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       Betrayal of Eralavict: Episode 3: Bomb Dinner: Kaboom!, p.1

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Betrayal of Eralavict: Episode 3: Bomb Dinner: Kaboom!
Betrayal of Eralavict

  Episode Three:

  Bomb Dinner: Kaboom!

  By DhNAi Divine

  Copyright 2017 DhNAi Divine.


  I stretch my arms out as a long unruly yawn leaves my mouth. Got a long day ahead of me. After a few months of hanging out wit my new friend—I finally worked up enough nerve to tell my parents about him. Now, I didn't inform them Drei was in fact my new boyfriend. In all honesty they wouldn't be able to handle it.

  Pretty much I saved the heavy stuff for the day they met him. Smart, huh? Blindside they ass and once they gathered themselves the dinner will be over. I sat up in bed, looking to my window, the sun was moving on up. I decide to get up now—get ready for my day.

  I'm hoping for a good one or at least semi-decent. I threw my black bonnet on my dresser top across from my bed. I shake my head forcing the hair to move, some spots popped others stayed shocked still. I skip to the bathroom in my room, catching my appearance in the mirror. One side of my hair was matted—the other fluffed.

  What was I go do with this head of mine. I brush my teeth and before I could finish in peace—a loud buzz came from my room.


  I rinse my mouth out as quick as I could, then ran back to my room to see who buzzin' me. I smack the blue clicker button on the table next to my bed. A figure formed in my tall mirror. It was Drei, he smiles at me as he shakes his head.

  “Is that you Khez? What are you doin' up early?”

  I cock my head to the side, with a smirk. “Just gettin' a head start...that's all.”

  He lifts up his head with a smile. He states, “You nervous about me meetin' the parents. What you—I'm go embarrass you?”

  “Oh,” I let out, sitting down on my bed, “not worried about you. It's them. You'll see when you get here tonight.”

  He licks his lips. “Am I go see you before tonight?”

  “Well yeah,” I answered, “why you think I'm up so early? I gotta sneak up out a here.”

  He gives me a wide smile. “Can't be that bad.”

  My brows raise to the 9th dimension, “Boy, you do not know my parents. I will see you later. Buzz you on your personal, alright?”

  “Alright baby. I'll see you—go easy on the parents.”

  “I'll do my best,” I tell him, then I smack my blue clicker, turning off my mirror and away he went.

  I finish getting ready. I go for the polish and shine up my golden skin, opting to go naked. My hair was washed, wet, coiled, big and out of control. Basically how Neimala always wears her hair. I had to collect my peace of mind and wearing cloth would only get in my way.

  I crept out my room, down the hall, doing my best to make little noise passing 'Tika's room. I did not need nor want her trying to hop on board. Where I was going—she wouldn't understand, if anything I may get in trouble if our parents was to find out. I walk outside to be greeted by a peaking sun and quiet. No kids on the block.

  My feet took me to the sea of endless trees to the right. I swerved and weaved through the barky crowd, until I came upon the odd tree of the bunch. An old tree planted for me. A deeply carved curvy line ran down the trunk. My fingers reach to it, my wings open, the tips of my fingers tingled from the essence rumbling inside tree.

  Before I could work the essence to open the curve dent, I was rudely! Damn rudely interrupted by a floating Quip. The tiny flying box flew in the air so fast—it slapped me on the side of my head before I could hop out the way.



  I snatched the beige bitch off the ground and tore it open.

  A wave of hued static came out, then a familiar voice followed, “Khezzy, it's me Samita. Fly out to the gate—I'm here without the crew though. Hurry up please.”

  I smash the box and kicked it on the forest floor. I warm my wings, then fly off to the gate. This is gonna be trouble for my wings, especially without pads. I didn't delay this any further. I went as high as I could in the air—just in case my parents was up.

  They wouldn't be able to see me. Samita stood up when she saw me flying to the clearing, where she was. Thank god she walked to clearing for me! 'Cause another few minutes I woulda fell through the sky.

  “What's wrong?” She asks me, noting the scowl on my face.

  “I was doin' somethin'. And yo stupid Quip knocked me upside my head. I was in the woods at the Curve.” She understood what I meant and knew exactly where I was going once I opened up the tree door.

  “Oh,” Samita replies, “my bad Khez. That's why you lookin' all original, huh?” I nod to her. “Oh okay,” she says, “I just hit you up to see what you was doing. My parents sent me here to visit the grandparents.”

  “Huh?” My face contorts. “They live in the same town as you Samita, not Gatara.”

  She turns her head to the side. “My dad side.”

  “Oh,” I nod to her. “How long you go be here?”

  “Awhile. You want me to come over for dinner? It might get ugly.”

  “I don't know—I might not go.” We both laugh at that.

  Samita shakes her head, then asks me, “What you doin' out?”

  I looked up, a bird flying low catching my attention. “I told you—the Curve.”

  “Right. What I meant...why you goin' to the Curve?”

  “Oh,” I answer looking back to Samita, “shoot I just need to be somewhere private to chill for a minute. Clear my heard to get ready for today. Girl, I can't believe I even told my parents about Drei.”

  “Yeah me too.” Samita crosses her arms over her chest. “You know they ain't go like him.”

  My voice went high as I ask, “Why you say that?”

  “He just like you,” she say like she's stating the obvious, “which means he go encourage yo' behavior. You know how yo parents are.”

  “Yeah I do—and you always reminding me a stuff I'd rather forget.”

  Samita chuckles, “My bad girl. Listen, I'll see you a little later if I can get from the clutches of my daddy's daddy and mama.”

  “Aw! You leavin' me already Mi-Mi. Even after slapping me in the head wit' yo' raggedy ass Quip.”

  The girl laughs out loud. “I'm sorry. Girl, I gotta tell my grandparents I made it, so they can tell my parents.”

  I nod my head. “Okay. Well, come on I'll walk you half way or something.”

  “Naw, it's I'll have the Curveyn take you half way.”

  “Ooh, somebody got Curveyn coins today, do they?”

  “Mm hmm. Come on.”

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