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       The Border Boys Along the St. Lawrence, p.1

The Border Boys Along the St. Lawrence

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  Outlined against the night in a vivid green glare waswhat appeared to be a boat of living flame. (_Page 76_)]



  Author of

  "The Border Boys Across the Frontier," "The Border Boys with the MexicanRangers," "The Border Boys with the Texas Rangers," "The Border Boys in the Canadian Rockies," "The Border Boys on the Trail."

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  A. L. BURT COMPANY Publishers New York Printed in U. S. A.

  Copyright, 1914, BY HURST & COMPANY Printed in U. S. A.


  CHAPTER PAGE I. Through the Rapids 5 II. A Close Shave 15 III. The Mysterious Gray Night Craft 23 IV. On the Trail of the Ghost Craft 32 V. Down to Montreal 46 VI. Homeward Bound 54 VII. Run Down 62 VIII. A Misleading Light 73 IX. Adrift at Night 83 X. On Windmill Island 94 XI. Ralph Investigates the Explosion 103 XII. Saved from the Ruins 111 XIII. A Race for the Doctor 119 XIV. Harry Hears a Noise in the Bushes 127 XV. Cross Purposes 137 XVI. Harry Plays Detective 147 XVII. A Visit to the Hospital 157 XVIII. The Three Conspirators 165 XIX. Ralph Gets a Telegram 175 XX. Thinking Things Out 184 XXI. A Big Surprise 193 XXII. "Not Just Yet, Stetson!" 201 XXIII. The Missing Boat 211 XXIV. In the Grip of the Storm 218 XXV. La Rue's Wild Leap 226 XXVI. Looking for Their Chum 234 XXVII. A Dazzling Discovery 242 XXVIII. Checkmated 251 XXIX. A Hermit of the St. Lawrence 258 XXX. The Stolen Skiff 266 XXXI. Afloat Again! 276 XXXII. A Joyous Meeting 283 XXXIII. Off on the Chase 289 XXXIV. The Tunnel Entrance 296 XXXV. Hands Up! 303

  The Border Boys Along the St. Lawrence.

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