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Among the Hidden - Adaptive

Among the Hidden

By: Margaret Peterson HADDIX

Chapter 1

Luke is a boy who lived in the woods with

his mother, father, and two brothers. His

brothers’, Matthew and Mark were both

older than he was. One day as Luke was

outside playing, he watched a tree fall. His

mom yelled, “Come in the house now”!

When he got inside he thought to himself, “I

might not ever get to go outside again in my

life”. Luke wanted to know why his parents

was selling the woods. The woods was the

one place he was allowed to go and play on

most days. When Matthew and Mark would

go to school, Luke’s mom would let him go

outside and play in the woods as long as no

one was around. See, Luke had to live an

invisible life. The only people that knew

about him, was his mom, dad, and two

brothers. No one was allowed to talk about


him, or even mention his name when they

went outside. He was never to be seen by

other people. When people would come to

their house, Luke had to run fast upstairs

and hide, and his mom would rush to put

away everything that belong to Luke. No

one was never to know that he lived there.

Luke always knew he was different, but he

did not know why. Luke loved the woods

and was happy when he was able to go

outside. and play. For this reason, he had to

know why. One day, the family was sitting

at the kitchen table, Luke asked his question.

“Why are you selling the woods”? His dad

tried to explain to him, that the government,

those people that control the city, made them

do it. Luke didn’t like the government

because he felt like all the government did,

was yell at people and tell them what they

can and cannot do. Luke got up from his

chair, and went to the window to look

outside. He tried to imagine rows of houses

where the trees use to be. This made Luke

ask another question? “So when people start

to move in, will I have to stop looking out of

the window”? Luke’s dad, hit his hand on

the table very hard. This question made him

angry and sad all at the same time. He yelled

at Luke and said “You are not to be looking

out the window starting right now”! Luke

always wondered what would happen to him if someone ever saw him.

Chapter 2

The laws, rules made by the government,

was the reason why Luke had to be in

hiding. There was a law that said “families

can only have two children”. It was called

the population law. The population law meant that you can only have a certain

amount of people in a certain area. They

even had the Population police to enforce

the law. For example, if the police found out

that a family was getting ready to have a


third child, the family was told they could

not have the baby. So when Luke’s mom

found out she was pregnant with him she

kept it a secret. This made things very

different for the family. His brothers

couldn’t have friends over to play. They

couldn’t have a birthday party with their

friends either, because the parents’ feared

other people would find out about Luke and

tell the population police. This sometimes

made his brothers angry with him. Because

new people were going to be moving in,

Luke was not going to be able to help

with the outside chores. His brothers would make smart remarks to him about not

helping with the chores. Their mom would

tell the boys Stop being mean to Luke,

because it was not his fault that he wasn’t

allowed to help do some of the chores. Luke

didn’t really understand the law and thought

things would change when he got older.

He wanted to be to go to school, have

friends, and play outside just like his other


two brothers did. On Luke’s sixth birthday

his mom made him a cake. As he was

staring at his cake, he had begun to think


about Mark’s sixth birthday. Mark


complained a lot on his sixth birthday,

because he wanted to have friends over and

was told no. This just made Luke want to

ask his mom why. He wanted to know why

he was so different from his brothers and

why he had to hide when people would

come over to their house.

Several days after his birthday Luke decided

to ask his mother the one question that had

been bothering him. Mom, he says, “When

will people be able to see me”? His mother

was standing at the sink washing dishes. She

dried her hands and said “can’t you just

accept the fact that you are different?” This

just made Luke ask, but “Why am I different

from my brothers?” his mom began to

explain to him, that when she was pregnant,

she was very happy. She also wanted to

show him off to everyone because she felt

that he was a miracle to their family. Luke,

began to feel confused and sad because, all

he could remember was that his mom would

hid him when people would come around.

His mother continued to explain to him, how

him being hidden was not as bad as he

thought. He was always able to be outside

playing in the woods, climbing the trees

when no one was around. He was allowed to

go into the farm and play with the baby

pigs while his brothers were at school. He

even got special hugs, and reading time with

his mother when the brothers were not


Luke was starting to feel like being invisible

wasn’t so bad after all. That is until they

took the woods away from them.
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