The Price and Prize of Victory

       Christopher Ebiala, Sr
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The Price and Prize of Victory





Chris for Christ


Parish Priest
R.C.M Parish, Iso-Bendeghe-Boki
L.G.A., Cross River State – Nigeria

ISBN; 978 – 02 – 4678

Printed by;
Links Computer Printers, Okundi Boki L.G.A Cross River State (NIG)
Along Ogoja Road, Beside Human Right Filling State Okundi, Boki L.G.A
07068919125, 09068147182


This book is dedicated to the Holy Spirit for His inspiration that moved me into this work of prophetic writing through the council of our Lord Jesus Christ and confirmed by the God Almighty.

I also dedicate this book to all lovers of God whom through their disciplinary kind of life, are persistently striving toward their purpose in life to fulfill what God has designated for them in regards to their destiny.


I humbly express my profound gratitude to Rev. Fr. Peter Egim the parish priest of R.CM Parish Iso-Bendeghe-Boki L.G.A Cross River State, for his encouragement and support as well as reading correcting and censoring this book. The efforts of Pastor Kelvin Kombo, Pastor Samuel Yakubu, Pastor Simon Nworie are highly appreciated.

I wish also to thank Rev. Fr. Mikel Godwin Arakor, the Parish Priest of Christ the King Parish Okpoma, Yala L.G.A, my home parish. Also worthy of mention are Rev. Fr. Matin Ohiero Wonah.

I wish to thank the encouragement of His Royal Highness Chief Akan Leonard Eshua and my dear brother Joseph Oluohu Ogar, my uncle Christopher Ukwa Ebinyi, my mother Agnes Oji Aduma, my younger sister Regina Ebiala, Mr. and Mrs. Sylverster Edrah Odey Brothers Michael Aboyi Ogar, Blaise Chi Okpo, Lawrence Ochoga, Michael Agu Ebriku, Oliver Eriba, Godwin Lifu, Christopher Ukwa Ojohu as well as the entire members of Mustard Seed Prayer Group, Christ the King Parish Okpoma Yala L.G.A Ogoja Diocese. Not left out are my entire family members. I thank all of them for their support and contributions to the success of this book.


With God all things are possible, LK18:27. God can do all things for us, but first we need to pay the price, by our own effort toward our dreams and visions in life. Then we can win the victory and finally receive our prize.

All news from the media is discouraging and discomforting. But whose report will you believe. (2cor 5:7). The questions of many people today are: can I still succeed in life? Why did God even create me, is life worth living? Could this be the will of God for me? Many have given up to self defeatism, frustration and failure in life.

Bro Christopher U. Ebiala is reassuring us in this book that we are serving the God who is and unchangeable changer. Even though the world turns up side down, we will be joyful and glad, because the Lord God is our savior; the sovereign Lord gives us strength. He makes us sure footed as a deer and keeps us safe on the mountains. Habakkuk 3:17-19. Our God is timely and timeless. Christopher is encouraging us never to give up until we have our last attempt, and we have succeeded. Resoluteness is the word he uses!

We are all enjoined to remain resilient, focused and most importantly patient! Because if there is any problem patience cannot solve it, impatient can never and will never solve it. Have you lost courage in God and confidence in yourself?

Rev. Fr. Peter Egim
Parish Priest
R.C. M Iso-Bendeghe Boki L.G.A. CRS
Table of Content

Dedication -
No Barrier No Breakthrough
No Challenge No Champion
No Cross No Crown
No Desire No Decision
No Direction No Destination
No Destination No Destiny
No Discovery No Recovery
No Event No History
No Faith No Future
No Goal No Achievement
No Job No Joy
No Labour No Favour
No Opposition No Position
No Prayer No Power
No Plan No Progress
No price No Prize
No Ransom No Redemption
No Sacrifice NO Salvation
No Stress No Success
No Test No Testimony
No Conversation No Conversion
No Fight No Freedom
No Freedom No Kingdom
No Proclamation No Persecution
No Preparation No Preservation
No Purpose No Problem
No Information No Transformation
No Sin No Shame
No Trial No Triumph
No Wisdom No Winning

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