whiled the time away studying the stars and charting them on a gigantic map. The stars were largely and brightly magnified by the Ocean in the Sky.

  The Chief Monk peered into the giant ancient telescope perched in the middle of the observatory. He sensed something was different and waved at the other monks to push the telescope around on the rotating wooden platform. The telescope swept through the sky, looking for further confirmation.

  Down the labyrinthine dungeons inside the fortress castle, there was another giant hall with a huge nautilus shell on the wall. It was a very busy place with several mathematician monks studying and documenting the strength of its structure with complex mathematical formulae.

  These monkish architects would then translate them into Divine Mathematica, a very advanced form of mystical and mysterious numerology which they can then implement into their buildings, infrastructures and ship building. It was an ancient Angkorean belief that God is a mathematician and all creations are mathematically and divinely created.

  In another laboratory elsewhere in the fortress, alchemists were busy drawing blood of deep cerulean from rows and rows of thousands of horseshoe crabs and preparing them as chemical concoctions for surgical purposes. The cerulean blood was used to prevent blood from clotting during surgeries. In a nearby surgical hall, a chief surgeon monk chanted and dipped his bare hands into a patient, opening his rib cage and massaging his heart. The assistant surgeons applied the cerulean blood onto the open wounds.

  As this all went on, a scream echoed through the hallways. A frightening, piercing scream, originating from the royal bedroom. A few monks quickly scurried towards the bedroom.

  Soma, the blue Snake Princess woke up from her prophetic nightmare. The monks' questioning eyes stared at the sixteen-year-old Princess. She had the body of an Apsara dancer, and was well-adorned with blue jades, gold chains and peacock feathers.

  Lord Karruva, a tall dark shadowy figure who had quickly rushed to the bedroom snarled impatiently.

  “What is it this time?” boomed the twenty two-year-old Prince, a devilishly handsome but pale shrouded figure.

  “The White Naga…” murmured Soma, the blanket sliding off her body revealing her half-human, half-snake body. The blanket barely covered her blue breasts. As she arose from her bed, her lower half snake body formed into beautiful long legs.

  “As prophesied by the Elephants...” said Lord Karruva. He had been waiting for something like this to happen.

  “No, this time it is different,” said Soma, a little worried.

  Lord Karruva let out a sinister laugh. “With a Prince riding it?” He sniggered maliciously.

  “ No, a girl… a maiden,” Soma said, grimacing. Her voice trembled.

  Lord Karruva’s eyes widened. His long royal purple robe trailed behind him as he walked down the long flight of stairs. He was very troubled by what he had just heard.


  A flock of white birds flew across Angkora, soaring over its majestic temples and beautiful ancient giant rainforests, while all was bathing in great, bright sunshine. There were hundreds of them, and they looked like a swarm of bees, gliding in poetic formation across the sky.

  Angkorabhumi, means “temple” and “earth” but the locals just called the city “Angkora”. Angkora was the largest city under the SkyOcean.

  The towering waterfall thundered into the big lake near Angkora, sending up a mist of vapour that harboured a rainbow. The lake was formed from a flooded crater of a volcano.

  A group of maidens belonging to a rich trader played cheerfully in the lake.

  Chinta, the rich trader’s sixteen-year-old daughter and a young, innocent dreamy girl, was playing with the maidens. She had big sparkly eyes and was cute and petite.

  Giant water lilies floated on the lake and equally giant dragonflies hovered around the lotus buds. Frangipani flowers dropped off the branches and glided slowly onto the water surface. Some of the maidens collected the flowers and strung them into garlands. Two of the maidens put the garlands around each other’s neck and giggled, sharing little jokes.

  Chinta surfaced from the water with her white bathing robe wrapped around her breasts. She started splashing water at the other maidens. Chinta turned to one of the maidens and asked, “How is it we have never been to this lake before? This is so fun!”

  The other maidens agreed and nodded with her and then they continued splashing water amongst each other. Chinta took a deep dive and explored the bottom of the lake. There were many kinds of strange little beautiful creatures at the bottom. Some of them, like the little horseshoe crabs with flat shells and pin tails, scurried away as she swam near them.

  But as she was enjoying herself down there, the water around her started turning dark. Chinta looked up towards the surface. From there at the bottom of the lake, she could see the sun slowly being eaten away. An eclipse of the sun was happening.

  She could feel something strange happening to herself. Her beautiful skin started growing scales. Her legs turned into a giant serpent-like tail. She panicked and struggled in the water.

  “Chinta! Chinta!” The maidens called out. “Chinta! Where are you?”

  The maidens started looking for Chinta in the now gloomy twilight. When they heard no response, they started fearing that she had drowned in the water.

  A giant serpentine shadow surfaced from the water and loomed tall behind one of the maidens, who was clothed in blue robes. Another maiden on the shore, trembled, and was scared speechless, but she managed to point to something high above her friend. Something with a huge neck.

  The giant serpent fanned out into a seven-headed Naga. Large pearly white scales covered its body.

  The maidens screamed and ran for the lake side. Some ran into the bushes and hid. The White Naga had awakened, and it slowly opened its eyes. Water dripped off its eyelids. The blue robed maiden turned around, screamed for her life then quickly dove into the water. She hid underwater as long as she could manage to hold her breath.

  The Naga stood still, water dripping from its jaws. There was an ominous silence. The blue robed maiden resurfaced breathless. She looked at the Naga again, trembling with fingers in her mouth.

  They stared at each other for a while. The Naga’s eyes widened as it saw her friend. And the blue robed maiden realised that the Naga was not going to harm her.

  There were movements and shadows amongst the trees. Something was moving very fast between the growth. The leaves rustled. There was almost no warning when stealth paratrooper monkeys dropped into the water from the surrounding trees, and shoot arrows around the Naga but not hitting it, forming a net around the Naga’s long neck.

  The Naga was trapped. It let out a loud roar as it struggled to tear itself away from the net. The maidens ran. One of the maidens screamed, “Help! Help!”

  Something hit the Naga from the back. An arrow had embedded its head in the Naga’s main neck. The Naga crashed unconscious into the water. A huge explosion of water shot into the sky.


  An airship emerged slowly from beyond the mountains, sailing as secretly and as quietly as possible in the murky, foggy sky.

  It was a DragonSlayer gunship with something precious as its cargo. The gunship looked like a floating temple with elaborate carvings on its walls. Inside, the Transcendencer Monk was at its centre, the spiritual engine of the ship. The levitating Transcendencer navigated the ship with the power of his mind.

  Outside, the guard on the lookout tower stood cautious, ever vigilant. He looked upwards and sensed that there was something moving in the Ocean in the Sky.

  Water waves reflected the deck of the airship.

  “Did you see something?” asked the commander from the control deck.

  “Not sure, sir,” the guard said, a little unsure. “Something in the Sky Ocean.”

  “Well, keep watching,” instructed the commander with an authoritative voice.

  The guard looked upwards again and saw a circular ripple spreading on the water in the sky. A giant falcon-like bird with golden feathers surfaced, diving out from the water. It was a Garuda! A teenaged boy rode on its back, partially hidden under the giant feathers.

  The guard at the tower screamed, “A giant Garuda incoming!”

  “Shoot it down! NOW!” shouted the commander.

  The gunship fired several volleys at the Garuda but missed.

  The Garuda let out a piercing screech and prepared to attack in return. The Garuda spread its wings wide and dropped towards the ship. The teenaged boy tightened his grip on the feathers.

  The guard adjusted his helmet. He could not see what was on the bird’s back. He could only see the giant silhouette of this raging falcon beast against the sun’s rays. The giant silhouette dropped towards the helpless guard.

  Rangga, a teenage boy with daggers sheathed around his back, appeared between the feathers. He stood up and prepared for the dive. The wind rushed through the Garuda’s giant feathers.

  Rangga dove towards the target, shooting like an arrow through thousands of feet of air.

  The sun rays blinded the guard’s vision, and so, was unaware of Rangga diving rapidly towards him… not until his dark silhouette appeared between the sun rays.

  Rangga dropped from the great bird and landed before the guard, almost without a sound.

  The guard gasped. “What… who are you?”

  Rangga moved swiftly and slit the guard's throat with his dagger. The guard didn’t even have time to react. He fell to the deck without even a cry of surprise.

  Down in the hold, the White Naga woke up, trapped and chained in the cargo area. She sensed something was happening on the upper decks of the ship. She lifted her head and tried to listen to what was happening.

  In the bridge, the ship’s pilot was frantic. “Sir, I cannot hold the altitude. I have to circumvent that mountain and navigate through the Funan airspace.”

  The commander was unperturbed. “We have to deliver the cargo to Lord Karruva at all costs,” he said. “Do whatever is necessary to make it so.”

  Meanwhile at the upper decks, Rangga rushed through and quickly dispatched multiple soldiers, slashing their throats. The paratrooper monkeys rushed in and lunged at Rangga.

  “Get him! Quick, before he—” Rangga slashed the monkey's throat before it could finish the sentence.

  Rangga moved swiftly, cutting through the paratroopers like a deadly silent shadow. The paratroopers fell one by one.

  The vice commander, who had seen Rangga’s deadly swiftness could not believe his eyes. “The enemy is alone!” he screamed. “Damn it, why can’t you miserable creatures get him?”

  Rangga continued to slaughter the soldiers on the ship. The soldiers hit even before they could see what was hitting them.

  One of the paratroopers lunged at the speeding shadow. “Die!” The paratrooper dropped onto the ground as the shadow glides through him.

  Rangga made his way through three more soldiers. The rest of the soldiers did not yet realise who was attacking them. In the frenzy, one of the paratroopers’ sword hit a pipe, causing steam to fill the room. The Vice Commander stared through the vapour and saw a row of dead bodies.

  Impossible! He... he did all that alone?

  Rangga moved swiftly through the cloud of steam. A sharp sound of steel in the air. A dagger flew from within the vapour and buried itself in the Vice Commander’s neck. As he collapsed, he saw Rangga emerge from the steam vapour, walking slowly towards the Commander.

  Now that Rangga had emerged from the steam, the Commander could now see Rangga clearly. He was merely a nineteen year old boy, but athletically built. He wore a red mask that covered the top half of his face. He had an Angkora emblem emblazoned upon his chest armour, and it was adorned with green jades.

  “So you are the rumoured Prince,” the Commander said, slowly.

  Rangga leapt into the air, his bended knee protruding in the style of an ancient Angkorean martial arts. He thrust his knee deep into the Commander’s neck, crushing the bone inside. He was dead before he reached the deck.

  Rangga made his way to the White Naga and stood before it. He removed his mask slowly, as he gazed at it in awe.

  Rangga communicated with the White Naga with his mind.

  O, White Naga! We shall claim back our kingdom… the Prophecy has now come true.

  The White Naga lifted its neck, acknowledging the whispering voice as if she was acknowledging a future king.


  The Resistance had set up their headquarters in an abandoned castle, on a cliff. The Pandavar Resistance was a small remnant army of guerrilla warriors from Angkora that had been fighting using terrorist warfare against the Shadow Kingdom. They were but a small group but were very skilled and brave warriors. They were warriors who still flew the Angkora flag proudly, waiting to claim back their Kingdom.

  Inside, Gajja was levitating in mid-air, something most people thought was impossible, especially due to his large, heavy blue Elephant body. Gajja was half-man, half-elephant. He gave the impression that he was religious but he also looked like a false prophet. It was rumoured he was more than a hundred years old.

  Gajja looked out the window. A Blue Moon emerged from behind the clouds. He looked ecstatic. Gajja grinned.

  “Ah, the Blue Moon,” Gajja said. “The Blue Moon as mentioned in the Prophecy. Yes, I feel the presence of the White Naga.”

  Gajja smoked the cigar he always smoked. It was wrapped with Spice. He puffed smoke into the air, as he exhaled slowly with dreamy eyes, levitating higher, the more he exhaled.

  Uma, a beautiful tall female assassin, slinked within the shadows. Mysterious and veiled. Slender and slithery. Twenty three years old.

  “So, the battle has begun,” she hissed in the darkness. Little black slithering poisonous snakes slithered around her wrists. She held her right wrist up and kissed the little poisonous creature.

  Nearby, Arjana stood at the window and stared at the horizon, lost in his thoughts and keeping his silence. A tall, handsome and mysterious figure, Arjana was the leader of the Resistance. His black hair billowed in the wind. An image of a third eye was tattooed on his forehead. He had a bow slung around his back, and was a very good archer. He was muscular and athletic, and twenty five years old.

  The eagle on his shoulder jumped into the air and flew into the distance, sensing something and curious to see what it was.

  Back at the airship, The White Naga awakened and writhed a little. The wall around it trembled. Rangga stared at the Naga as it moved, then uttered in a

  quiet strong voice, “I’ve waited for you for a long time. The Prophecy of the Elephants has come true. Now we shall fight together.”

  The Naga’s eyes widened and stared at Rangga. The seven heads fanned out then embraced Rangga. Rangga stretched out his arms into the air and accepted the embrace of a supreme being.

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