Eden's Ore - Secrets

       B.V. Bayly / Fantasy / Science Fiction
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Eden's Ore - Secrets
Eden's Ore - Secrets
B. V. Bayly
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Book One of the Eden’s Ore Series
Copyright © 2015 by B. V. Bayly
First Edition: Nov 2015
Cover design by Steve McGhee
This book has been formatted for International English
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Chapter Thirty
Chapter Thirty–One
Chapter Thirty–Two
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Chapter Thirty–Four
Chapter Thirty–Five
Chapter Thirty–Six
Chapter Thirty–Seven
Chapter Thirty–Eight
Chapter Thirty–Nine
Chapter Forty
Chapter Forty–One
Chapter Forty–Two
Chapter Forty–Three
Chapter Forty–Four
Chapter Forty–Five
First and foremost I want to thank God for the path I have been blessed to travel. No one said this would be easy but, despite the struggles, I am reminded everyday about His wonderful blessings and encouraged to believe in this dream.
To Mary Rosenblum, my editor – you helped to clear away the fog and expose what I had worked so hard to show my readers. To my mentor, Kathy Tyers – teaching someone to write and teaching someone to write a book are two very different things. I want to thank you for showing me the difference.
To my wife, who lovingly pushed me to pursue my dream and share my story with the world – you stayed beside me every step of the journey and didn't let me stray. This book is as much yours as it is mine. To my boys – without knowing it, you both took care of me on my rough days with a simple smile and snuggle. To my parents – thank you for never giving up on what you saw in my writing even when I didn't see it myself. To my brother – our adventures are fuel for my stories. I will eternally laugh and enjoy our time together. To my father-in-law – I would not have walked down this road if you had not gently pointed out the way first. And, to the many others who have all played a part in making this novel what it is, I thank you.
First, let me say thank you to the fans who read and fell in love with the original Eden’s Ore – Secrets. I know many of you questioned why I would rewrite the opening books of this series. I would like to answer that question now.
When I first wrote Eden’s Ore, it was intended to be only three books. It was very different. Through the process of writing the first book, the story began to evolve. It expanded, growing in places I didn’t know about in the beginning. The world really had a life of its own. I was just along for the ride, trying to capture what played out in my mind as best as I could. By the time I wrote the fourth book in the series, everything had gone through a complete transformation.
The problem arose when I looked back at Secrets and Revelations, books one and two. They were already on the market in national stores and selling. I had completed Judgment and Uprising and was working on the final book in the series. I was excited to share books three and four with my fans. I was pumped for you to experience it: to see where the story was going and what this world had become. The characters had changed; their true selves had emerged from the recesses of my imagination. The plot had tightened, found its pace and moved smoothly. And, above all else, I had found my voice as a writer.
It wasn’t long before a fork in the road came. A chance to change course. I thought a lot about it. I prayed a lot about it. It felt right to step away. To start over and re-examine Secrets and Revelations. They deserved better from me. You, as the reader, deserved my best. Many of you agreed, offering helpful suggestions and breaking down issues you had with the books. You sent emails and wrote on my blog. Many of you took the time to explain your thoughts and help me see things from a different angle. All of your input helped open my eyes to some issues and, in the end, that was all that mattered. Thank you.
So here it is. I am thrilled to present to you a new Eden’s Ore -Secrets. While we arrive at the same place by the end of the book, the path taken is very different. If you have never read Secrets before, then enjoy. If you have, I hope my efforts make the experience feel brand new.
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