Project Mars (Dying Planet Book 0)

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Project Mars (Dying Planet Book 0)
Project Mars
Dying Planet Book Zero
Written By
C.O. Amal

Copyright © 2016 C.O. Amal
Published By C.O. Amal on March 2016
4th Edition
All rights reserved
ISBN 9781370910083
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This book is a work of fiction. Names and characters are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
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Part 4: The Sanctuary
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Mars, Sector 27, Iridium Mine, 2060 A.D.
Chief engineer Alex took a final look at the image structure obtained by Canto graphing. Canto graphing is used to find out the mineral structure of a region of the mine. Living in artificial environment is making him mad. It may be because of the artificial oxygen. He is desperate for his wife’s touch. His wife Julie is a teacher in Will Man’s public school in Los Angeles. He couldn’t forget her hands tracing around his head when they have nothing to do on Earth. He has no children, but he is looking forward to have a bunch of them.
“Sir, I think you need to see this!” One of the technician announced.
Alex suddenly came back from his day dream. “Okay, I will be there in a sec.” Alex said through the mic.
Alex quickly paced toward the control room.
“What is it?” Alex asked with a deep breath.
“Sir, we found heavy iridium deposition ten feet deep from here. And Canto graphing shows that some kind of biological material is wrapped inside the iridium deposition.” Technician Tony said.
“Biological matter? Did you inform NASA?” Alex asked.
“No! But I wanted to inform you first.” Tony answered.
It is mandatory that if anything unusual came up, they should inform NASA. Alex sat in front of the computer and checked the video link. After some mastered key strokes he established communication link with NASA. Monitor displayed a middle aged woman sitting in a chair.
“We are from the Iridium mine on the Mars” Alex announced. “Today we found something peculiar. Are you the right one to discuss this?”
“Yes. Please continue.” The woman answered.
“Today we think we found some biological matter, wrapped inside some heavy iridium deposition. Do you want us to dig?” Alex asked through the mic.
A minute of silence, then the woman answered. “Please dig, but do not damage the biological matter. It should be as it is, wrapped around the iridium deposition. We don’t want to contaminate it.”
“Okay. Are you going to send a ship to carry this to earth or do you want us to deliver it?” Alex asked.
“No, we will send a ship to get it. We advise you not to come in contact with the biological matter.” The woman said.
“Okay, I will immediately have some people digging this out of the ground.” Alex said.
“Okay then. End of transmission.” The woman said. Then the screen became blank.
Alex walked out of the control room. He approached the diggers with a map in his hand.
“Roony, please come here.” Alex announced.
“What is it, sir?” A middle aged man came forward and asked.
“We want to dig something out of sector 25. Some biological matter wrapped around heavy iridium deposition. We don’t want to contaminate it. So dig carefully, and preserve it as it is.” Alex Said.
Alex hand him over the map. “The site is marked with red ink.” Alex said.
“We will begin extraction now.” Roony said.
“Okay. Once you are finished, carry it to the ship dock. Some NASA folks will be there soon.” Alex said. With that Alex left the room to his cabin.
Wormhole travel discovered in 2050 changed the whole idea of space travel. It allows to travel between planets in a matter of minutes.
Roony has been here for almost two years. He misses Earth, his wife Jenny and their children. He live in Chicago in a small town called Soxenburg.
Roony called out for a ten member team. They got inside the rovers and began to roll towards sector 25. Once they reached there they assembled the digging machine and carefully starts to dig. When they reached ten feet deep the metal of the bulldozer clashed with iridium metal. Roony carefully marked out the iridium boundary and he and his fellow workers starts to dig around it. Roony placed the Canto gram in the iridium surface and checked. Surprisingly the graph does shows the presence of a biological matter. They dug out a large solid cylindrical shaped iridium container which supposed to contain the biological matter.
“This must be millions of years old.” Roony said.
Roony carefully placed the iridium container in the back of one of the rover using a crane.
“Sir, look. There is one more heavy iridium deposition here.” One of the worker said to Roony.
Roony took a closer look at the pit they have just dug. There is in fact one more iridium layer. Roony used the Bulldozer to clear away the dirt and suddenly he accidentally dragged on the iridium layer. Suddenly some kind of pressurised gas inside the iridium chunk erupted out of it. Men frantically ran away from the pit. But the gas spread quickly, enveloping the digging team. Men started to choke. But the gas existed for a short duration and it died out. All men except Roony was exposed to the gas because he was safely protected by the glass wall of the Bulldozer.
“Are you guys alright?” Roony called out.
“Yes, we are fine. It was carbon dioxide or something.” One of the men said.
It is normal that some of the metal layers contains trapped carbon dioxide.
Roony immediately called out for Alex through his radio. “Alex, do you copy?”
“Yes, loud and clear. What is it?” Alex asked through the radio.
“We dug out the iridium container. But our men were exposed to some strange gas.” Roony said.
“Is everyone all right?” Alex asked.
“Yes, we think it was some pressurised carbon dioxide.” Roony said.
“Come back to the base, the NASA folks are here.” Alex said.
“Okay, we are coming back to base.” Roony said.
NASA scientist came in a Talon Class B ship. They are in medical suits. Workers loaded the ship with iridium container. Before leaving one of the scientist checked the iridium chunk with his Canto gram device.
“This indeed contains biological matter.” The scientist said surprised.
“This changes many things.” Another scientist said.
“Yes, indeed.” The scientist said.
With the precious cargo, Talon left Mars to Earth.
* * * * *

Part 1: The Discovery
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