The Two Jays Adventure

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About the Book

James and Jessica, the Two Jays, are on holiday in the West Country in England where they set out to make some exciting discoveries. Have they found the true site of an ancient holy well? Is the water in it dangerous? Why does an angry man with a bicycle tell them to keep away from the deserted stone quarry? A serious accident on the hillside has unexpected consequences, and an old Latin document may contain a secret that's connected to the two strange stone heads in the local church -- if James and Jessica can solve the puzzle. An adventure awaits! (This is the first of the Two Jays adventures.)

The Two Jays Adventure
Chris Wright

© Chris Wright 2017

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The Two Jays Adventure is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously.

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The Bible verse in this story is taken from "The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. ESV® Permanent Text Edition® (2016). Copyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers." (No matter what version of the Bible you use, the verse has the same message and promise.)

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A Word from the Author

I first wrote this story some years ago, and things have now changed a lot, especially with electronics and digital communication. No mobile (cell) phones, digital cameras, tablets and computers back then. So although the main story is unchanged, some things have now been updated to let the adventure happen today. This has opened the way for me to write more stories about the Two Jays, which you will find at the back of this book.

Note that in America a mother is a mom, while over on the Two Jays' side of the Atlantic a mother is a mum. Fathers are usually known as dad on both sides. English trainers are what Americans call sneakers, a tap for water is called a faucet in America, a cupboard is called a closet, and pyjamas are pajamas or PJs. I'm sure you get the general idea. There are a few other differences, especially in the way some words are spelt. This book uses the British English words and spelling because this is where the adventure takes place.

The measurements in this book are in miles, yards and feet. Here is an approximate table of conversion to metric.
1 mile is 1.6km
1 yard is a little less than 1m
1 foot is 30cm

I hope this helps!

Chris Wright

Chapter One

"When I'm on holiday, I like adventures," Jessica Green said, with a long sigh.
Her cousin James stared at the peaceful Mendip hills rising high above them.
"We seem to be in the middle of nowhere," Jessica continued. "It's so quiet. I can't think much ever happens here."
She was mistaken. Very mistaken. A shout from the other side of the valley made them jump.
"What was that?" Jessica asked, standing astride two mounds of grass. As she turned to look, there came another shout followed by a laugh. "Can you see who it is, James?"
James shook his head. "I haven't the faintest idea. I can't see anyone. Yes I can. There, on that rock. Two of them. A boy ... and another one, older than us."
"Let's go over and see what they want," Jessica suggested.
James held back. "I'm not sure. The older one's holding a catapult."
"So what?"
James stared at the two boys. "I don't know, but----"
"Oh, come on!"
"Yes, all right."
Jessica, her long, blonde hair blowing in the gentle breeze, looked ahead. "We can't go this way in any case. There's a stream running everywhere. We'll have to go across."
Suddenly James felt silly. Of course there was nothing to be afraid of. The older boy, a youth really, wouldn't use the catapult on them ... would he?
As they crossed the valley, picking their way carefully through the marshy patches, James paused. They were now close enough to hear what was being shouted. Various insults such as, "Don't get your baby feet wet!" and "Where are your skipping ropes?" This one came as they jumped from one piece of dry ground to the next. The younger boy kept laughing all the time. There was no point in avoiding them now.
The older of the two had long, greasy hair. James decided there was something rather unpleasant about him.
"What are you doing here?" the owner of the catapult demanded.
James noticed the way the younger boy kept looking at his companion in admiration.
"Is this the way to Saint Cerig's well?" James asked.
"Might be," the older of the two muttered, taking a half-smoked cigarette from his pocket. "Might not be."
"In which case, thank you!" Jessica said in disgust.
The youth took the unlit cigarette from his mouth. "Now hold on a minute." He fingered his catapult. "Just don't be in a hurry. This is my patch here, see. Just for shooting. You'd be surprised at some of the things I shoot."
"And people," the younger boy added with a giggle. This was the first time he'd spoken to them. They both had strong West Country accents.
"You shut up, nipper. Who spoke to you? Now then, I wouldn't want to be using this." The youth pulled back the heavy elastic of his catapult. "I think you'd better both be off -- and don't come round here again." With this he put the cigarette back in his mouth, and lit it.
In silence they stared at each other. The youth half closed his eye in what was obviously meant to be a threatening manner, although the effect was probably not as startling as he hoped. He let his mouth turn up into a sneer. As he took a long draw on his cigarette, he gave a loud cough which blew the cigarette from between his fingers. With watering eyes he groped for it on the wet ground. When he found it, it was damp, rather muddy and had gone out.
James and Jessica resumed their walk down the valley. When they were at least a hundred yards away, Jessica said, "I think he's stupid."
James was sure he could feel the two of them staring at him. "I don't trust him. The young one's all right. He's just a hanger-on. The other one's----"
There was a twang of high-powered elastic. James and Jessica fell flat on their faces as a stone tore through the branches of a nearby tree. The laughter that followed made them realise that this had only been done to frighten them.
"Don't turn round," James warned. "Just keep walking. They wouldn't dare try to hit us. All the same, I hope we don't keep bumping into them."
Jessica shook her head in bewilderment. "It's fantastic. We come to a lonely place like this, and when we do meet someone, it has to be them!"
"I'm going to call them the Ghastly Pair," James decided, taking an extra long jump, missing the next dry patch and getting a trainer full of water. "Don't worry, we may never see them again."
James Cooper and Jessica Green, the Two Jays for short, were just starting a family holiday at Sheppingford. Jessica was James's cousin, and they lived close to each other at home. A man who worked with James's father had recommended a very cheap holiday cottage at the foot of the Mendip hills in Somerset. His recommendations had been so glowing that soon after Christmas James's father had booked a fortnight for the second half of August.
There had been nearly eight months for looking forward to it, but the time had arrived at last. For James, a holiday like this would have been unthinkable without Jessica for company, so it had been taken for granted that Jessica would be coming.
"I'm always glad when Jessica's around," James's mother had said. "It keeps you both nicely out of the way." James would have been pleased with this observation if his mother hadn't added, "If not out of trouble!"
They began to climb to higher and drier ground, and came to an old track that led into a small quarry that looked deserted. A man was pushing his bicycle towards them. When he saw them he shouted angrily.
"I don't think he wants us to go any closer," James muttered. "Come on, it won't be here, anyway. My dad would have known if Saint Cerig's well was in a quarry."
Jessica Green nodded. "I can't see why an old quarry like this should be private, but...." She glanced back at the man again. "Yes, I think we'd better go. Of course, you could try asking him...."
James Cooper laughed. "No, we'll go on looking by ourselves. Saint Cerig's well. Dad said it would be hard to find. And he said it won't
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