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Truth Insurrected: Declassified
In TRUTH INSURRECTED: The Saint Mary Project…

  A shooting incident put an end to William Harrison's FBI career. Now he chases marital cheaters and uncovers insurance fraud as a private investigator. But that's about to change.

  A series of cryptic messages alerts Harrison to a decades-old cover-up of contact with aliens. His mysterious informant once handled security for the Saint Mary Project but now wants the truth to be known.

  Harrison recruits former companions in his attempt to halt the ruthless cover-up still being carried out in the name of national security. He'll struggle against a web of lies, secrets, and sinister assassins, as well as mind-reading alien hybrids in his efforts.

  He will also discover a secret about his own family that could very well be the key to the case. Will he be able to unlock the truth?

  Praise for TRUTH INSURRECTED: The Saint Mary Project…

  "This energetic thriller leans much more toward espionage than sci-fi, but its sprinkling of fantastical elements makes it a standout…A multigenre espionage tale that's unquestionably entertaining." -Kirkus Reviews

  An engrossing, deftly-crafted UFO conspiracy thriller that is easily one of the most successful tales to emerge out of Roswell alien lore.” -Best Thrillers

  “Author Daniel P. Douglas’ strong character development and tightly constructed storyline make for an undeniably entertaining science fiction read…Conspiracy theorists and science fiction fans alike will find Truth Insurrected hard to put down.” -Blue Ink Review

  "This thrilling mystery about Area 51 brings a personal touch with well-developed characters…complete with cliff-hanging chapters and heart-pounding action." -Foreword Clarion Reviews

  "An excellent science-fiction/conspiracy thriller…Highly recommended!" -The Columbia Review of Books & Film

  Five Stars "…a gripping read, a thriller like no other…a breathtaking ride through an unsettling fictional trope…has all of the trappings of awesome storytelling…" -Readers' Favorite

  "Truth Insurrected is a solid page-turning debut." -Self-Publishing Review

  "…surprisingly well-crafted and exciting debut novel from author Daniel P. Douglas…will keep any fan of science fiction and conspiracy style fiction turning the pages." -Reader's Entertainment Magazine



  Daniel P. Douglas

  Copyright © 2014 Daniel P. Douglas

  All rights reserved.

  Ebook formatting by

  eISBN: 9780990737186

  Geminid Press, LLC. Albuquerque, New Mexico

  Table of Contents


  Author Note

  Chapter 1 - And So It Begins

  Chapter 2 - Colt .45

  Chapter 3 - Why UFOs? And, an Encounter at Dreamland

  Chapter 4 - A Matter of National Security

  Chapter 5 - We Meet General Stone

  Chapter 6 - Weak Links

  Chapter 7 - Disinformation

  Chapter 8 - The Elusive Fifth Species

  Chapter 9 - You Said Something About Aliens?

  Chapter 10 - Beano, the Dog

  Chapter 11 - Griffith Observatory

  Epilogue - Thirty-Seven Fell to the Floor

  The Outworlds: WAR TORRENT

  About The Author


  To my parents who, like William Harrison’s, always made me see infinite horizons.

  Author Note

  In my debut novel, Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project, I tell the story of a private investigator, William Harrison, who becomes embroiled in an attempt to reveal a sinister, decades-old government cover-up. What are they hiding? The truth about UFOs and alien contact.

  I am very honored by the positive critical acclaim that has surrounded Truth Insurrected since its release in October 2014. In addition to the review blurbs mentioned at the beginning of this eBook, in April 2015 Best Thrillers Book Club included me and TI on its list of “Best New Mystery and Thriller Authors of 2015.” Best Thrillers named some amazing authors and novels in the mystery and thriller genre, so it’s an honor to be on such a distinguished list.

  Additionally, Foreword Reviews recently recognized TI as a science fiction finalist in its 17th annual INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards. The recognition conveys an indicator of quality that brings tremendous personal and professional satisfaction. It sets the bar pretty high, and I’ll work hard to achieve that level of quality in my upcoming science fiction books and conspiracy thriller novels.

  Even more pleasing are the many positive reader comments that the book has received. Too many to note here, one thing is clear from their responses - they really like the book and want to see more from me. I can’t think of a greater compliment for a writer to receive. I am truly grateful.

  A recent and thrilling component of the TI universe is its screenplay adaption. In April 2015, my publisher, Geminid Press, LLC announced it had partnered with writer-director Jack Snyder to develop a screenplay, which is due for completion in June 2015. We’re all very excited about what the future may hold for the project, given the popularity of the novel's subject matter as can be seen in such examples like the pending return of the “X-Files” and a sequel for “Independence Day.”

  I do have other works in progress. One is a series called The Outworlds series, which is comprised of science fiction adventure stories set in the early twenty-fourth century at the fringe of human civilization. I have included an excerpt of Book I of the series, War Torrent, at the end of this eBook. I hope you enjoy it. Also coming up is Green Bird, a modern-day thriller about an FBI agent racing to stop a cyber terrorist before it’s too late; and a hard-boiled, World War II era detective series called Richter’s War.

  In the meantime, there is Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project. This special companion, Truth Insurrected: Declassified, is in response to two things. First, until I write a sequel, I wanted to respond to Truth Insurrected’s readers who have expressed a lot of interest in several of the book’s UFO and conspiracy-related topics, as well as several of the main characters.

  The second reason for Declassified is that I want to continue to highlight the subject of UFOs as often as I can. Some have said that extraordinary things require extraordinary evidence. I agree, but extraordinary things also require extraordinary scientific curiosity and open-mindedness. Unfortunately, these are not characteristics anyone can readily attribute to the scientific community - or the media, government, academia, or society as a whole - when it comes to the subject of UFOs. This makes me sad, angry, confused, and stubborn.

  But, emotions are easily stirred on all sides of this phenomenon, or myth, as some would call it. To say the subject of UFOs is controversial would be an understatement, but that makes it all the more suitable as the topic for a novel.

  For decades, perhaps even centuries, people have seen these unknown craft in the sky or even under water. There can be a sharp divide between believers and non-believers, and controversy about what it all means, especially in the context of alleged government secrecy. That tension makes for a great storytelling opportunity.

  If you have read Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project, then I want to thank you. If you haven’t, please take a look. I hear from readers and critics that you won’t be able to put it down!

  Of course, whether you have read it or not, my hope is that by looking at Declassified, you will find your interest fueled in the book (and its sequel) and - of most importance - the UFO subject in general.

  By including my insights alongside excerpts in Declassified, I hope to provide interesting answers to several interesting questions about Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project. However, we are all still a long way from answering the big questions about UFOs and aliens.

  Let’s find the courage to bring big curiosity and open minds to that extraordinary mystery.

  Daniel P. Douglas, author of

  Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project

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