Atom Town Book 2: Hands of the Swamp!

       Jason Scott Nebel / Humor
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Atom Town Book 2:  Hands of the Swamp!

Book 1: IT CAME FROM 1958!
(Coming Soon!)

Book 2


By Jason Scott Nebel

Omaha, Nebraska

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Atom Town text and illustrations copyright c. 2015-2016 Atom Town Books.

Book Design, Chapter Headings and Cover Design by Jason Scott Nebel.

Published in 2016 by Atom Town Books.

All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or any means, mechanical, electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without written permission from the publisher.

Atom Town Books
Omaha, NE

For my Wife, Calli.
Showing me how to
Fend off Monsters with
Strength and Humor for
Almost 20 Years.

Table of Contents
1: Projected
2: Teacher’s Pest
3: Unarmed
4: Harmed Guards
5: Gating There is Half the Fun
6: Generally Disturbed
7: Tipping the Scales
8: A Living Room
9: Biting Farewell
10: Compact Car
11: Fare Play
12: Not Always What They Pier
13: Exhibiting Fear
14: Mounting an Attack
15: Dock, Doc, Goose
16: Up a Croc Without a Paddle
17: Tree Wishes
18: Water Epilogued
19: Pinned Down
20: Armed Assault
21: Bowl of Death
22: Hand to Hand to Hand Combat
23: Hand in a Can
24: Cages


Project Atom Town
Casefile: CX-18

A square of white exploded in the darkness. Sound and images whirred and rattled as worn and deteriorating stock footage adjusted on its film sprockets. Crocodiles began gnashing at each other on screen, battling over who had the most frightening dental work this side of the swamp.

"The crocodile!" shouted an unseen narrator. "A creature that predates man by billions of years, but is this prehistoric hand-me-down a menace, a monster, or a miracle of the modern age?!"

The images shifted to crisper footage of an office space where Doctor Adam Townsend was sitting on his desk and talking inaudibly to a baby crocodile. He paused, waiting for a response, seemingly oblivious to the fact that crocodiles don’t typically speak “Human”.

"Oh, hello. I'm Doctor Adam Townsend of Atom Labs," began Adam, presenting the baby animal for the camera. "This is Melvin, our long lost brother from a bygone age. Yes long before we crawled out of the oceans and went our separate ways, we too possessed the crocodile’s regenerative powers. Cut off their tail, it grows back, their limbs, likewise. The head…” Adam paused, reflecting on some disturbing personal experience. "Not so much. Trust me, not pretty."

A junior lab assistant in overalls and goggles stepped in, taking the reptile back to its cage.

“Thanks, Jimmy,” said Adam with a nod and a smile. He turned back to the audience and continued, the excitement raising in the power of his voice.

"Now if we could unlock this power, harness it, we could cure the common cold, eliminate cancer, and yes, even regenerate missing limbs! But how?"

Adam reached into a lead box on his desk and pulled out a glowing test tube.

"With this. An isotope!" smiled Adam holding the glowing tube up to his eyes, admiring its fluorescence.

"Gee whizz, Doctor Adam, aren't isotopes radioactive?" asked the lad, noticing the test tube sizzling into the Doctor's bare finger tips.

"Relax, Jimmy. That's why I wear this lab coat!" Adam assured him.

"Now, although this little fellow is red in coloring, it is not cherry flavored," said Adam, placing the isotope an arm's length away From the boy. "In fact, it’s quite horrid,” he further explained, licking the inside of his mouth and grimacing. “Almost as bad as broccoli,” he said, returning the tube to its box.

A lab assistant approached Adam and faced the camera. His left hand held a tray of syringes. His right hand held nothing, as it was completely gone. The rest of his right arm and sleeve had apparently joined the hand, wherever it had run off to, as they were gone as well.

"Thanks Steve!" said the Doctor to the assistant. Adam pulled a syringe from the offered tray and immediately shoved the needle into the assistant’s arm.

"Do you know what was in that needle, Jimmy?" asked Adam.

"Gosh no, Doctor Adam," said the boy as both looked at the syringe.

Adam’s brow furrowed, "Neither do I."

Adam switched to a different syringe on the tray.

"But this, this is Serum CX-17! Why, by pairing Melvin's DNA with atomic power, we may well be able to regrow an entire human arm!"

Adam, Jimmy and even Steve turned their attention to Steve's missing limb.

Suddenly Steve's good arm dropped from his body, sending the tray and his hand crashing to the floor below.

"Well, we still have a few bugs to work out," sighed the Doctor.

As he gave Steve a solid, Better-luck-next-time pat on the back, Steve's head rolled backwards and dropped to the floor with a loud THUD!

Jimmy took a step back as the head rolled his way, while Adam simply smiled back at the camera.

"But that's what these experiments are for! I'm Doctor Adam Townsend, and you're welcome!"

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