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     American Caliphate - Book 4, p.3

       Jessie Jennifer
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To Act or not to Act (Part 4)
Everything has two meanings. I began to look at what was happening at Fort Bragg from a different perspective: This is a classic Soviet style purge! The state, IT, can destroy anyone for any reason. Soon the only men that can serve in the US military will be half-men, neutered men - like me! Everything has two meanings.
I decided not to take the sexual harassment seminar and see what happens. On a Friday, just before the end of the month, I received another email from the vice-president of the college that did not state outright that I would be fired if I did not complete the sexual harassment seminar by the end of the day but strongly implied it. So I was about to be fired not because I had sexually harassed anyone but because I had refused to take a humiliating online seminar. It struck me this was just another way to bring me down as a man and destroy me as a man - a classic Soviet purge!
"Catch a flight to Iran and freedom," I mumbled. "Don't take the seminar! Catch a flight to Iran or Syria or Palestine! Let them fire you!"
I had two hours to make my decision.

Although I was never really certain if I would ever actually catch a flight to Iran, I had begun planning for how I might do it. I had put together a list of the things I would need, and I had checked out the prices on Orbitz, CheapOair, and OneTravel. OneTravel consistently had the cheapest flights, but they didn't get very good reviews online. For the first hour on my computer, I looked online for flights out of Raleigh. It was illegal to fly to Cuba, at that time, but not to Iran - to my surprise. But then I began to reconsider. Come on, are you really going to catch a flight to Tehran? I thought. What would it prove? Do you really think the Iranians would embrace you with open arms even if you claimed to be a Muslim? And how much of a Muslim are you really? It's madness. But is it madness?
I had 55 minutes before five o'clock. I decided to go online to look at the sexual harassment training website. Once I was there, the training video automatically started. My computer did not freeze up. At three minutes to 5:00, I completed the training and passed the test. At two minutes to five, I sent an email to the vice-president stating I had successfully completed the training.
I was saved.
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