When Knighthood Was in Flower

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When Knighthood Was in Flower

or, the Love Story ofCharles Brandon and Mary Tudorthe King's Sister, and Happeningin the Reign ofHis August MajestyKing Henry theEighth

Rewritten and Rendered into Modern English fromSir Edwin Caskoden's Memoir



Julia Marlowe EditionWith Scenes from the Play

Indianapolis, U.S.A.The Bowen-Merrill CompanyPublishersCopyright, Eighteen Hundred NinetyEight, and Nineteen Hundred Oneby The Bowen-Merrill CompanyPress ofBraunworth & Co.Bookbinders and PrintersBrooklyn, N.Y.

_”There lived a Knight, when Knighthood was in flow'r, Who charmed alike the tilt-yard and the bow'r_.”

To My Wife


The Caskodens 1

I The Duel 6

II How Brandon Came to Court 13

III The Princess Mary 23

IV A Lesson in Dancing 45

V An Honor and an Enemy 74

VI A Rare Ride to Windsor 89

VII Love's Fierce Sweetness 102

VIII The Trouble in Billingsgate Ward 128

IX Put Not Your Trust in Princesses 146

X Justice, O King! 169

XI Louis XII a Suitor 182

XII Atonement 202

XIII A Girl's Consent 213

XIV In the Siren Country 226

XV To Make a Man of Her 244

XVI A Hawking Party 256

XVII The Elopement 268

XVIII To the Tower 289

XIX Proserpina 302

XX Down into France 320

XXI Letters from a Queen 337

_”Cloth of gold do not despise, Though thou be match'd with cloth of frize; Cloth of frize, be not too bold, Though thou be match'd with cloth of gold_.”

Inscription on a label affixed to Brandon's lance under a picture of Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon, at Strawberry Hill.

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