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There goes poeticess
 There goes poeticess

  Angel raven: A fleeting pulse of a dreamy vision, following directions

  of robotic calculation but calculation isn't always what it seems, it’s

  always changing,  drowning deeper into a false reality, filling up her

  heart and soul with chilling memories not hers, going back and forth

  in a circle of my own dream, always so close to the surface, yet it

  flies away from stagnation, they tell her when to go, what to be, so

  eager to get back to her dark room to be alone, how can you know what

  another is supposed to do? even supposed is not, no matter how strong

  you are, there are some thing you won’t stop, the true strength is

  beyond them, your decision jumping to graceful black feathers of an

  angelic raven, never needing saving, yet behind that shadow you want

  to be saved, destroying on her train of pain, echoing melodic rings of

  lunar art and sorrow, here comes the rain, it cleanses me insane,

  drown into your darkest surface, the deepest freedom and memorial

  release, reviving our darkest deepest hearts, releasing a chilling

  youthful wonder, a straight circle rotating endless moments in all

  directions, a cycle of circles, we reflect triangular unseen dreams

  and views, endless death and life of biased fates, every movement away

  from a place bores another,  a moving growing procrastinated flow,

  always began, done, once you resist one, you persist another, resist

  the notion of them, go beyond resistance and persistence, no matter how

  strong you are, there are some thing you won’t stop, strength and

  weakness are just one of infinite expressions, the true strength is

  beyond them, your decision, your all, we connect in our circular space

  at the middle of it all beyond, our truest cores are born on the verge

  of end, the feathers reflected a dark light to the beginning earthly

  onyx, rebirthing her all, our wonder.

  Pen eye: she radiates a dark deep voice, a quaking lunar space of the

  innocent rebirth and deadly release, filling up with angelic poison,

  adding up layers of a unaware view, seemingly less self doubt and fear

  of a dead reality, if this is staged then why is it so unbalanced? why

  does the ending disappear right before our cores? their watching again

  through everything, opening up our acceptance to false control,

  closing down our true heart and sense, we follow the common way, the

  odd way in disguise, were stuck in these one dimensional wall lines,

  connecting through our pen eye lines, reflecting celestial liquid

  inked wings from our ruby papers, remeeting in other ones, a story

  can't come out unless it bends and curves, get lost in the space of

  spaces, the place of familiar and unknown celestial faces, well keep

  echoing out deadly interaction of connection beyond, growing down and

  all around into your roots of the darkest release, that is the rise,

  even in darkness, without other things, we still are, we still grow,

  see beyond it all, yourself, reflect your eyes to infinite nothing.

  Memory nerves: Experiencing albums of stories through mine, characters

  of melody alternating my realties of this life of all, listening to the

  sounds of constructed dreams and goodness with my mind, we can never

  hear the true wonder when focused on the part deemed bad, that tiny

  indicrpenecy of selected importance, blocking out the beauty and core

  that hides away, reacting to the subliminal nerve rendering inside the

  skin, why don’t you listen to myself? like death and our meeting, it

  just appeared without asking, an ask of inevitable fate and connection

  we asked inside, ask without asking, if we had to ask then it wouldn’t

  of been true or real, gothical forests of space circle around her

  canvas eyes, shivering me with chilling youthful soul, at the top was

  a revealing truth that was it all, still it goes on and off beyond, a

  infinite veil of true freedom, every one illuminating adventures and

  beauty through you, wear that infinite deceptive outfit of your all,

  hanging on my memory nerves, distorting releases of my deepest heart,

  surging through me as i slip deeper into a solid flight, making

  footsteps of unseen swims and floats, you get on my nerves all the

  time, yet it's a good kind,   slip in and out with the unbreakable

  transformation,  these chilling moments of deepening youthful magical

  oddity and wonder, how they darkening connect is our farthest

  freedom, in these sorrowful moments we sing the freest happiness and

  rebirths, make them one into your true core and reflect them.

  Time bomb: the way you blow me and everyone away and towards you is a

  rare wonder i must forever discover, celestial worlds of intellect

  blow structured realties, a clear dust of lifelessness, blowing away

  her true dark light shadowed by these closed minded views, a

  whispering rebellious soul of a tragic demon doll, seemingly empty and

  controlled as she breezes gloomy acts of recognition through her

  branches of gothical art, were waiting for the day you realize how real

  you are, were in a psycdelic reality disguised as a normal clarity, do

  we ever know what is normal or real? what you give comes back in your

  act of giving, in infinite ways, we are beyond give and take as its

  just there always, its illusive energy closing our true core, we are

  one and touching in ever echoing reflections, in acts and imaginative

  visions that keep coming closer, every echo is ourselves, all,

  touching in eternal echos, when it hits your physical form is when it

  truly connected beyond, always connected inside, moments go and come

  in this life but they are eternal inside forever, I hear the sounds

  of shaped dreams and youth through your heart tears, never heard

  before in this life but always heard beyond, a flashing return to  our

  beginning end beyond, keep playing your melodies of infinite core and

  free beyond, she’s a walking time bomb, a prism essence of infinite

  past worlds, exploding familiar moments that keep moving on through us,

  through these hearted strings of chilling release we come together,  a

  penny is just as much as a gold lust as without it we could never be

  complete, we can’t keep being together, this way, in all other ways we

  still are.

  String eye: From two separate points of a veiled existence, living

  memoirs of two vines echo into a frame of us above it, slowly coming

  to another, a crow swimming towards the surface, a dove falling

  towards the ground, trying to retrieve lost cores through these old

  worlds, distractions of cleverly disguised refractions as the goal

  flicker in and out, consumed with certain equations of things and

  abilities, when it’s all the same and our true worth is beyond it, is

  our free core, not these diseased veils of seemingly validations,  we

  make so many familiar moments, imagined aspirations,  as our liquid

  rays come closer, anoth
er one rises out, like a lighted transparent

  glacier, two eyes as one, seeing beyond these cloudy worlds, we

  connect in our reflective views, can you balance this string eye, as i

  fall into one side of the space, the other side moves along, memories

  and nightmares wrapped in a shiny circular box grab ahold of me, if i

  go this way, will i be free? still balanced? create your secret

  distraction and dream in your separated connections,  i was always on

  the line horizon of infinite beyonds, jump off the lines with them into

  yourself, throw away the pole that holds you down, go over the edge

  that never was, here I see your all, us meeting and leaving as one, as

  the crow catches the feather and flies away, the vines touch as we

  grab each other tree canvas hands together.

  Changing same: Going through teenage moments of emotional release,

  like a ghost screaming youthful freedom of life and wonder, living

  eyes dreay with dry realites, looking at my old self feeling my new

  self, which one is which? so afriad to change, zombifed tyrants

  pouring liquids and imaginary phases of safe worlds, still even that

  has to move along my friend, we hide in our suffocating bubbles, yet

  well never be able to stop change, stop being hurt, if there’s a chance

  to gain so much more with this pain then i'll always do it, you are

  not weak, just your own kind of strength, only water grows us, only

  tears reveal out deepest hardest cores, riding on a leaf feathers

  space boat of your heart, writing and reflecting new and old stories

  from each end, swimming through every new surface of memories and

  dreams, like the sea it goes forever, i can’t escape it, it’s the change

  of the same, our views, time of what always was, the rebirth, every

  change is just of a part, this moment never changes, our core beyond

  is forever the same, look how far we've came being the same, instead

  of releasing the past memories, i'm releasing to the future ones,

  release and rebirth your deepest future pasts of all now, change

  without changing, transform your core into another one, keeping the

  true beginning and end forever, in between these boats we fly on our

  sky sea of infinite unseen beyond, this is where we eternally change

  our unchangeable hearts beyond.

  Dark berry: Going through Contracted spaces we call light, a sigh of a

  sorrowful tear falling, a roar of a hearted flame rising, celestial

  tails flowing from an ever transforming circular ring, blooming deadly

  visions of lifeless divisions, impulsing a source to and from a

  pulseless pulse, making a liquid bridge of words we always return to,

  diving up and down into this fluctuating balance beam of a false

  connection,  is this all that we are?   rise, fall, divide, one, two,

  free in between, where you are seen, be, see, free, make the emotions

  conscience, were every shade of another, illuminating a side of you

  never there, a sensational unsensation of ghostly truth, with every

  action, moment, we change back and forth beyond, missing the true

  beauty that lays in front and behind the nothing, Dream the awake

  beyond, one awakening awakes all, a living number eight, spiraling

  branched stings of deceptive reflection, as your infinite space eyes

  meet mine in between, Am i feeling it true? reflecting you right? you

  are  like a dark berry, blooming dark fruit of sinful soul and

  release, we grow in sorrow, raining onto our seams into the stems, as

  they bloom reviving reconnection of dreams, love and hate, it's all

  the same, it's the time, core and realizing of it beyond, experience

  yourself, your all, the past, future, soul, heart,  the ruby and

  sapphire branch eyes entwined as our ghostly winds flew together,

  making spaces of infinite lives and secret interactions.

  Dream tounges: Following your gown of the town, speaking out infinite

  castles of fantastical melodic vibrations, echoingless echoing dreams

  and wonders into others, silence deepening, getting louder, every word

  we say, every action we do is gonelessly gone before it leaves,  how

  come whenever we have the pieces together, we still feel incomplete?

  chasing a notion of liberation through imagined fables, self source of

  release and comfort, somewhere you can always turn to, to be deadly

  stable, there’s a force of weightless magical beyond that makes us

  here, a essenceal purity of free beyond that can’t be known or there,

  its here nowhere, hope is a fleeting sense of a chance, don’t hope,

  know your future, that you will go on and find your everything, no

  matter what you do, are or will be, I’m sick of these seemingly things

  that make us real, here, i know beyond them is the weightless nothing

  i cant decipher or know, the dream tongues slither around us,

  intoxicating deceptive beautiful escapes whispering hither here,

  reflecting inked strings of artificial memories,  as we wither into

  them, listen to the illusion, come to me, a chosen chaotic normality,

  born from a unique order, why is this the only way? one way goes to

  another, as one, lets  meet at the same place, all of our worlds and

  reflective lives meet in the beyond of separate infinite, look to the

  place that is always there for you, us

  Ghost waves:  Living pulsars explode solidifying truth from her lunar

  webbed earth, spiraling lost dreams and free birth towards a misty

  world, illuminating reflections of a sweet and graceful whisper,

  getting so close for it to dim out into dark glaciers, a frozen forest

  of releasing youth and self, wonder, above a star tree, below a

  celestial moon stone, yet every dim is another light opened,   were

  afraid of anyone not like ourselves, reacting with automatic

  responses of fear and hyprocirial emptiness, speaking words of false

  reflections, no matter what you become or go through, you are always

  beyond it, were all the same, you know this isn't our true core, from

  the darkest highest cloud kites, her ghost waves come, pulsating dead

  reality through chilling breezes of nothing towards the other one,

  riding on our  flowey lines  towards the space somewhere beyond, you

  are so far, i am so close, is this where we come together? in the

  reflection of these expressions, we do, like a heart monitor line, it

  still flows beyond the flucations, cloud out the limitations, these

  proclaimed illusions of normality, free your cloudy heart of true

  release, ride the waveless waves of seemingly dead infinite, where you

  can see it all,  you are always safe from them, if you spread rumors,

  aren’t you one? there's something more to these apparitions of seemingly

  reality, in this transparent circular sea spiral of hands, we hold

  another, forever transforming as one, we never let go, we were

  always separate, in that we are, not, I’m always holding your essence

  and unseen imagination.

  Guitar string bars:  Feelings of feelings flying in and out of

  celestial drums of dreams, jumping on each one, rattling vibrational

  malfunctions, always going back to the same world of zombified light,

  in a condensed closed off shock, a normalized repeating reality, never

  truly moving, a disease, labeled as a cure of clean perfection,  even

  from the farthest point, i know she's till here, she's in front of me,

  behind me, the faceless face of infinite entrapment, every sorrowful

  moment, every change is a discovery and expansion of ourselves, our

  hearts, one experience changes all, one view shows all, looking

  through the celestial guitar string bars, my own melodic jail, i will

  stretch and bend my heart and soul through them, this is my freedom, in

  the distorting flow, a shocking release of dreamy freedom, we say we

  move on by not going back to moments, yet i keep going back to you, to

  our ever growing cycle of rebirth and flight, it’s the past of dead

  bliss that guides us back to our cores, two misty streams of spiraling

  towards the in the middle of existence and nothing, this is where well

  meet, a ever flowing water triangle, reflecting infinite rain breezes

  and electrical pulsar lightning back and forth unto us, you reflect

  the quakes I’ll release the gravity.

  Heart lights: Two celestial vessels floating in a frozen time,

  everything is there and brimming, yet there is no true core, following

  lighted memorial buildings, searching for a home, something to pulsate

  this love, Limiting this love to certain constructs, seeing it through

  a stoned shadow, starving deep inside another one, proclamied as the

  truth, as the fearful dead zombies of a constructed equation lies in

  outfits of angelic veils, preventing us from realizing the injustice,

  the untrue deadly secrets that await us, clinging onto a biased view

  of worth, but worth can never be determined by another, it is beyond,

  it is free all the same, hyprocritcal similar here comes the heart

  lights, sublime heights of blinding sights from our celestial cars of

  love, pulsating beats of dreams and non existential wonder faster,

  seeing just the surface, i only see you when i look through my heart,

  your core, you are a scientific fantasy of chilling oddity and

  release, look past the lights of limiting illusions,  real love is

  free your way, find the whole picture, how it connects into your

  dreams, your heart, that is where the change is, it was never about

  what we lack, what we needed in that moment, it just wasn't meant to

  be that way, there is no more or less, only another feeling and side

  of a shallow cry, you and i, we truly breathe in this magical moment

  of weightless beyond, through it all is the love, the all.

   Living minds: two impulsive pulsars of a whimpering impossibility

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