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     The Angkora Warlands

       K Silvermoon / Fantasy / Actions & Adventure / Romance & Love
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The Angkora Warlands
The Angkora Warlands


K Silvermoon

©2012 K Silvermoon
Edited by Ted Mahsun
Cover by Mark Tan “Bear”

(January 2013)
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K Silvermoon

The Prophecy
The White Naga
The Prince
The Resistance
The Murder of the King
The Confirmation
The Little Girl
The Dark Lord
The Explanation
The Plan
Pirates in the Sky
The Chosen One
The Search
The Destiny
The Dragonslayers
The Punishment
The Black Naga
The Omen
The Elders of Langkasuka
The Healing
The Needles
The Kiss
A Choking Engagement
The Bodhi Tree and the Garuda
Leaving Langkasuka
Pirate, Lover, Saviour
To Get the Blood
The Apocalyptic Vision
The Battle Plan
The Kidnapping
The Big Battlefield
The Meaning


A long time ago, before the Great Flood,
While there was still Ocean in the Sky,
Humans and Animals alike lived in Peace and Harmony.
The GodKing among Humans ruled fairly and equally,
Nurturing the Angkora civilization into a Golden Age,
Advanced in Divine Mathematica and Transcendental Navigation.
But one day, the Dark Lord of the Shadow Kingdom,
Descended upon Angkora and laid waste unto the lands,
The Foul Lord murdered the GodKing and enslaved the Animals,
Throwing the states of Angkora into Anarchy and Darkness,
And Angkora was left to become nought,
But Warlands for years to come…


The Astrologer Monk closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. He sensed something in the air.
It is different this time.
The Shadow Kingdom fortress floated in the sky, giant, motionless, menacing. Its dark shadow loomed over Angkora with a silent intimidating presence. Up in the top-most levels of the fortress, a group of levitating astrologer monks whiled the time away studying the stars and charting them on a gigantic map. The stars were largely and brightly magnified by the Ocean in the Sky.
The Chief Monk peered into the giant ancient telescope perched in the middle of the observatory. He sensed something was different and waved at the other monks to push the telescope around on the rotating wooden platform. The telescope swept through the sky, looking for further confirmation.
Down the labyrinthine dungeons inside the fortress castle, there was another giant hall with a huge nautilus shell on the wall. It was a very busy place with several mathematician monks studying and documenting the strength of its structure with complex mathematical formulae.
These monkish architects would then translate them into Divine Mathematica, a very advanced form of mystical and mysterious numerology which they can then implement into their buildings, infrastructures and ship building. It was an ancient Angkorean belief that God is a mathematician and all creations are mathematically and divinely created.
In another laboratory elsewhere in the fortress, alchemists were busy drawing blood of deep cerulean from rows and rows of thousands of horseshoe crabs and preparing them as chemical concoctions for surgical purposes. The cerulean blood was used to prevent blood from clotting during surgeries. In a nearby surgical hall, a chief surgeon monk chanted and dipped his bare hands into a patient, opening his rib cage and massaging his heart. The assistant surgeons applied the cerulean blood onto the open wounds.
As this all went on, a scream echoed through the hallways. A frightening, piercing scream, originating from the royal bedroom. A few monks quickly scurried towards the bedroom.
Soma, the blue Snake Princess woke up from her prophetic nightmare. The monks' questioning eyes stared at the sixteen-year-old Princess. She had the body of an Apsara dancer, and was well-adorned with blue jades, gold chains and peacock feathers.
Lord Karruva, a tall dark shadowy figure who had quickly rushed to the bedroom snarled impatiently.
“What is it this time?” boomed the twenty two-year-old Prince, a devilishly handsome but pale shrouded figure.
“The White Naga…” murmured Soma, the blanket sliding off her body revealing her half-human, half-snake body. The blanket barely covered her blue breasts. As she arose from her bed, her lower half snake body formed into beautiful long legs.
“As prophesied by the Elephants...” said Lord Karruva. He had been waiting for something like this to happen.
“No, this time it is different,” said Soma, a little worried.
Lord Karruva let out a sinister laugh. “With a Prince riding it?” He sniggered maliciously.
“ No, a girl… a maiden,” Soma said, grimacing. Her voice trembled.
Lord Karruva’s eyes widened. His long royal purple robe trailed behind him as he walked down the long flight of stairs. He was very troubled by what he had just heard.


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