Half Moon Bay II: Drug smuggling Catholic Saints investing into America’s future.

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Half Moon Bay II: Drug smuggling Catholic Saints investing into America’s future.

Half Moon Bay II
Drug smuggling Catholic Saints investing into America’s future.

Travis Knoll
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Table of Contents

Luke 24 – .…………………………………………………………………....6

Exodus 23:21 – ………………………………………………………………19

Bonus Coloring Book………….……………………………………………...33

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By: Travis Knoll

Luke 24

The moonlight hits St. James softly in the face lighting his way as he walks toward dock number 2311. Over at the dock, the boats are parted with the moonlight as it shines off the darkened water and moves in a dance along with the boats.
He looks at the paper from God, and holds his wrist to the scanner at the gate. The dock creaks as he walks toward the Old Endeavor yacht. Sister Maria opens the hatch and looks at him. The moonlight sparkles in her eyes, and they each see each other and smile.
"I've been waiting on you," Sister Maria says.
St. James follows Sister Maria into the living quarters of the yacht. St. Peter smiles and hands him a bible. St. James opens it and reveals a half-pound of marijuana. "Welcome to the family," St. Peter says, with an enlarged smile. The three of them pack bibles filled with drugs into boxes.

St. Peter walks to the bow of the boat, examines the music choices, and with a smile, pushes play on the machine. In the background, Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze" plays, and St. Peter bobs his head and mimics the words as if he were Jimi. He walks back to help St. James and Sister Maria pack the boxes with paraphernalia.
"I heard that the purple haze is actually a reference to Hendrix seeing Jesus, and then he called it purple haze," St. James says as the others look at him, rolling their eyes at his attempt to make friends. They pack the drugs quickly into bibles and then into boxes. Under only the light of the moon reflecting off the moving water, they walk the boxes from the boat, and place them into a hearse that is parked in the marina parking lot.
A local Sheriff, Officer Coolidge waits at the end of the dock and smiles at the crew. St. Peter hands St. James an envelope with cash in it. "Create the economy," St. Peter says. St. James timidly hands the officer the money, and the officer looks at it and smiles. "Thanks kid. You new here?" The officer asks in a jovial manner.
St. Peter starts the hearse’s engine. St. James shakes the officer's hand and remains silent. He runs to the hearse with his head down.

The moonlight shines off the rear of the hearse’s window as St. Peter drives away from the marina. He adjusts the rearview mirror and watches St. James in the backseat, looking out the window at the officer.
"It's okay bud, we own the local fuzz. It's the Feds you have to stress about," St. Peter says with confidence.
St. James continues to look out the window at the different department stores and strip malls that they pass by. Sister Maria puts her hand on his shoulder.
"There's no going back," Sister Maria says.
"How long have you been doing this?" St. James asks as he looks to both of them for an answer.
"I started in order to pay my school loans off."
"Really, so you're going to leave us then?" Rick says as St. Peter's attention moves to Sister Maria with a laugh of condescension. "Yeah so when are you leaving us, Sister?" St. Peter asks.
"What, am I supposed to get a regular job? I'm good at this shit." Sister Maria says as she looks out the window. "I don't exist in that society anymore," she adds in a somber tone as they continue past the department stores and restaurants on the streets. The sound of the hearse is heard, as everyone is quiet with each passing light that reflects off the car.

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