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           AudraBeth Doss
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Lost In The Mist: The Mind of a Poetess

  Lost in the Mists:

  The Mind of a Poetess

  AudraBeth Doss

  Copyright 2012 AudraBeth Doss

  I want to dedicate this first attempt of literature to three very important people. To my grandmother, Beth,may she rest in peace. To my grandmother Virginia, who can always be counted on for an amusing anecdote or listening ear. And finally, to my father, whose passion for literature is matched only by his passion for the strange or bizarre. Without these three incredible people, I would never have made it this far.

  Table of Contents

  Chapter One: The Wealth of A Woman

  Chapter Two: The Menacing Macabre Of Politics and War

  Chapter Three: The History in the Stars

  Chapter Four: The Mask Behind the Face

  Chapter Five: Lost in the Mists

  About the Author

  Chapter One: The Wealth of A Woman

  The Feline's Pride

  His Goddess

  Sorceress of the Dawn

  Silvered Lilies in a Moonlit Trance

  The Forest's Call

  Womanhood to Girl

  The Feline's Pride

  Hips contort to a smooth and mellow pulse. flaming drums and convulsing twangs of a Romani's subtle spell.

  Flesh molded by bronze sheen’s beneath ghostly gossamer

  and wintered silk.

  Leaping tongues crawl and spiral

  illuminating her spiraling form

  with the touch of suns lost rays.

  The wind's roar is reminiscent of the sultry whisper of bells and coins.

  The ocean's sweet scent reposed among her succulent gasps.

  Pleasure in every sinew.

  Promise in each vibration.

  Sun and sand perfume hair of gilded raven's blue.

  Distraction. Invitation. Fear.

  His cruel eyes smolder with thwarted animalism.

  Possession. Virtue and innocence. Non existent.

  Silvered ice parts his flesh,

  a waterfall flowing through warm and rocky ledges.

  Leaping tongues spiral and crawl

  incandescent upon the sand drenched blood.

  Her movements flow still, the passion of her spell lingers but a moment.

  Eyes blaze a feline's fierce pride.

  Four minutes of desperation in a dance. Crazed enchantment.

  Four minutes to save her world.

  His Goddess

  The notes travel softly on the night,

  twinkling, brilliant like stars.

  Whispering like a lover's caress, so light.

  A breeze teases the trees,

  and a wind stirs her gown.

  He stares.

  Her eyes, diamonds, stars.

  Her skin, palest of hues.

  Hair, to knees, white, wreathed with the stars.

  Full lips, a soft teasing frown.

  He gapes, stares.

  Floating, she glides daintily.

  For her love, he'll have to prove,

  as he bows low to the ground,

  He notices her beautiful hues,

  Pleased? Staring.

  He wonders at this vision he sees.

  A woman, a lover, A Goddess.

  The notes tinkle softly in the night,

  Sparkling brilliantly like stars.

  Whispering, a woman's caress, so light,

  A breeze teases the leaves,

  a wind stirs her gown.

  He stares.


  His woman, His lover, His Goddess.

  Sorceress of the Dawn

  A succulent hiss of steam,

  Healers remedy.

  The forests call her blood beat.

  Fates unyielding truth,

  Bears her back. Sensuality.

  In the sweetest pain, most basic truth.

  Thrice of triplets,

  Laments through the tempest squall

  A lonesome night.

  Bats whisperings against the panes,

  Salient slivers to cut in twice.

  Sinful tranquility. Innocent's vice.

  A witch to the goddess,

  Born an enchantment of the night.

  Raised a goddess’ nymph,

  Rivers bound, trees spring might.

  Sprites regale in nursery rhyme.

  She dances her youthful craft,

  Mother at her side, taught the wisdom of aged time.

  Enchantress of the night.

  Infancys emerald brilliance lusters

  To a burnished golden sheen.

  Mother passed, deep earth within,

  Now the maid comes time to bear, a woman’s fate.


  Torches flare the dusky night,

  Jewels to the gods of hate.

  She who was once sought,

  sought by those who for honeyed healing did entreat.

  Forsaken, condemned with honeyed tongues

  The verdant coals of a magistrate angelically bought.

  Pins to flesh, john to lips.

  Kiss of death or a death confess.

  Babe in dungeon dark does birth,

  Soon to still

  In flaming earth.

  Her screams cleave deep, transfixed.

  Their souls run pearl with crimson gold.

  Wings of misty black grow strong,

  To her redemption their souls are sold.

  Transformed to the sorceress of the dawn.

  Silvered Lilies in a Moonlit Trance

  Gloves dance silver upon oaken rails

  Shadows of sterling simplified against a moonlit trance.

  Across a varnished pathway, satin lightly sails. Descent.

  Butterflies, lilies

  And brilliance.

  Ethereal in its elegance.

  A march of ivory through sunlight.

  Palms embrace, circlets of haloed gold.

  Kisses, lilies,

  And brilliance.

  Bittersweet cherry glosses the sweetest flush of rose.

  Wails and moans a gentle fragrance upon the maternal pulse.

  Glowing dolls in shrouds of tender sky.

  Angels, lilies

  And brilliance.

  Glistening amber opalesced by alabaster pearl.

  Innocent repose among the marbled prose.

  Lilies match the journey of seasons.

  Nameless ebony transcends the gilt of an oaken sheath.

  Silvered lilies in a moonlit trance


  the path among a varnished dance

  Seasons lost to the marbled prose.


  The Forest's Call

  Satin whispers through the stillness

  of dew perfumed mist.

  Slippered gems dance through mossy ferns

  beneath sighing limbs of ghosting trees

  and simple winds.

  A gentle hum permeates,

  Sun glistens on curls

  of burnished amber gold.

  Early Morn Lovers tryst,

  the seductress' forest call.

  Midnight lapses, giving way

  to a diamondic glitter

  through opalescent clouds

  and mists of tender thoughts.

  In answer to

  the forests seductive call.

  Her voice is a melody so poignant

  even the boughs dance their sighs.

  She embraces her inner, naked wilderness,

  and answers

  the Seductress' forest call.

  Womanhood to Girl

  Passing on of knowledge,

  From girls to womanhood.

s of pain, passion, bearing the burden with carriage.

  Casting doubts into winds, learning of the power,

  The treasures buried within.

  Young ones, becoming old,

  embedded among the sin.

  Living the passions of which good girls remain untold.

  And it is these, who enter into unseeing,

  that become those that suffer more than others.

  These that bear the burden of carrying,

  for untold went these mysteries by mothers.

  This not done, the passing on of knowledge,

  from womanhood to girls.

  Chapter Two: The Menacing Macabre of Politics and War

  Grey Linings Adorn Silver Clouds

  A Widows Whispered Vows

  Insanity's Collapse

  Destiny's Last March

  Shadowed Laments

  Wars Immemorial Hand

  Cynosure of a Sybarites Deluge

  Dogs of the Dead

  Through the Rain

  An Eternities Embrace

  Grey Linings Adorn Silver Clouds

  Devastation preludes the calm of calamities' disturbing farce.

  With distraught mentality, here is Birth.

  Corrupt the vibrancy of innocent criminals by a deathly parade.

  For debauched mentality, so enters Politics.

  With silent shouts and high handed morals dance to the puppeteers' tune.

  Against chattel mentality, fight for Life.

  Gray linings writhe within Silver clouds and Golden droplets

  misted with the stench of impossibilities end.

  In antiquated mentality,

  Welcome to your After Life.

  A Widows Whispered Vows

  Azure clouds streaked with the silver glint of Pearl

  fail to obscure a moon gilt in loneliness.

  Graveside lilies a somber bridal bouquet.

  Satin sheets in claret froth.

  Cheeks blushed with dark wine,

  Takes the place of skin's untouched flush.

  Not even the sultry twang of the violins March

  Softens the knowledge that her

  Wedding night lover is simply the

  sweet caress of a memory that never lived.

  Can a bride-not-to-be still claim

  Titled widow,

  When her untried lover has short been

  tried in shadow?

  Her melodious bridal song will never reach the heavens,

  The ears of the gods.

  Movements fluid, graceful with a sorrow that pulls

  The heart strings tight. Shoulders sleek and soft. Taught with unshed grief.

  For just a moment, she forgets,

  Lost in a moonlight warmth.

  Then realities cruel embrace.

  Silence becomes her wedding vows

  Sanity's Collapse

  Its standing on a crowded corner,

  The world swirling in crazed perfection

  And you can only stare from the aft.

  Its always the maid, never the bride

  Collections of flowers and gowns

  And always smiling from the side.

  Agony hides so well,

  When none observe with depth

  Or look with hearts gentle swell.

  Its crawling by in the crowd,

  Lungs bursting for air

  That cannot be found.

  Its life’s joke, cruel and unfair.

  Its fighting sanity’s collapse

  In the struggle for self.

  Its ending the war

  In popularities clash.

  Becoming what you

  will never


  Head turning to see

  the endless massacre

  that is popularity.

  Dancing, swirling,

  running ever faster

  yet you never


  And Then



  C R A S H.

  Destiny's Last March

  Dance through the ecstasy

  Of life’s protruding farce.

  Ingenuity a basic compassion beyond Venus’

  Silken embrace

  Ink splatters the histories coalesced

  Among the stars.

  His eyes dim with a silvered glow of

  The waning moon. Perfection.

  Her mouth glosses even the

  Very frost of

  The sun. Radiance.

  Battles wrought.



  In a



  Hearts fought.

  Dance in ecstasy

  Of destinies’ last march.

  Shadowed Laments

  Demons cry their shadowed laments to the stars

  for an angelic child lost to the abyss.

  Midnight whimpers beneath a crimson moon.

  forceful thrusts, a beauty's delicate soul.


  The stain of red is but a badge

  for the most virile sin of mankind's tragic dignity.

  Those who infer from a waif's silent plea

  stand aloof and away, dancing their life blithely.

  Unaware, Uncaring.

  Silent cries fill the air,

  as a potent god plunders his way through the softest soul.


  Wars Immemorial Hand

  Dancing rainbows blush beneath burnished swords.

  Soldiers farce, columns marched, the dogs barking words.

  Breast-a-breast, hip-to-hip,

  newly boys, lost to the adolescence of ancient men.

  Into the kaleidoscope of wars grievous hands.

  Golden hair but a matted carmine bolster,

  against shaking nights,

  frosted tears

  and the gentility of docile fights.

  Like the honeyed mist of ambiance,

  the powdered smoke dusts the infants souls.

  Fallen. In a glow of glorious decomposition.

  Inner screams so reverberating they shake the deepest foundation.

  Even the coldest mind and sickest heart betray

  with a flicker of repulsed anticipation.

  Dysented earth, gilded streams. Nauseated satiation.

  To the glory of the eternal kaleidoscope

  that even the titanic flee.

  The vicious meetings between child and man

  trapped in the finite kaleidoscope

  of wars immemorial hand.

  Cynosure of a Sybarites Deluge

  The respite of an invidious cad is


  in its unsullied repose. His extremities are faultless in unmitigated distinction, a lure of the most bestial form. Calling even the dregs

  of highest pecuniaries

  to bend on stiffened knees.There is no requiescence for a mistress of his transcendence, but to suffer in abeyance the will and whim

  of an ersatz God.

  Her pulchritude is an allure much extinct in an over clinquant world of apocryphal commonality. Her lips a roseate aperture that regales its

  bitter needs on the spoken word of the languid minded souls. Her aberrant wants begin to exacerbate sardonic cupidity. Surfeit gluttony of the masculine falls

  invidious upon her own misdeeds.

  The cynosure of these sybarites deluges the other. Blood to blood, thirst to thirst. Demands hostilely oppugned,

  clash of souls. Appetency takes control, and the perverted fade till only


  in a halcyon ambiance remains, to mar the salubrious knell of a



  Dogs of the Dead

  Remembrance, so depressive, intrusive.

  Will you bend to the masked death?

  To the grotesque, the demented,the abusive?

  Immortality is sought

  Children starve in th
e streets

  millions die with no war fought.

  The wealthy allege godly feats.

  Claim to the throne of Olympus

  Battled for.

  And won.

  Blood smears the score.

  The bodies of the innocents fall.

  A feast, for the dogs of the dead.

  Mortality begins to fail.

  The sun fades its light, and the sky bleeds red.

  Through the Rain

  Fleeting, Haunting.

  Nature's Melody.

  It touches gently on the flesh of a fallen child.

  Pounds its fury into the rhythm of life.

  Open eyes, glaring clouds, filled with passion.

  Puddles full of empty promise,

  fallen tears and heart blood lost.

  Screams and unyielding terror, deep within the night.

  Fears and shots, legacy gone, legends born.

  Raindrops splash and dance away

  in the mud of a battles plague.

  Fleeting, haunting

  wars bitter melody,

  screaming through the rain

  An Eternity's Embrace

  Old, tattered.

  Pages torn, stained.

  Photos faded, wrinkled, battered.

  Yet the faces still shine.

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