Teenage Mutant Ninja Torpedoes

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Torpedoes

Teenage Mutant Ninja Torpedoes
by David J. Wighton

Book #5 in the Wilizy Series

Copyright 2015, David J. Wighton

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This book is dedicated to my wife, Dale, and to my other family members whose support and patience made it possible.

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Wilizy Family Members as of March 2083

• Doc and Granny (about 72 years old).
• Hank (about 41) and Yolanda (about 37).
• Wolf (17).
• Yollie (16), TG (17), and Liset (2).
•  Will (16) and Izzy (16).
• Wizard (14) and Lucas (11).
• Theo (10) and Mathias (9).
•  Reese (8), Winnie (6), and Patella (7 months).
• Stu McKenzie (42) and Mac his assistant (17).

• Zzyk (the Evil Gnome).
• Rick (Zzyk's Executive Officer).
• Ingrid (Head of the IOF's baby making business).
• Igor (Manager in charge of DPS computers).
• General Jock MacLatchie (Mac's father) and Emily MacLatchie (Mac's mother).
• Sven, Otto, and Dieter (the SODs).
• Dreamer (Clearwater lumber manager), Wanda/Nonny (her grandmother) and Wescott / Double Tom (her father).
•  Momaka (Head Gardener for the Wilizy gardens).
• Mike (bar owner in London), Pug & Mug (two bouncers), and Tiny (a replacement bouncer.)

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About the Author
Chapter 1

From Izzy's journals: Friday, March 16, 2083, 3 p.m.
I was taking my turn babysitting three year old Liset when the system-wide alert rattled through my mind. I paused in my reading. The alarm stopped about two seconds later. Will had jumped on that quickly. I resumed reading to Liset but she already knew most of the story.
"Sam-I-am," she pointed.
"Does he like green eggs?" I asked.
"Does Liset like green eggs?"
"No!" Liset declared and made an impressively accurate face of a child tossing her cookies, or in this case, she'd be tossing some imaginary green eggs. Will had taught her that attractive game.
About two hours ago, Mac had told us that she'd be testing our brain-plug interruption warning system from outside B.C., so we were prepared for the alarm. I finished the book, washed Liset's hands and face, and walked her next door. Granny took charge of the backpack of necessities that goes wherever Liset goes. Doc grabbed Liset at her waist, twirled her around, and carried her laughing and screeching upside down into their house. "She ate an hour ago," I called after him. Doc didn't seem to care. Granny did.
Yollie and TG were on the second day of their honeymoon that would end whenever Liset made our lives miserable. So far, so good. Granny & Doc, Yolanda & Winnie, and Will & I were on a rotating schedule. You could add Patella too. Horsey rides were announced the minute Liset started calling out for Daddy and they almost always worked. We could trust Patella to be alone with her in the woods, so we babysitters had time to re-energize ourselves. Patella would be back at the compound in 30 minutes without Winnie calling her back. Either wolves have a time function built into their brains or Winnie was calling her back without moving her lips. I tested that theory out this morning. I stuck with Winnie the entire time Patella and Liset were in the woods and she and I talked together the whole time. Patella arrived on the dot and Winnie patted her on the head for being a good horsey.
I didn't pay much attention to Wolf's first warning that Mac was not responding to his mind-messages. It had been only fifteen minutes since the alarm went off after she took out her brain plug and perhaps Mac, like I, was enjoying a long soak in a tub without any interruptions. His second, more insistent warning about ten minutes later prompted more action. He knocked on my bathroom door and warned that he'd be coming in if I didn't come out in one minute. I was washing my hair at the time, so good luck with that. At the deadline, I hid behind the door and poked my towel-wrapped head outside. "What?" I kind of snarled. OK, I snarled. There was no kind of at all.
"All of Mac's clothes and other things are gone. All she left behind were these pictures and they were in the wastebasket." Wolf thrust some pictures through the gap in the door.
"Yollie took those in an attempt to blackmail her. It didn't work. I didn't have anything to do with it."
"I know all about that. Look through the pictures. One is missing."
I shut the door and did a quick shuffle through the pics. "The toe-punt picture is not there," I yelled through the door.
"Izzy, that was her favorite picture," Wolf yelled back. "She took it with her. Why would she take that picture with her if she were planning on coming back?"
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