Lygon Island - An Introduction

       Arlo Mercia / Fantasy
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By Arlo Mercia

Copyright 2017 Arlo Mercia

Smashwords Edition

Cover design by the wonderful Renee Barratt,
Artwork by the Author

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Honour Royale Myrra has recently been forced to abdicate in favour of her narcissistic nephew Royal Aidon. He is determined to create a luxurious retreat for himself in Shoal Bay where he can escape the demands of his royal duties. The plan goes terribly wrong and a ring of jagged rocks arises in the bay, causing an earthquake that wreaks havoc on the island.
Myrra is unable to rectify the damage herself, and so undertakes the difficult journey to the mainland to seek help, only to find that the damage has extended to the whole of Fraith and is far worse than anyone could imagine.
Mithia, the enigmatic dragon, reluctantly becomes involved, but Myrra is unable to tell if his intent is to save, or to destroy.

Fraith is a land in the southern hemisphere that is home to lygons, geflars, dragons, humans, and unique native animals and plants, including the great purple lyntrees.

Lygons are sleek, iridescent reptilian cats found throughout the land of Fraith. They live in prides which are usually, but not always, named after the terrain they rule, e.g. the Mountain Pride who live at the foot of the Kirkwood Mountains, the River Pride who live near the Loncess River. The Salt Pride is named after the Salt Islands that they created.
Each pride lives in a Felicitate, or communal dwelling, usually built into caves or a cliff. They each have a small local animal e.g. a scurria (a type of ground squirrel) with deft paws that serves them in exchange for protection from other predators.
Female lygons are called cautas.
Male lygons are called cautos.
Infant lygons are called cauties.
If lygons wish to travel long distances they use lyg-lines These are a grid of pulsating purple energy lines which cover the land. They can communicate with each other when apart by tuning in to the energy of the intended recipient and intentionally sending their thoughts.

Lygons lay eggs which they bury in the ground to incubate, and dig up when they are ready to hatch. Eggs are silver for cautas, or white with silver speckles for cautos. Cauties hatch out with white fur that takes a hint of colour from the tint of the skin underneath. As they reach maturity they shed their fur for brightly coloured scales. Some fur remains on their bellies and paws.
Adult lygons come in many colours. Red, blue and green are common. Royal lygons are purple, and this colour is maintained and enhanced by the regular consumption of lozenges made from lyntree nectar. Lyntree nectar not only imparts a beautiful sheen and depth of colour to the purple scales of royal lygons, it also acts as a tonic and provides the stamina they need for performing their royal duties, such as maintaining the balance of energy in their pride-lands.
Each pride has a royal family. The Royal/Royale will rule for 200 years before abdicating to their eldest offspring or nearest relative in the next generation. The ruler is supported by a Council of five to seven senior lygons, male and female, who help make key decisions and manage the affairs of the pride.
Lygons are quiet, secretive creatures who usually, but not always, hunt alone. Their Felicitates are in areas remote from human habitation, and to human eyes are indistinguishable from the cliff or cave in which they are built. It is so long since any human has seen one that they have dropped from human awareness, and humans can no longer see the dimension or energy level in which the lygons live. These days even if one was in sight, a human would not ‘see’ it. An archetypal memory of these powerful, remarkable creatures remains in human consciousness, but it has been transmuted into a sense of ‘gods’. Their name has gradually changed over time to ‘the Ai-alyn’, and they are now viewed by humans as gods of nature, i.e. air, earth and water. Lygons are aware of these human beliefs, and while they find them rather amusing, they treat them with respect.

The Salt Pride Royal Family

The Salt Pride Councillors
Royal Aidon – Head of Council
Kebreana – Secretary
Wirron – Senior Councillor
Fintal – Councillor
Biman – Councillor
Jidhu – Councillor

Myrra was the fifth ruler of the Salt Pride to preside over Lygon Island as their pride-land. Before that they lived on the mainland of Fraith with all the other lygon prides. There came a time, however, when the lygon population expanded at the same time as human settlements on the mainland began to encroach upon traditional pride-lands. Other issues also came into play, and after much antagonism and agonising debate it was decided that there were no longer sufficient pride-lands for all the prides to prosper and avoid constant contact with humans. Some lygons opted to go, and with the help of the Emerald dragons, they created the Salt Islands and have lived there very peacefully until now.

The River Pride Royal Family

The River Pride have built their Felicitate in and around caves in a cliff overlooking the Loncess River where it runs through a steep gorge. Back from the cliffs there are lush grasslands that extend to the forest at the base of the Kirkwood Mountains. These grasslands are home to the scurrias who are servants of the River Pride. As with all prides, they adopt a local animal with more deft paws to serve them in exchange for protection from other predators including, when possible, from dragons.
In the middle of the grasslands is a gentle valley, formed by a stream that runs into the Loncess River. In this valley the scurrias grow the beautiful dezigild flowers from which they make dezigild spice that is the signature flavour of adoration cakes.

The Mountain Pride Royal Family

The Mountain Pride live at the foot of the Kirkwood Mountains. Until recently they had made their Felicitate in a large cave close to a stream that runs down from Hever Lake. This had been an ideal location with shelter, water and an abundance of food from both the forest and nearby grass plains. Deimos and Alaia managed their pride-lands well. Their only grief was that their two sons were lazy, defiant, and showed no aptitude for ruling. Their youngest cautie, Elissa, was born an unusually strong shade of purple – signifying considerable powers – and yet was unlikely ever to rule with two brothers ahead of her. They made great efforts to find her a suitable consort in the hope that she would be able to utilise her skills by helping to rule other pride-lands, but no suitors had been forthcoming, because all the eligible royalets found her intimidating. In recent times a greater trouble has beset the pride.
The Indigo Dragon Gaze live just above them on an island in Hever Lake. They have been emanating a great sadness, and their leader Isparag is either unaware of it, or unable to address it. The miasma of this sadness has been seeping down from the lake and affects the whole environment, including the Mountain Pride, The cautos have been particularly badly affected. The cautas have tired of the constantly depressed state of the cautos, and taken action.

The dragons of Fraith live in a family groups called gazes. The ruler of each gaze is known as the Charm. The members of each family group are a distinctive colour. There are eight main gazes:

Charm of the Ebony Dragons – Eiluned
Charm of the Indigo Dragons – Isparag
Charm of the Vermilion Dragons – Volborg
There is also a secret Peace Keeper Dragon, Charmor Mithia Eirenica. His existence is known only to his protectors, the Ebony Gaze. The scales of this beautiful dragon are shimmering shades of pink, white and cream, and his main colour is a shade of pink called:

Humans are very aware of dragons and able to see them, as dragons are very large (much larger than lygons) and it is not in their nature to go unnoticed. Dragons can read minds and conceal themselves from sight if they wish. They do not cross paths with humans very often, as dragons live in remote areas and travel by flying. Occasionally dragons will eat human livestock, but prefer larger game such as geranopes and caralos.

Dragons generally live in caves, and like to keep a big fire blazing. If it begins to
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