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     Ms. Grimsley

       B.A. Savage / Actions & Adventure
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Ms. Grimsley
Written by Bashan Savage

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the writer’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

An original publication of Savage World Entertainment.

All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever, except for use of quotes for review purposes. For information, please contact

Printed in the U.S.A.

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Chapter One

It’s another typical busy sales day at Cosi Records, the place to get the newest and hottest music released on vinyl, in McLaughlin City. It’s near closing and one of the co-owners Claire Grimsley totals out the last customer of the day, as her daughter Janell waits patiently for closing time. Janell has tuned out everything else but her radio headset.
“Thank you for stopping in again Mrs. Day” says Claire, the thirty something and hippish store owner.
“Oh, you know me. I might not be into all that Presley rock and roll stuff that you young kids are into these days but I have to have my daily dose of good ol’ Mr. Bennett. And you guys always seem to have the best prices in town and my choice of music too. So, thank you dearie. I’ll see you later, and bye bye, Janell.”
The little girl, despite not hearing one word the older lady said, has a good feeling what was said, simply because of the shopping frequency of this particular customer. “Bye bye, Mrs. Day.”
Claire locks the door as soon as Mrs. Day exited. With a big grin, she turns immediately toward her daughter, who’s still rocking out to her headphones.
“Janell? Janell!” Still smiling, Claire shakes her head, “You and your father, with those infernal headsets. I’d swear they were frying your brains if I thought you two had any.”
She walks in front of Janell, which gets her attention.
“What’s up mom?”
“What’s up mom? Well, I’ll tell you what’s up young lady, if you could take a minute away from that darn KUBE radio station. Sometimes, I feel they have more control over you than me.”
Smiling back, Janell turns off her headphones. Claire starts the closing procedures with assistance from her daughter. “Well, haven’t you even wondered where you father’s been all day?”
“Naw, Clint can take care of himself.”
“I really wish you wouldn’t call your father by his name. I know we’re trying to raise you more independent than this generation’s kids are but for crying out loud, Janell.”
“Yeah, sure, Claire.”
“You know, you sure have a smart mouth for being only eight.”
“Yeah I know. I get it from you.”
During this whole exchange, smiles never left their faces, “Why you little...!” Claire starts to chase Janell around the store and when she finally catches her, she pins her down and started tickling her.
“Mommy, mommy! Stop! I’m gonna pee my pants! Stop!” cries the little girl between giggles.
“Oh, I’m mommy now, huh?” Claire tickles her just a little more, then let’s her up, dry.
“As I was saying...brat!”
Janell sticks her tongue out at her.
“Your father and I have a big surprise.”
A huge grin, fitting of a typical eight year old covers Janell’s face, “I like surprises! Does it involve me getting gifts? Huh, mommy, does it?”
“Well kinda. We’re all getting a gift. Remember how we always talked about… well, you might not remember. You were just a little girl then, but your father and I had always dreamed of opening a dance type night club, but decided to settle for this store, which I might add has been a blessing. And thanks to the success of this place…”
She pauses for effect.
“Yes, mommy?”
“We are gonna open our own night club!”
“With lotsa of loud music?” says the little girl excitedly.
“Yes! And we...” Claire cuts out of her own sentence “could invite some of your friends and have a party.” because Janell really has no friends, unlike they did as kids.
In all their efforts to be “cool” parents and giving her the full opportunity to grow as an individual, they “adultified” her. That, combined with being a child genius, only helped to alienate her from the other kids her own age. The most common word used by her classmates to describe her was “creepy.”
Not letting anything ruin this moment, she covers the omission quickly and with a smile, “... we can play anything you want and as loud as you want and at any time!”
“Far out mom!”
“Now, let’s hurry up and finish closing. Your father is waiting at the warehouse we’re going to be renting. He just signed the papers last week.”
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