Gunslingers Reborn

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Untold story

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Part five
The lords were assembled on the chamber, they all standing as for Monster g was walking up and down while biting his finger and all the lords were waiting to hear Monster g giving them a permission to sit.
“please everyone sit down,” he said. the lords they all sit down. Monster also take a sit. “my fellow lords, we have problem here?” he said.
Luke garret sway his head and looked at Monster g with his arm fold across his chest. “what is it?” he asked.
Monster g clasp his hands tighter as he lean on the table with his elbow against the table. He was staring at Jane with serous eyes but Jane just flick a smile as she left leg on top of her right leg.
“the queen of iron shade is dead,” he said.
“what!” they shout at the same time, Luke garret and Dave flick as they lean forward with shock but Jane has no idea what the lords are talking about.
Jane stand up, “Monster and everyone here, who is this queen?” she asked.
Luke garret recline on his chair, he didn’t even look at Jane. “queen of iron shade was the one who sell us gold,” he said.
“so, what, what does it affect us?” he asked.
Monster g wiped his face as he looked down. “jane, our economy, our money is too small, we need minerals to keep our military strength,” he said.
Dave cline on his chair, “the queen of iron shade was not only selling us gold and the material to build weapons,” Dave sway his head and look at Jane, “now do you get what I mean?” he asked.
Jane recline on her chair as she takes a deep breath, “so who’ll kill the queen for god sake?” she asked.
Dave and Luke Garret shook his head, “I don’t know sister,” said Garret.
Monster g catch his fist as he punch the table, “is the clients of cause, damn it they always ahead of me,” he shout.
“what about we asked the king?” Jane asked.
“Jasper and phosphorus we are the sworn enemies?” said Monster G.
Jane started to bite her lower lips as she tries to think, how to get gold and she stand, “how about the three kings?” she asked.
Monster g tries to think about it and he too stand up, “yes that’s it, the three king island,” he said looking at Jane, “you know jane I…” Derek Tylor interrupted as he barge inside the chamber.
Monster g sit down, “what is the meaning of this,” he asked.
Derek Tylor didn’t respond as he took out three picture as he put them on the table. Jane took the picture and it was Brain Russel, Lyrics Brown and Berry Thompson being all shot on their four dead.
“this is unbelievable,” said Jane, she pass the photos to Dave and Dave too was shock as he pass on Monster G.
“Holy shit, Derek who did this?” Monster g asked as he pass the photos to Luke. “I heard no evidence but according to the people and the wetness is confirm that is Billy,” he said.
Luke garret sway his head and looked at Derek. “you mean the priest?” he asked.
Derek Tylor nod his head. “so why is he killing the Gunslingers?” Luke Garret asked.
“because of the letters,” Dave interrupted.
Monster g squint at Dave, “what letter?”
Dave recline as he fold his arm across his chest, “don’t tell me you guys forget,” he said.
“Dave is right, when I asked the wetness the priest was taking the letters as you look on the photos, each and every slinger was search and their money just toss to the ground.”
Luke Garret giggle, “we are not the only one who is hunting this client?” he said.
Derek Tylor nod his head, “when I remember few week ago, you pick up a letter with a mission to capture the women called Reno, lords you confirm that is the wife of Billy,” he said.
“Reno Momoshi, I thought I asked you to investigate about her” said Monster G.
Derek Tylor nod his head, “yes, I found something, Reno was living with her husband at the church, they had a house at Middle Coast because of her husband gone missing, she sold the house and settle at Borrow Town.” He said.
“did you find anything related to the clients?” Luke Garret asked.
Derek Tylor shook his head, “I don’t see anything wrong with that woman, when I check her history she’s clean,” he said.
Monster g shook his head, “so what does the client want with the innocent women, it doesn’t make sense.”
Jane smash the table, “hey we got problem here, about the gold, are we sending someone to negotiate with the three kings or not?” she yells.
“what happened to iron shade gold?” Derek Tylor asked.
“the queen is dead,” said Monster G.
“so, that’s because the queen is dead it doesn’t mean her business die as well, he’s son Damica took over the business,” said Derek.
All the lords they sigh loud as one problem was solve but the client to them their still mysteries, the clients they always two step head of them.
It been three days Rondo locked herself at his apartment, Rondo was sitting on his chair shivering, his head was shaking while scouting around but he later stand up head to the door, he check if the door is locked by opening it but the door was locked, is just fear clouded him. Rondo he was scared, he don’t know what he is scared for but his instinct tells him that he is in danger. However, Rondo head to the curtain as he slightly open the curtain and peer outside the street and it was only a woman and boy passing by the street.
“what are you scouting at?” he heard the voice as he quickly turn around to check where the voice come from but he doesn’t see anybody.
Rondo quickly run to the kitchen as he open the draw and the draw fall on the floor as the spoons and knife scattered on the floor. He was scared that he just pick the knife randomly.
“who are your show yourself,” he shouts pointing the knife while turning around. he heard the voice laugh but it didn’t say anything.
“leave me alone, what do you want from me?” Rondo shout.
The voice giggle, “it seems you’ve been expecting me,” The voice giggle again as 78’s head pop out from the floor. Rondo flick as he take a step back but he trip by one of the spoon as he fell on the floor.
“who are you?” Rondo crawl backwards while screaming for help.
78 he full pop out of the floor as he looked at Rondo with a devilish eye.
“leave me alone” Rondo shout as he crawling back however, 78 he flicked a smirk as he approaching him.
“how stupid you are, you just looked outside just now and there was no one on the streets… second, you scream for help when you know fully well that you locked the door,” said 78 while approaching Rondo but Rondo was crawling back while asking 78 who he is?
“Third, you just reach the dead end?” said 78. Rondo just stop by the kitchen cabinet, he scout around trying to find another way out but there is nowhere to go, he has been corner by 78.
Rondo looked at 78, his cloths white suite and he remembers him. He just widens his eyes, “I know you,” he shouts pointing 78 with a knife.
78 shrugged with his devilish smirk, “I know, that’s the reason I’m here,” he said.
“to kill me?” Rondo swing his knife, “leave me alone,” he shouts again swinging his knife.
“I have no time to detailed you,” 78 he stretch his hand wanting to held Rondo but Rondo was swinging his knife as he cut 78 hand.
“ouch! You cut me,” said 78 as he looked at his hand a small blood came out and within that moment, the sand just appear inside his wound as it heal the wound. This make Rondo despair as he dropped the knife. Rondo start praying, “heavenly father rescue me from the evil in front me,” he said.
78 giggle as he grabs Rondo by his hair. “God doesn’t care about you, I mean…” 78 just descend down the floor as he drags Rondo with him. “…your drunker after all,” he said.
he completely plunged inside the ground and Rondo was screaming for help as he too was drag into the ground with 78.
The dust swirl away as the breeze rustle to the east, it was in the middle of the desert (grey haven) 79 and zero were walking slowly waiting for 78. 79 look at his watch wrap around his wrist. It been two hours and 78 hasn’t return.
79 giggle, “two hours is gone… he’s late?” he said.
“why you always trying to get point from Zero?” said 78. he pop out from the ground, he was grabbing Rondo with his clothes and throw him in front of Zero.
“79 I always better than you,
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