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Table of Contents
Table of Contents 1
Daunting Shadows Untouched Silence 3
After Future 4
Before past 7
Empty pages 9
In 10
Arizel 11
Enemies of the sun 12
The Forgotten 14
Future toy 15
The Rising 18
The oppositioner 20
Paralyze my mind 21
Doppelganger 24
Vasitven 25
God Player 27
Faith 29
Life of Death 30
Lonesome star 34
Here and beyond 35
Pair of walls 37
Heretofore 38
Ghostword 39
Once 41
The Gathering 43
Newborns 44
The hive of five 46
The emancipated 49
The obscure 50
Next brevity 51
The Living Machine 52
The god without devil 54
Toy World 56
Final Fate 57
out 59
The Return 60
The Toolshed 62
Mutilation 63
God bears no name 64
Paroxysm 66
The equal of time 67
The entity divine 68
Births & Deaths 69
Flashbacks 70
Winter father 73
Mind Mirror 75
White Crow 78
Black moon 79
The Kayle reborn 80
Eulogy 81
The Timebook of Clocks 82
Lion in the Toolshed 83
Atmi deception 84
Endmost 85
*The Diary of Devil* 87
Epilogue 104
Author’s note: 105

Daunting Shadows Untouched Silence

to my wife and son

By antim abhay

Wave upon wave of demented Avengers march cheerfully out of obscurity, into the dream.
-Roger Waters
I walked into a hospital where none was sick and none was well.
-Leonard Cohen

There lives a poor painter who sees a painting every night in his dream. This recurring dream wakes him up in the middle of the night every time and he starts painting what he saw. But he always ends up making a new beautiful painting instead. This way, he paints one each day. He pines for gold but someone has made him promise that whatever happens he must not sell his paintings and he keeps his promise. He has become illusive because of ambiguity of this dream and his inability to create that one painting. Some know him from now, some have known him from centuries and some will never know him.
The boy in the box said, "They'll search for me and if they find me I'll make their dreams come true but they won’t be happy for long and then they'd want me to leave but I won't until they love me."

After Future
He sat with elegance, holding the Sysandrian stone in one hand and grasping Arizel’s palm with other. The people and animals bowed and prayed. Both Arindhara as well as silent forest of dreams had found peace, hope and rest in his dominion. But he was not at peace with himself because he did not know where or how to find Vasitven and he knew all he could do was wait.
When he and Arizel felt their death approaching they went to the Silent forest of dreams. They kept the Prophesier where it lay after he mingled it with the river of life. Then they put the book in the cradle and tucked it slowly between their sleeping twins. Bidding goodbye to the Astrologer, together they embraced death.
When he opened his eyes he found that they were walking on a shore. Arizel’s foot caught onto something, she picked it up and was surprised to see it was a book. She started reading it as she strolled away from the shore with him. Suddenly she gave the book to him and said that this book looks like the Timebook of Clocks, but it is not. He nodded and said, “I know, this is the one made in the Toolshed when I was searching for you. We are in the place of which we dreamt. We are in Sysandria.
The first Kayle reborn kneeling at the altar inside the temple of the Goddess of Sysandria, carefully listened as the priest’s words echoed, “After leaving your native bodies, you and Arizel came to Sysandria. A Kayle takes birth in Arindhara or in the Silent Forest of Dreams and can travel between Arindhara and the Silent Forest. There are some Kayles, the Elders, who took birth in Sysandria and are here since the beginning of time. Either a Kayle is a Kayle by birth, or becomes a Kayle. The Arindharans, after death, reach the Silent Forest and after some time go back to Arindhara to take next birth. This cycle continues until they become a Kayle and then the memories of all past lives returns to them. There can be only one pair of Kayles in Arindhara and the Silent Forest of Dreams. You were a Kayle by birth and Arizel turned, while she was in Silent Forest, but as soon as she became a Kayle, the Lion enslaved her. She thought she was fooling the Lion by sneaking out to search for other Kayles, but it was his will as he sought you too for his own malicious purposes. In the domes of Teargar Arizel met the Astrologer who knew all about Sysandria and Kayles. She started visiting him whenever she could and he told her everything he knew about Kayles. Astrologer gave her the Timebook of Clocks which was given to him by Kayles and he told her to find you.  Only Astrologer knows everything about Kayles and he passes the knowledge to his successor. He is the keeper of the Timebook of Clocks. Kayles want him to give the book to the new pair of Kayles existing in Arindhara.
When a pair of Kayles is about to arrive in Sysandria two drops of tear fall from the eyes of the statue of their Goddess. One drop turns into a man and another into a woman. They have powers above all Kayles and they leave Sysandria. They are known as Vasitvens. But this time when you and Arizel arrived two drops of blood fell instead of tears. According to the prophecy the goddess will bleed on the arrival of first Kayle reborn." 

Astrologer to the Kayle
I wish I could feel your demons
I possess the maniac’s mirror as I promised
Close your eyes and trust me
I am the keeper of melodies
Order of the other has been given
The addicts are marching in unison
Play the strings measure the deep memories
One day you will write your own elegy
The alone Arizel burns so bright
Silent forest of dreams screams in the moonless night
I am the keeper of the key
Silent forest of dreams doesn’t possess any energy
There love has no reservation
Endless are these harbingers of thine
The animals and trees are afraid of Rakhtavar the Lion
If you will go to the existent half of the forest
The Lion will transform you when you enter inside
There everyone will possess numerous lies
You will revolve in both the worlds till you escape
Leave this grave and return to the everglades
The truth is hidden from you
For your mind cannot occupy it
You may be alone or you may be known
But all have almost same dream of home
Taking birth as a human is a soul’s first life
And the soul will always be born as a human
Until the soul, encounters the unknown
Then it will be able to take birth as any entity of its will
And join them who lived like it in this world
And rest in any of the universes’ realms
For you to survive remembering is enough
Your sins only delay your emancipation
The king of the hidden kingdom waits for the one
The one who took least time to get undone
You muse about silent forest of dreams
Where moon rises from the debris
Delivering darkness over the day
But you don’t remember it
It lays in your long forgotten dreams
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