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  By Ariana Kenny

  Copyright by Ariana Kenny March 2011

  Table of Contents

  Volume I Night Driving


  Chapter 1

  Chapter 2

  Chapter 3

  Chapter 4

  Chapter 5

  Chapter 6

  Chapter 7

  Chapter 8

  Volume II What Happened Next

  Chapter 9

  Chapter 10

  Chapter 11

  Chapter 12

  Chapter 13

  Chapter 14

  Chapter 15

  Chapter 16

  Volume III Everything in Between

  Chapter 17

  Chapter 18

  Chapter 19

  Chapter 20

  Chapter 21

  Chapter 22

  Chapter 23

  Chapter 24

  Volume IV The Other Story

  Chapter 25

  Chapter 26

  Chapter 27

  Chapter 28

  Chapter 29

  Chapter 30

  Chapter 31

  Chapter 32


  Volume I Night Driving

  In those moments that change your life, of which we are unaware of until post reflection, there is darkness and uncertainty. We have no idea at all the shifts in our comfortable routines, our plans for all the things we were going to do, and there seeps in that dreaded fear of the unknown we are facing when the future holds a hand out for us to take. Whether we do or do not extend our grasp to meet it does not matter. Life is changed regardless. It is just what could have been that is the most daunting, and at the same time so very exciting.


  The woman wore an expensive figure hugging grey skirt and had a white pressed collarless blouse hinting from beneath her jacket. Her deep red hair was pinned up in a sweeping French bun, and she had moderate stiletto heals, which highlighted her olive toned athletic legs, and were patent black to compliment the briefcase she carried. As she strode across the car park floor, her heels clicked against the concrete grain heralding her advance towards the car for which she was headed, on the level below.

  The contrasting sounds of the silence of the deserted car park and the echo of the rhythmic clack of her shoes was interrupted by the sound of her cell phone which rang out, a basic ring tone, nothing flashy, though this woman seemed all class.

  Answering the phone, a smile broke across her face, whiter than possible teeth glinting in the florescent light as she walked deeper into the car park. The stairs were only about 10 in number, but brought her down in to a sunken area of the car park, and into the half light offered by cheap lighting, and worsened by years of a lack of maintenance. She laughed almost evilly at something someone on the other end of the line said, bit her plump lip gently, and batted her lashes. Behind her though, two men stepped out soundlessly behind her and started to pick up pace, treading so lightly she appeared to fail to notice their presence at all. Seemingly unaware, the woman’s conversation continued, her stride never changing, and she brought out her keys as she reached the last two cars on the level.

  Finally flicking her eyes forward, she noticed a man come out from behind a four wheel drive next to the white sedan parked in the corner. He was dressed in black, standing firm in her presence, with a large set square jaw and thin lips, and on seeing him, the woman in grey slowed and dropped her hand that held the phone from her ear, to her side, leaving her arm outstretched to her side as she determined the situation in front of her.

  Coming up from behind her, the tallest of the two men, who stood at about 6 feet tall and had been following behind her, wrenched the phone from her. Spinning around, she saw her phone was already being stuffed into his jeans pocket, a look of tormenting pleasure marking his face. For the longest moment, she took note of him, and his shorter, bearded friend before her eyes widened, and her face became deathly serious. She put her hands up. “Now, there is no need to get violent. I have money, credit cards…”.

  Holding out the briefcase as though it were an offering meant to appease, she slowly lowered it to the floor but the two kept moving forward. The shorter of the men sported a beard and remained stoic, his eyes never leaving her as he kicked the briefcase out of the way. That was when she began to walk slowly backwards, trying in vain to put some distance between her and them. She stumbled over her steps until she backed into the man who still stood by the car, and he seized her shoulders tightly. In instinctual reaction to the touch she kicked him in the shin with her heel causing him to howl in pain and the 6 footer to laugh out loud at his friend’s agony. Angered, the man who clasped her by the shoulders tightened his grip before throwing her on the bonnet of her car, setting the alarm off and pressing his body over hers.

  As he prized the keys from her fingers and pressed the button to stop the noise of the alarm she bucked trying to free herself, but it only caused him to press into her harder. The woman responded by opening her mouth to scream, so the man, still pinning her to the bonnet of the car placed his hand over her face and twisted her arm back, forcing a sobbing sound from her instead. Only it didn’t quite sound right.

  Looking confused, he lifted his body off hers for a moment. She wasn’t sobbing, she was laughing, but he pulled his hand away from her mouth to be sure. Though he twisted her arm further, she laughed all the more, and straightened up her body. In a sudden move he would have almost missed had he not still been holding her, the woman in grey turned around to face him, easily freeing herself. Using her now free arm she body slammed her would be captor into the car from where he slid off in a mix of shock and pain.

  Turning to face the other two who were still standing, stunned in surprise, she smiled, unbuttoning her jacket and the top of her blouse. Drawing closer, the woman then ran her tongue across her lengthening teeth. They glistened white, perfect and too pointy to be normal. The shorter man took a step back, but she shook her head in response, faking a pout. “Where are you going, thought we were going to have some fun here” she accused, and in a flash she was behind him. Fumbling his footwork, he fell forwards, scrambling across the floor like a cockroach fleeing in the light. Unphased by the man’s efforts to escape the woman turned instead to his taller partner, clutched his head with one hand while she crunched his neck with her other as he grabbed helplessly at her. In an effortless move she brought his head to the ground, where his feet used to be, blood seeping out over the concrete.

  Satisfied he wasn’t getting up, she looked towards the one who had held her against the car as he attempted to stand. Raising a blood spattered eyebrow she ran at him breaking his arm and his causing his legs to buckle out from under him before he even recognised that she had moved. Wasting no time, she bit in to his neck and drank deeply, a stream of blood trickling down his collar bone.

  At the sight, an involuntary whimper escaped the bearded attacker as he rose to his feet properly from his clambering all-fours position on the floor. Once he found his feet again, he saw her smile at him from afar, a toothy blood drenched grin sweeping across her face. In a panic, he turned to make a run for it, but failed to move past his first step before running into a wall of a man that caused him to fall again to his knees. The bearded man looked up at the tall, fair haired man that looked down at him, amusement and threat awash his features.

  “Hey Ben, I almost thought I was dining alone tonight” the woman remarked.

  “Wouldn’t stand you up like that sweetheart” Ben replied as he smiled at the bearded man before he lunged forward.
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