Half Moon Bay I

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Half Moon Bay I
Drug smuggling Catholic Saints investing into America’s future.

Travis Knoll
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John 1:1 – .…………………………………………………………………....6

Proverbs 9:10 – ………………………………………………………………..19

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By: Travis Knoll

John 1:1

Surrounded by headstones in all directions, a small gathering of people has collected around a casket. At the road leading up to the headstones is a sign reading, “Chicago National Cemetery” nearby. Rick, 21-years-old, sits next to his mother, Celia. The dark shades covering Rick's face conceals the emotion beating from his heart through his eyes. His mother sits next to him starts to lets out a gasp as she continues to cry, trying to conceal the same emotion with a wrinkled handkerchief that soaks with tears for her passing husband in the casket before them. A Minister walks behind the casket.

"Let us bow our heads...(He pauses) Lord please bless Frank Knight and his family as he was taken like many others before his time in a horrible accident. Amen..." The Minister says with a somber servitude, and the rest of the gathering follow with a soft “Amen” as they continue in silence.

A line begins to form as the people walk to the casket to show their respects. Some place flowers on the top, and others place their hands to the cold wood frame, and bow their heads in an apparent appreciation of Frank for touching each of their lives. Rick and his mother watch as others walk past the casket. Some people shake their hands in esteem with the gentle touch of one hand over the other hand to ensure an enduring gesture.

Suddenly, God, a tall, well-dressed religious icon with thin sunglasses walks from behind the funeral grounds next to Rick and Celia. He shakes their hands with a consoling compassionate smile. Rick stands giving God a firm handshake, and his mother breaks it up staring towards God.
"He trusted you." Celia says as Gods attention turns to Rick.
"Your father was a great man. The Lord sends his blessing." God says.
"Thank you Sir. I appreciate you for coming. He spoke highly of you. Please, Lord, tell me what exactly happened to my father." Rick says.
Celia pulls out a flask, takes a sip, and walks awkwardly to the casket. God looks at Rick and then at his mother spreading herself across the casket with a flask in her right hand.
"It was an accident, my son. He fell off a high beam without wearing a harness. We warned him to get other people to do the job instead. But he was a brave man."
The attention from the funeral procession shifts to Celia crying over her husband’s casket, and, in an unpleasant manner, publicly drinks from her flask. Everyone covers their mouths in gasps, pointing at her while she lets out the emotion that was bottled up inside of her.
"Why, you asshole!" Celia yells emphatically spilling some of the Scotch out of her flask, drawing God's attention.
"Good to see your mother hasn't changed. Are you working?" God asks Rick as he shakes his head “no”.
"The construction industry isn't very good right now." Rick says and he walks with God toward his father’s casket.
"Well, your father was a faithful employee so if you ever need work, we are growing."
"I appreciate that. I have always wondered what my father was doing for you..."
Rick places his hand on his father’s casket. The cold wooden casket resonates goose bumps on Rick's arm and he begins to sob. Rick wipes the tears from his face and walks to his mother, overcome with emotion. God places his hand on the casket.
"I'm sorry, but you should have listened." God says as he turns to look at Rick, hugging his mother.

It is currently January, 14 1985 and the fog brings a haze to Half Moon Bay California. Inside a Catholic Church confessional during the middle of the day, the Sun's rays shine through the beautiful stained glass window that lightens the church. Rick closes the door of the confessional with a large bag over his shoulder. He kneels before the Holy Bible and quietly whispers a prayer.
"Please provide direction father."
A Priest walks in the confessional and sits. He opens a small confessional window. A thin light shines through the window, and onto the Priests face in the shape of a cross.
"Bless me father for I have sinned." Rick says with a somber tone in his voice.
"God has been waiting on you, my son." The Priest says.
The Priest exits the confessional and lightly knocks on Rick's door. Rick opens the door and looks at the Priest.
"Come with me, Rick."
Rick appears puzzles as to the nature of the Priest’s actions. He grabs his bags and follows the Priest through the church.

A large, antique wooden door opens and Rick is escorted into an office. God stands behind his desk, dressed in priestly attire. He turns and looks at Rick standing in the doorway as both men look at each other in silence. Rick awkwardly rubs his arms and looks around the office. Gazing around the room, there are old oil paintings of Catholic Saints, and the entire room has antique wood walls and ceilings to match. God motions for Rick to take a seat in front of him at his desk.
"Please sit, Rick."
Rick approaches the desk and follows God’s command. Around the desk are photos of God in the military, including Vietnam. There are different honors and plaques that represent his services and time there.
"I'm glad you came. How are you doing since your fathers funeral?"
"I need work to be honest with you." Rick states as God turns and looks out the window thinking of how to place Rick in his new surroundings.
"Your father saved my ass in Vietnam. Did he ever say that?" God asks as Rick wipes his face from the emotion that he has yet to get over.
"He said you were built like a brick shit house, and were a great wing wan." God laughs at the thought of hanging out with Rick's father was reminiscent of a better time. "Your father loved women. I owe him one."
"Is it possible that you still have a labor position open?" Rick asks as God turns from the window and his attention is focused toward Rick, sitting in the chair in front of him.
"Did your father talk about my business?" God asks and Rick shrugs his shoulders giving way to the evidence that he is unsure of anything more than that of a construction worker.
"He used to work commercial construction, right?"
"Well, we
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