The Beginning

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The Beginning
The Beginning
by Coyotes Publishing
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The Way Out

Mostly I feel as if I need to release what's on the inside.
To take a sharp object to my wrists and let my body dive.
To the ground in one lifeless thud.
Let me lay lifeless in the mud.
I don't want to get up I don't need to see the rest of my life.
It doesn't matter to me how it goes because I took the way out with a knife.
It's what I needed to do, it's what I wanted.
Always walking with a fake smile is what is flaunted.

I never wanted to live another moment having to deal with any of that.
I would rather cock it load it and listen to my brains go splat.
It's my way out, follow me if you want I won't deny.
That the way I'm heading is down, always an forever never touching the sky.
All my life I just wanted something different I wanted to be someone.
But yet it never happens that way all I can do is be a nobody just a son.
Even that I don't want to be, as it's the life that I'm having to leave.
Since I know that when I leave is when I'll finally succeed.

- Kennie Kayoz -

Pull The Trigger

The voices in my head are begging me to go ahead.
To take a deep breath and to commit myself to the dead.
Don't let the people on the outside win.
Come continue your life of sin.
No matter what the case.
Just pull the trigger in any place.
It don't matter if it's in doors or out.
Just be sure to let the soul hang around to hear the women shout.
It doesn't matter anymore.
My life is just a bore.

I couldn't stand to live another day.
It's not like the voices had to say much in order to sway.
Myself from doing something such as this.
But now as I lay dead everyone can start to reminess

- Kennie Kayoz -


The Hitler mother is always trying to run the show.
Trying to tell you which way to turn and where to go.
Wanting to run every aspect of your life even though hers fell apart.
It's not like it really does mean anything since yours has been shitty from the start.
With her calling the shots and thinking that she knows whats best.
Is the truly wrong thing to think since she doesn't let you rest.
Haunting your mind and the thoughts you think.
You could drown her out but that'll make you have a drink.
Battery Acid & Windshield Wash is the only drink to do the trick.
Unless your the favorite son if thats the case then she'll suck a dick.

Never thinking twice about her actions, but never thinking about you.
She'll run her mouth and make you turn blue.
With sadness and depression which she'll be the cause of.
She won't give a fuck because your the outlet for all of her problems.
No mathematical equation can ever solve this riddle.
No matter what you do she always claims that you sit and twiddle.
Your thumbs on a constant rotation.
She will talk shit about you an she'll think it's motivation.

Be warned as you may have a Mitlom near.

- Kennie Kayoz -

Can't Stand It

Everyday it's the same fucking thing.
Bitching and crabbing from the moment you walk in the door till I goto bed.
If I go too early you'll scream louder.
No matter what I do it's like your looking over my shoulder.
I can't stand it living my life like this having you attempt to run it.
I know life really does suck shit.
Why does mine have to continue to get worse.
Just leave me the fuck alone before I find myself in a Hurst.
I can no longer stand this I can't take much more.
You better fucking believe I have been getting sore.
Trying to please you which isn't fucking possible since all you do is find something else.
Something I have done since I never read your mind.
If I could I know I wouldn't like what I would find.
Nothing but treat me like shit.
Abuse me so much I'd take a self inflicted hit.
Don't give him a chance to speak.
Let him sit alone in the dark at his computer so you can call him a geek.
Tell him he has no life.
Tell him that he'll never grow up an get a wife.
The girl who he dates won't like him if he stays this way.
But what you don't know is tomorrow maybe the fucking day.

- Kennie Kayoz -

The House Of Horrors

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