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  By: Jason Phillips

  Copyright © 2014 Jason Phillips

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  By: Jason Phillips

  “Alright, we are almost done. “ Said the voice

  I opened my eyes, there was a sharp pain in the back of my neck, and my head was throbbing.

  It took a few seconds for my vision to focus in on my surroundings, I looked around the room.

  It was a small white room, with giant flood lights overhead, similar to an operating room, I was sitting in a large chair; there was a metal tray beside me full of various surgical instruments and devices.

  I could make out some text in the peripheral of my vision, “HUD Online.” It read in blinking white

  Information started scrolling down the left side of my peripheral vision. It showed the time, date and current weather.

  It was august 21st, 2054 at 14:00. My name is Mark Bird, and I had just relieved my neural augmentation chip or N.A.C for short. My attention was quickly drawn back to the stinging sensation in the back of my neck.

  My hand flew to my neck, trying to scrub out the piercing stinging that invaded it; I felt a small bump on the base of my neck.

  “The pain should subside in a few days.” I looked over to my left, and there was the doctor that had performed my procedure. He stood there looking down at me dressed in his white lab coat and purple gloves; there was a small amount of blood on his gloves…my blood.

  I looked up at his face; his lips had curled upward into a small smile. Then his face was illuminated as white box’s formed around it. Bits of information started to pop up around the box.

  He was Dr. Edgar Kincaid; he was head of the neuroscience division, and chief surgeon at Lakeview hospital. He had a wife and two children (a fact I had not known upon my arrival) he had been born August 21st, 2014.

  I smiled “Happy birthday Dr. Kincaid.” as I rose out of the chair and onto my feet.

  I stretched out my hand to shake the doctor’s.

  “Ah, thank you Mark.” He said with a large smile on his face. “I can see your implant is active and functioning normally, now as for your headache, would you like me to give you something for it?”

  “No, I should be alright.” I said as I shook the doctor’s hand in gratitude.

  “Very good then, let me show you to the door.” We walked out of the operating room and into the hall, it was littered with people, most of whom were waiting to get into see Dr. Kincaid and his staff…they were all so eager to have their own N.A.C’s installed; it was such a thrilling experience….

  A few days later my head ache had subsidized and I could see the world in a whole new way, it had been 6 month or so since I had been implanted with the device it was truly an awe inspiring experience. Everywhere and everything I looked at seemed to glow and beam with new information and insights that I would otherwise be completely oblivious to.

  I quickly noticed that after the implants installment that I could read and retain information like never before. My memory had also been enhanced…everything was sharper, more vivid and alive.

  Every sound, sight and smell had been enhanced, I could recall with complete precision what my coffee had tasted like at the restaurant I had attended days ago the bitterness of the liquid as it hit my palette, or the conversation that I had with my co-workers. The implant augmented everything in my life….I could not imagine life without it, and it had only been a week since I had the procedure done.

  And maybe that was the problem, I had become used to having an augmented sense of everything, what it augmented in reality, it took away in life, I realize that now…but to late I’m afraid.
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