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  Ifedayo Adigwe Akintomide

  Copyright © Akintomide Ifedayo Adigwe 2017

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  ISBN - 9781370323722

  God helped me to finish. I cannot but thank HIM! Thank you Jehovah Jireh! You are forever worthy to be praised.

  Chapter One

  Collins crouched low his eyes fixed on the blackish red stain on the earth in front of his two bedroom apartment. He reached down placing his fingers on it. It was dry and cold. His hazel eyes narrowed. The day had been blazing hot, how on earth could the ground be cold?

  His eyes drifted skywards. The sun shone brightly, almost too brightly. Sweat trickled down his back beneath the red polo shirt he wore. He could feel sweat streaming down his thighs underneath his blue jeans. A sound made him whirl around in fright.

  “Relax __” She growled peering out of the half open door. “It’s just me.”

  A relieved sigh left his lips. The door creaked as she pushed it open stepping onto the veranda. “What are you looking at?”

  “This stain __” He murmured. She frowned. His voice was so low she could barely hear.

  “Oh that! Gabriel next door serviced his car yesterday. That’s just part of the drained oil.”

  His eyes narrowed. Could it be that simple?

  “Oh come on! It’s not a giant conspiracy. It’s just spilt engine oil.”

  There was a fifteen second pause and he rose, his eyes still fixed on the sand stain.

  “Jesus you really are paranoid nowadays.”

  “Speak for yourself Judith __ I don’t see anything wrong with being cautious. Maybe you’ve forgotten so quickly those horrible events eight months ago?”

  He felt a thrill of satisfaction seeing the fear flit through her eyes. She spoke again before he could fully savour it.

  “Speaking of eight months ago __ you better come see what’s on TV. That’s why I came out.”

  His eyes narrowed growing a little thunderous as he spun on one heel entering their two bedroom apartment. The 32inch flat screen TV was on and it was tuned to AGT a popular Nigerian news network.

  Radiation poisoning is rife on the mainland after the bomb blast the federal government authorized on the island a month ago. Israel has kept mum on the particulars of the weapon they were granted permission to use. The president will be giving an address later today. Riots and protests have been nonstop outside the gates of Aso Rock (Nigeria’s Presidential Villa) for the last four days. The families of those lost are demanding restitution from the federal government for what they’ve lost.

  Key sources speculate on the issues the president plans to address. This is of great importance in light of growing reports of Evonso virus frightening spread. Fifteen states of the federation have submitted alarming reports of viral spread. WHO and Red Cross officials are on site advising the military and other law enforcement agencies how to contain the virus. We have to wait and see if their efforts will yield positive results. This is Kenneth Ibanga signing off from Benin.

  Collins eyes hardened as he listened to the report. Judith stood a few feet behind her frightened eyes drifting between the television and the back of his head.

  He turned setting his grim eyes on her. “What do we do?” her voice was low and squeaky.

  “We might have to move further in.”

  “Further in?”

  “I have to go out for a bit. Lock the door after me __ should be back in an hour or so. Don’t let anyone in under any circumstance. Is that clear?”

  She nodded violently. He sighed about to step past her when something made him pause and he rested his hand on her slightly swollen belly. His eyes grew worried and sad. This was the second time she was getting pregnant for him. The first had been in Oraromi. It seemed like a century ago. He’d had her abort that pregnancy.

  He shivered as the memories came rushing back. There’d been so much blood. At the time it was unclear if she would ever be able to conceive again. The good Lord had been merciful. Her swollen belly was proof of God’s goodness.

  A sad smile lifted the corners of his lips. Yeah! Strange he was such a fervent believer in God now. He hadn’t given him much thought during his time in Oraromi. He’d almost paid for that negligence with his life.

  “What is it?” She asked when she saw the serious look in his eyes.

  “Nothing __ let me go. Be back in a few. Lock the door after me.”

  She nodded following him to the door. The lock gave satisfactory series of clicks as he walked away following a narrow path leading into the bushes on the right.

  His thoughts drifted as he walked. There was a plume of dark smoke rising in the distance. The smoke was accompanied with the somewhat sickly stench of burning meat. His eyes narrowed and his hands clenched and unclenched. It was happening again.

  It had been on the news too. Some people had taken to burning the bodies of the infected they killed. Many seemed to think it stemmed the onslaught of the virus. He didn’t believe it did.

  The path started to slope downhill. Trees grew on either side, tall with wide sweeping boughs offering great circles of shade. Children played around many of them. His eyes saddened as he looked at them. The world seemed to be tittering on the brink of disaster and salvation was nowhere in sight.

  He lengthened his strides heading right. Another path opened up leading away from the one he was following. Ten minutes of walking brought him before a cluster of hut like structures.

  He headed for the one directly facing him. The door was open the opening shadowed by gloom. As he watched someone appeared in the doorway. The man was average height, about five feet seven inches dressed in long black slacks and a white singlet.

  His hard jaw was covered by a thick shadow of beard. His eyes red and blood shot, his feet bare. The look on his face grew grimmer when his eyes settled on Collins approach.

  “Had a feeling you’d show up.”

  “Did I have a choice?”

  A long pause followed.

  “Come in.”

  Collins smiled grimly and followed him into the house.

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