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       Obligation, p.16

         Part #2 of Underground Kings series by Aurora Rose Reynolds
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  “What if it’s negative?” she whispers, looking at the test.

  I fight back the words that are on the tip of my tongue, and when she speaks, I’m glad I did.

  “On the way to the store, I imagined what it would be like to know that I was pregnant. I was still scared, but there was also excitement mixed in there. Now, if I go and take this test and it’s negative, I think I may be disappointed.”

  The anger that was building simmers down. I tilt her chin up so that I can look her in the eyes. “There’s always someday, Myla.”

  She nods and walks to the bathroom, pausing to look at me over her shoulder before walking in and closing the door. It feels like forever that she is out of my sight, so when the door opens and she walks out, I pull her into an embrace.

  “Do you have a watch?” she asks quietly.


  “We’re supposed to wait three minutes,” she whispers before burying her face in my chest.

  I look at my watch, set the timer, wrap my arms around her, and then wait. When the alarm goes off, I press a kiss to the top of her head before she pulls away. She comes back a second later, holding the test in her hand.

  I can’t read the look on her face, so I hold out my hand to take the test from her. “What does it mean?” I ask, seeing two pink lines.

  “I’m pregnant.”

  I look from the test to her and smile. “Yeah?” I question, my smile getting bigger.

  Her face softens and she leans forward, taking the test out of my hand and looking at it again. “You’re happy about this?”

  “Yes,” I tell her, not even a single ounce of doubt in my head. I know that this is right.

  “I’m pregnant,” she repeats then looks up from the test, her gaze meeting mine. “I feel excited. Is that weird?”

  I exhale a breath, the stress I was feeling immediately leaving my chest. “It’s not weird,” I assure her then smile when she jumps up, wrapping her legs around my waist.

  “This is crazy.”

  She is right about that, but since the moment I saw her in Seattle, our relationship has been crazy.

  “Now let’s go have some cake since you already gave me my wish,” I tell her, and her face goes soft and her hands come up to either side of my face.

  “Let’s have cake,” she whispers, pressing a soft kiss to my lips.

  Chapter 13

  Oh Baby


  Since finding out I am pregnant, all the plans for going to Vegas were put on hold. Kai didn’t want to risk something happening to the baby or me, and to be honest, it was one less thing for me to worry about. I hated the idea of being in an unfamiliar place, where I didn’t have anyone to lean on. Kai’s family has become mine during my time since I moved to Hawaii, and his mom is excited to be a grandmother. Even though I am just weeks along, I don’t want to take that from her. Especially when we didn’t know how long we would be in Vegas.

  Now, as I look down at the water and watch Kai come out of the ocean looking like a warrior ready for battle, my insides become liquid. I never in my wildest dreams would have believed that someone like him would be my husband and the father of my child, but things always have a way of working out, just like they are supposed to.

  He prowls towards me, the ocean water still running over the contours of his skin, and doesn’t stop until he’s caging me in, one hand on each side of the lounger I’m lying on.

  “You should go inside.” He kisses my nose then my lips as his hand at my side moves to lie on my lower stomach.

  “I’m comfortable.” I smile, stretching up and kissing him.

  “Have you been drinking water?” he mutters as his fingers play along the edge of my swim bottoms.

  “Yes.” I roll my eyes when his eyes stay locked on where his fingers are touching me.

  “It’s hot out today.” He finally brings his eyes up to mine and I notice they are darker than normal.

  “Honey, we’re in Hawaii. It’s always hot.”

  His eyes go soft, and he presses another kiss to my lips. “I’m going to see about getting a chair that has a cover over it.”

  “I like the sun,” I complain.

  I love that he cares about me, but I swear, since we found out about the baby, he has been high-strung and doing everything within his power to drive me absolutely bonkers.

  “It’s not good for you, makamae.”

  “Kai.” I shake my head.

  He brings his hand up, his fingers tracing the edge of the top of my bikini, pulling it down slightly so the skin that is still untouched by the sun is exposed.

  “Let’s go inside.” His finger runs under the material and over my nipple, causing me to gasp. “I’m hungry.” He licks his lips, and my eyes follow his tongue. That liquid heat in my belly expands and spreads between my legs. “Myla.” My name comes out like a warning as I lift my hand from my lap, running it over his abs and along the elastic of his shorts.

  It’s so difficult to keep my hands off him, and over the last couple of weeks, my need for him has only gotten worse. Luckily for me, Kai never denies me anything.

  “I can see that you’re wet,” he whispers near my ear.

  I pull away to look into his eyes. His gaze is locked between my legs, and I notice the damp spot on the piece of material.

  He pulls his lower lip into his mouth, and his fingers flex into my skin. His face lowers towards my belly and he places a kiss there. Then he sucks, making my belly clench and more wetness spread between my legs.

  “I can smell you.” He nips lower on my stomach, right above my mound.

  My hand tangles in his hair and I try to pull him away.

  “TU Kai,” he rumbles, making me squirm. “Up,” he says.

  I don’t even realize he’s lifting me until my ass is off the lounger and my arms are forced to wrap around his neck so that I don’t fall to the ground.

  I cling to him as he carries me inside to the bedroom. He kicks the door shut with his foot and carries me to the bed, gently setting me down before stepping back and pulling his shorts off. I lick my lips when his cock bobs against his stomach as he steps in front of me. When he pulls the string on each side of my waist, my bottoms drop to the bed, and then his hands quickly remove my top.

  “Um,” I whisper as he gets on the bed and adjusts me so that I’m facing the headboard and my pussy is right over his mouth.

  “Feed me, makamae.”

  I look down at him and my hands press against the wall as I exhale slowly before lowering my hips. His eyes, which are locked on mine, heat, and I pause, leaning back so I can fully see his face and not just his eyes. His hands go around my thighs, and he pulls me down onto his waiting mouth.

  At the first touch of his tongue, I watch his eyes close like he just tasted the most amazing thing he has ever eaten. When he licks me again, his tongue swirls around my clit, and his fingers dig into my thighs, pulling me deeper into his mouth.

  “Kai,” I whimper.

  “Ride my tongue, baby,” he growls, causing my pussy to contract and my hips to rock against his mouth.

  My hands go to my breasts and I pull my nipples, which have become extra sensitive. I’m so lost in the way my body is feeling that I’m startled when Kai’s mouth leaves me.

  “Turn around.”

  It takes a moment to get adjusted, but when I do, my hands go to his stomach and run down his abs. One hand wraps around his cock and the other holds his heavy sac as I lower my face and lick the head of his cock, tasting the salty taste of him on my tongue.

  His hips lift, and I suddenly feel powerful. Even with his mouth devouring me, I’m in control of the way he feels. I lower my mouth just enough to swirl my tongue around the head of his shaft, not going any farther down, even when his hips lift like he’s begging me to. I remove my mouth and slowly slide my hand up and down, enjoying the feel of him in my hand, the way he feels smooth and hard.

  I lick the head again, only this time, I take hi
m to the back of my throat and moan when he rewards me with his fingers entering me. I lift then lower my mouth; each action is rewarded with a pull or a tug from his mouth. I’m getting close and know that, when I finally fall over the edge, I am going to be lost.

  When his fingers begin moving faster, I whimper around him and start moving faster. I know that, when he comes, I will come too. I begin using my hand in sync with my mouth then gently cup his balls.

  That’s when it happens. His mouth latches on to me, quickly flicking my clit. I cry out around his cock, and the taste of him erupts on my tongue. I swallow him down as lights flash behind my closed lids, and my body explodes in the most mind-blowing orgasm I have ever had. It is like nothing I have ever felt before.

  I lay my head on his thigh, taking large gulps of air while trying to get my body under control. He rolls me to my side then turns around to lie the way I’m facing, wrapping his arms around me, pulling me into his chest, and running his hand up and down my back while our breathing returns to normal.

  “That was insane,” I tell him, lifting my head and resting my chin on his chest.

  His head tilts down so that his eyes meet mine, and a look I have never seen before fills his eyes.

  “You come hard, Makamae, every time I eat you, but that time, you soaked my face.”

  I lower my face so that he can’t see how red I am, but his hand tugs on my hair, lifting my face up until our gaze locks again.

  “It’s beautiful knowing I have that kind of control over you,” he says softly.

  He’s right. When we’re together, I find it easy to hand everything over to him. I love knowing he’ll take care of me, I think as I drift off to sleep.


  “Tammy!” I call out when I see my lawyer—or, I guess, ex-lawyer—walking across the street.

  Her head turns, she looks between Kai and me, and I see something in her eyes, but from the distance between us, I can’t make it out.

  “Myla.” She smiles, schooling her face and walking towards us.

  I look up at Kai to see if he noticed anything strange. His jaw is clenching, and the vein I have occasionally seen pop out of his neck when he’s mad is displayed above the collar of his white shirt.

  “How are you, Myla?”

  I swing my head to Tammy and smile, stepping away from Kai to embrace her. “Good. How are you?” I question, stepping back.

  Her eyes go from me to Kai, and she swallows then smiles. “Really good. I’m seeing someone,” she says then looks up at Kai before bringing her eyes back to me.

  “Sorry for being so rude. This is my husband, Kai. Kai, this is Tammy,” I say.

  Tammy smiles, but Kai doesn’t say anything.

  “So, you’re seeing someone? That’s nice.” I smile awkwardly and feel Kai move slightly behind me.

  “Sorry, makamae, but we need to hurry,” Kai says.

  I look up at him and nod before looking at Tammy once again. “Sorry. We have a doctor’s appointment today to find out what we’re having. He’s a little anxious.” I grin, setting a hand on my stomach.

  You have to look close to see that I’m pregnant, but there is a roundness that wasn’t there before, and today, we just hit our fifteenth week, so we will finally know for sure what we are having. Though Kai swears that it’s a boy.

  “You’re pregnant,” Tammy whispers, looking at Kai, me, and then my belly.

  “That’s why you didn’t follow through with the divorce,” she says, and I feel myself turn red. Her hand covers her mouth. “Sorry. I didn’t mean that.”

  My gut clenches and my stomach is starting to feel sick. “We didn’t know at that time.” I shake my head, feeling like I need to make it clear that we had agreed to be together before we found out we were having a baby.

  “I gotta go,” she says, and I watch her leave in a hurry.

  I turn to face Kai and search his face for a moment before letting my eyes drop to the ground. “That’s your ex-girlfriend, isn’t it?” I whisper, feeling like a complete idiot. And a bitch—an idiotic bitch.

  “She is,” he confirms, making me feel worse.

  “I’m sorry,” I whisper, watching as my tears fall to the concrete at my feet.

  “You have nothing to be sorry about, Myla.” He tilts my head back to meet his eyes. “We were over long before you came into the picture.”

  “She still loves you,” I tell him, but he shakes his head.

  “She liked the idea of being with someone more than the actual part about having a relationship.”

  “What?” I ask, feeling my brow crease.

  “She is one of the only lawyers in town. She has an important job, and that was always more important to her than building a relationship with me. I accepted that, and I also accepted that she wasn’t my future. She’s a sweet, beautiful woman, but she is married to her practice.”

  “You loved her.”

  “No, makamae.” He runs his finger down the bridge of my nose. “I cared for her. She’s a good person, but I never loved her. Love is an obsession that, no matter how hard you try, you can’t fight. I love you.”

  “I hope that she finds that,” I tell him.

  His face goes soft and his fingers skim along the underside of my jaw. “I hope so too.”

  He takes my hand again and leads me down the street to the doctor’s office. Once inside, we head straight to reception, where we’re given a form to fill out before being taken back to one of the exam rooms. As soon as I’m settled on the table, the doctor comes in with a smile on her face. She’s short, about five one, with jet-black hair that sits at the edge of her jaw, making her already striking Asian features stand out even more.

  “Myla.” She pats my leg then looks at Kai and mutters, “Hi.”

  Did I mention that she hates my husband? Okay, hate is a strong word; she strongly dislikes him. During my first visit, Kai freaked out when I started spotting after the internal exam. He threatened to have the clinic shut down. That did not go over well at all. I swear I thought the small woman was going to murder him. It took ten full minutes to get Kai calm enough to listen that I was okay and it was normal.

  “How are you?” I ask her.

  She smiles then looks at Kai and glares. “I’ve been good.”

  “That’s good,” I mutter, squeezing Kai’s hand hard enough that I see his skin turn a shade lighter in color.

  “Let me get stuff set up for the ultrasound,” she says quietly, walking over to the sink to wash her hands.

  “Sounds great.” I put on my cheerful voice, and her face softens some, but then it goes hard when Kai moves and reminds her that he’s still in the room with us.

  When she comes back, she feels around on my belly for a moment then squirts the clear gel onto my skin and begins moving the device that looks like a remote control around on my stomach. The swoosh, swoosh sound comes before the rhythm of a quick heartbeat fills the room.

  Kai’s hand tightens around mine. This isn’t the first time he has heard our baby’s heartbeat, but even now, I can see the look of wonder in his expression as he searches the screen in front of the doctor.

  I was scared when I realized I was late for my period, but the more I thought about it, and the more I thought about who the father of my child is, the more excited I became. I knew that Kai and I still have a lot to learn about each other, but I also knew there was no one else I would want to have a family with. I knew that Kai would always do everything within his power to protect me and any children we have together, and really, when you’re looking for someone to be the father of your child, I think that is the most important quality there is.

  “I need you to sit up a little for me,” she says.

  My back comes slightly off the table. Her hand presses around on my stomach before helping me lie back down.

  “Let’s see if that helped.” She begins rolling the device around on my stomach again before looking up at me and smiling. “There you go.” She gets a strange smile o
n her face then looks at Kai. “You’re having a boy.”

  “I know,” Kai tells her.

  She narrows her eyes then looks at me like, What the hell are you doing with a jerk like him? All I can do is shrug, ‘cause the way I see how Kai comes across to everyone else is not at all how he is to me. I can count on one hand the amount of times he’s even slightly raised his voice at me.

  “He’s been saying for weeks that it’s a boy.” I smile, looking up at him.

  His eyes come to me and his face lowers as he presses a kiss to my lips before he stands to his full height again.

  “Would you like some pictures to take home with you?” she questions, ignoring my last comment.

  “Yes, please,” I whisper.

  She begins clicking away on the screen as I try to see more. Once she’s done, she prints off a few of the pictures and hands them to me before making her way out of the room without even saying goodbye.

  “I think we’re going to have to find a new doctor, or you’re going to have to find a way to apologize to her somehow so that she doesn’t make it uncomfortable for me to be here.”

  “You’re uncomfortable?” he asks.

  I look up at him and wonder if he’s oblivious to what just happened. “Yes, I’m uncomfortable! It’s awkward to be in the same room with you two.”

  “I’ll apologize,” he promises, taking the towel I was using to clean the gel off my stomach away from me and cleaning me up.

  “I didn’t even get to enjoy the moment,” I pout. When his eyes change slightly, I immediately regret saying anything.

  “Do you want her to come back and to do it again?”

  “No.” I shake my head frantically. “Just apologize to her.”

  “Told you I would,” he mutters, but I can see it in his eyes that he doesn’t want to.

  “Good.” I slip off the table and fix my pants, my mind finally focused on what the doctor said. “We’re having a boy,” I breathe, adjusting my clothes. “You’re really not surprised that we’re having a boy, are you?”

  “No. I knew.” He kisses the top of my head and opens the door.

  “How?” I ask, pausing in the hall to search his face.

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