The Man from the Ice

       Brian Smith / Actions & Adventure
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The Man from the Ice
The Man from the Ice

Dare Quest

By Brian Smith

Copyright 2015
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


adrenalin – a hormone that increases heartbeat and breathing
antediluvian – a truly ancient person or thing
bated breath – subdued breathing due to strong emotions
emphatically - forceful, insistent
eon - an indefinitely long period of time
futile – ineffective, useless
gormless – very stupid, brainless
hysteria – an irrational and violent emotional outbreak
meander – to take a winding course
provocative – irritating, vexing
prudent - careful
pukka – real, genuine, first class
subconscious - existing or operating in the mind beneath or beyond consciousness:
trance - a half-conscious state, seemingly between sleeping and waking, in which ability to function voluntarily may be suspended
woebegone - showing or indicating woe
Welcome to a new world...
Did you think you’ve seen all the strange and weird things that there are? That’s what Edward and Anthony thought too! They have to face a totally new challenge as they leave behind their home and those they love. Why? Because they are sent to a strange and distant land where nothing is what it should be.

Will the boys rise up to the challenge on this quest? Little do they know, but they will not only discover an unknown world, they will have to fight an enemy more terrifying than any other before, an enemy right in their minds.
And yet who could enter a human brain?

Read on to see how your heroes fare.


Edward was at his school. It was a sultry, hot day and sweat was running down the faces of Edward and his schoolmates. They were all wearing their school caps to protect themselves from the heat of the tropical sun which shone down mercilessly. During recess time they could leave their classrooms and go to play in the school yard. At one end there was a playground with a slide and a swing, around the sides of the yard were many shady areas, and the middle was a basketball court with a rubber surface.
In spite of the heat Edward and his friends were running around excitedly playing various games and chatting about films, books and computers games. And with each film, book or computer game that was mentioned they tried to impress the others about how exciting and wonderful it was. The conversation slowly turned into a quarrel. No one wanted to concede that the others had anything of interest while everyone wanted to be admired for their experience. Things came to a head when one boy talked about a recent trip to Thailand where he had ridden an elephant.
“Ha!” Edward said with disdain. “That’s nothing special. I already rode an elephant in Thailand when I was one year old!”
“Did not!” the other boy said angrily.
“Yes, I did,” Edward said, “and anyway there are much more unusual and special things to do. Anyone can ride an elephant in Thailand.”
“Oh yeah?” the boy said furiously. Suddenly he didn’t feel happy about his trip anymore.
“Yes,” Edward said. “There are lots of things, I can do them quite easily.”
This was too much for the furious boy. He looked straight at Edward and said “If it’s so easy for you, then I dare you do the most unusual and weird thing ever!”
Suddenly Edward realized what he had done, but it was too late. Stars began to whirl around him and he was flung through time and space. His brother Anthony, who was at home that day, also found himself surrounded by stars. Moments later the two brothers landed in a very different place. They looked around in surprise. Gone was the heat and the humid, steamy air. Gone was the lush vegetation of tropical countries. What they saw instead was an almost bare plain that was interspersed with meandering watercourses. In the distance they could see rocky, rugged mountains with dark clouds hanging above. The air was crisp and cold.
“Oh no,” Anthony said. “What have you done?”
Edward hit his forehead with his hand. “Never mind that now,” he said. “The question is, where are we?”

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