I am Mordred

       Beth Hoyer / Fantasy
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I am Mordred
A King Arthur Legend Fan Fiction Story
By Beth Hoyer
Copyright Smashwords 2017

A young male age twenty four woke up with a start opening Human blue eyes lying on a one person bed in a room with tan brown walls. He could see the room was narrow and thin with one full arm length from the bed’s longest sides. He got up from the bed and stood up shaking his head then rubbed a hand on his head through his black wavy hair that fell just below his shoulders. He went to the bed to sit and frowned as a memory of himself wearing odd clothing that made him think it was girlish on his form flashed in his mind. The clothes he saw was foreign showing slipper shoes on his feet, tights, a top that was long sleeve and some vest dress covered his form. He grimaced as he saw some sneering look was on his face while seated on an animal. He figured out from memory was a horse with others behind him wearing identical clothes some having faces bared. He saw that they were all males like him some with facial hair and seated on horses while some were standing. The young male grimaced of the memory from him self’s facial expression that bothered him. He recalled himself dismounted along with ten other men and started walking on a grass fields his facial appearance changing from sneering to glare.
The young male frowned thinking of the dream unsure of whom he was fully in his mind. He recalled to himself dreaming repeatedly for a few nights of a female wearing some flowing dress with his facial appearance and black hair.
She spoke as always the same comment “You’ll remember who you are. You will acknowledge me.”
The young male felt rage running through him seeing in his mind a bearded male with a crown on his head. He recalled himself appearing to be a teenager. It was while wearing odd girlish clothing meeting the male who was introduced as a King named Arthur and bowing in front of him.
He recalled an older blonde female he remembering saw as his Mother.
She told him not in the King’s presence, but in private “This is the man your to kill so remember that.”
The male remembered the memory with rage running through him as the female repeatedly kept telling him over the years. He not as a monk in this monastery but as someone else that he was to kill a man named Arthur and take his place as King.
The young male recalled given the name of Jinks by the monastery's monks. They mysteriously refused to explain why they had him sheltered there. Jinks got up from the bed and went to the foot of it to kneel. He felt his rage running through him as he recalled another memory. He saw a familiar black haired female giving birth to a baby, a male and denied nursing it by the familiar blonde female. He saw as his Mother raiser who took him away.
Jinks felt his rage cooling from him as he got himself calmer. He shut his eyes and felt himself too tensed to mediate and opened his eyes to stare at the bed’s foot.
He remembered himself waking up in some monastery in some nation of United States. He finding out that he was ordained as a monk of their religious order. He was having no memory of how he got to there but his back feeling sore indicating of pain to him.
Jinks exhaled air through his mouth and breathed through his nose as he lied down on the bed eyes staring at the ceiling. He felt a memory come to his mind and allowed it through. He recalled himself as a teenager wearing the familiar girlish clothing fighting an older male. He saw was bearded and a bit on the overweight side with brown swords that didn’t clang when hit. He continued to recall himself poked the sword on the male’s neck.
He from memory spoke in some odd accent “Got you, Ian.”
The male, Ian, he assumed was his name; spoke “Are you sure? Check where my sword is.”
He saw himself look down to see Ian’s sword poking him in the chest right over his heart. He watched from memory as he gave up a loud roar and waved his hand along with brown sword. Along with while stomping his feet in an apparent tantrum before resuming sparring with Ian. Jinks groaned from the memory as he exhaled a breath as the memory left his mind.
Jinks grimaced as anger arrived within him as another memory arrived in his mind. In it he was fighting an apparent older male with a beard his mind identified as King Arthur with some weapon. His mind told him the weapon was a sword.
He saw others all around them were doing the same fighting with swords. He continued to watch in his mind as himself stabbed Arthur in the chest. The male slid to the grassy ground and appeared to be dead. He saw himself raised his sword and gave up a roaring sound. He frowned as he went to males. All wearing different clothing but in similar styled while swinging the sword with some smirk on his face.
He recalling fighting till some male with face seen and familiar snuck up behind himself he ignored. Jinks from memory was to busy fighting other males to bother not doing any defense towards the sneaking male. He recalled everything went black after that.
Jinks frowned recalling to him that he couldn’t remember anything else after the scene went black. He felt himself very confused to what was importance of the memories in his mind.
Jinks frown as the memory finished playing in his mind. He stretched his arms in front of him. He adjusted his position to lie on the bed eyes staring at the ceiling. He felt sleepiness and shut his eyes falling asleep.
Jinks dreamed of him standing on a field of grasses. He saw himself wearing the familiar girlish dress clothes on his form. He saw while having a hand on his waist where he recognized as a sword hanging from the belt. He watched as he was glaring at a male he recognized as Arthur. Both were having groups of ten men surrounding them in a semi circle.
Jinks listened as he spoke “What do you take of my peaceful terms sir?”
He heard from Arthur “I don’t agree with them and have rejected them. Think of something else.”
He continued to watch as he spoke sounding angry “You should have agreed.”
He heard from Arthur who spoke “Agreed to what? A foolish plan by a foolish man.”
He watched as he yanked out the sword and swung it towards Arthur who yanked out his sword. He continued to watch as Arthur met him self’s sword which clanging noises were heard. He continued to watch as men all around him and Arthur met each other pulling swords and clanging them while appearing to try to kill each other.
Jinks smelled something familiar hitting him. He frowned wondering what it was as the dream gone black.
Jinks woke up with a jerk as smells of food assaulted his nose. He sat up to look at the foot of the bed in front of the door was a wooden tray with block stands holding bowls of food and drink. He felt himself hungry got up from the bed. He went to the tray to sit down. Jinks helped him to the food eating ravenously till there was nothing left.
He adjusted his position to kneel closing his eyes. Jinks saw of the black haired woman again looking older by her hair having streaks of grey.
She was running in a field among men fighting each other with swords ignoring her. She was having a look of concern on her face. He continued to watch her as she ran in the field with a hand up waving it. It appeared to him she was using some mental power to guide her to something. He watched as her hand pointed down followed by her kneeling to pull a male figure from lying on his stomach onto his back. He stiffened seeing it was himself having a bloody red splotch on his back area over the heart area after turned over.
He continued to stiffen as the woman stroked his face along with appearing to weep tears while gently rocking her form. He frowned as she stopped the rocking to get up and with such force started dragging him unmoving through the field. She ignored among men fighting each other. She continued with the dragging till three women looking alike appeared standing blocking the woman’s way. He continued to watch as the woman dropped him halted by the three women.
The woman spoke in a tearful voice “Three sisters, do something about my son! He is dead in my arms. I never had a chance of him acknowledging me as his mother! I want that to happen!”
He eyed the three women who spoke in unison “That’ll be done as you wish, Morgana but it won’t be in your time. You must be patient for this will happen once nature has taken its course.”
He frown hearing the name of Morgana. He figured it belonged to the woman who burst into tears and then the darkness arrived.
Jinks jerked his eyes open to discover himself lying sideways in bed on his left side. He resumed shutting his eyes falling asleep passing out unconscious to dream.
Morgana looking very old with her hair white. He eyed her as she stood holding a fire torch and looking sad with sunlight shining dimly. He continued to watch as he saw her bring the fire torch to a pile of sticks was wood. He watched the fire spread showing a figure lying on top he recognized as the blonde woman looking asleep and very old by the looks of her. He frowned as the fire consumed the pile of sticks and the woman who remained still.
Jinks continued to dream eyeing Morgana who spoke “Never again you’ll have my son in your clutches Arianne. I will have what I want, Mordred acknowledging me as his mother. I’ll do what it takes to have that happen. I don’t care if there’s a price of my death for my son to acknowledge me. I will see that this happens.”
Jinks woke up feeling himself better which he got up from the bed. He frowned recalling the name of Mordred with confusion running through him. He came to realize that it was the name of Morgana’s son.
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