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Those Dang Chihuahuas!
Those DANG Chihuahuas!!!!!!!!!!!

  By: Ashlynn Elliott

  Those dang Chihuahuas!!!!!!

  Copyright 2013 by Ashlynn Elliott

  Chapter 1

  Cindy, Belle, and Skylar are three sisters. Skylar and Cindy are 16-year-old twins. Belle is their 14-year-old younger sister.

  Cindy was technically the first born; Skylar was born a minute later. Cindy and Skylar look somewhat similar. They both have short, brown, hair, except Skylar has short, brown, curly hair. They both have blue eyes. The two are both short and slender. The only other difference is that Cindy wears a little gold crown she was told one of her sisters gave her when she was little. She doesn’t know if it was Belle or Skylar though.

  Belle, on the other hand, is completely different. She is very tall, in fact, she outgrew the twins! She has long, red hair, which always stays in a high pony tail. She has a beautiful green pair of eyes, which underneath has a very long trail of freckles. She is also different because she has glasses.

  If you’re wondering about the girls’ personalities, they are each very unique! Cindy is like the boss. She’s not demanding, but the two others always depend on her. Skylar is like the sweetie-pie. She’s a total girlie-girl, and always wants to have fun! Belle is pretty similar, but she’s into fairies and anything for little girls. Hanging around with this set of girls can be a blast!

  Chapter 2

  Now, if you want a story, I’ll give you a story! It all starts when the three girls go to the local park. You’re probably either thinking “what?! How could anything happen at a park!” Or “ Oh, gosh! Something’s going to happen! This is so original!”

  I have an answer for you! If you thought either of those things, you’re wrong! Yes, of course many stories take place in a park, and nothing really exciting can happen at a park, but this story will probably change your mind!

  It all started when they went to the park, as I have already said. Cindy had just randomly decided to go to the park. When they got there, Cindy sat down and read a magazine as Skylar and Belle played in the sprinklers. After Belle skinned her knee on the concrete, they went to play on the merry-go-round. Cindy and Belle hopped on and Skylar pushed.

  Suddenly, there was a huge Grrrrrrr………….. The girls stopped. “Did you hear that?” Cindy asked.

  Yip! Yip! The sound continued. Arf! Arf! Woof! Woof! Grrrrrrr…… “It must be some crazy dogs!” Skylar giggled. “Who wants to see if they’re strays and if we can take them home?”

  “Me!” Belle jumped. “What about you, Cindy?”

  “Uh… I don’t really care all that much about playing with strays.” She said. Then, her sisters left.

  A few minutes later, Belle yelled "Cindy! Come see!”

  Cindy walked over to them.

  She was impressed to see three Chihuahuas in the alley. The first one was a whitish-blonde one. It had blue eyes, which was very unusual, and it was one of those things that reminded you of a certain color, which this color was blue. The second one was a light brown. It was a brown-eyed one, and it seemed calmer than the rest. The last one was a shaggy haired brown dog. This one was a boy dog. He was the most energetic.

  Cindy thought they could keep the dogs. She wanted the blonde one, though. “Ok, guys, we can keep them. But I want the blonde one. I’m going to name him Pico. Skylar, pick next.”

  “Um,” Skylar said, “I know this is unusual, but I want the boy. I will name him Brandon.”

  “Well, I guess I get the other one. I will name it after me and call it Bella.” Belle said.

  “Who wants to teach them tricks when we get back to my house?” Cindy asked.

  “I sure do!” Belle and Skylar said at the same time.

  Chapter 3

  By the time they got back to their house, everyone was hungry. The girls got a snack for themselves, and tossed the dogs a dog biscuit.

  “So, how do we teach them tricks?” Belle asked Skylar.

  “I have no clue! What about you, Cindy?” Skylar turned to Cindy.

  “Um…. I guess toss them a treat and give them a command!” she replied.

  “Sit!” Skylar said and tossed three treats up into the air. The dogs jumped into the air, grabbed the treats, and then sat flat on the ground.

  “Wow! These are some smart pups!” Cindy giggled.

  “Well, I bet Bella’s even smarter! Dance, Bella!” Belle threw a treat at Bella. Bella cocked her head in confusion. “Dance!” Belle said, while hopping on her toes and jumping around in circles, trying to mimic a dog. Bella just barked. “Ugh.” Belle said as she slapped herself.

  “Watch! This is going to be the best puppy trick ever! Belle, you should watch.” Cindy said.

  “Of course I’m going to watch!” Belle said.

  Cindy gave each girl a dog treat. “Now say ‘speak!” She said.

  All three girls threw up their treats. “Speak!” they girls said.

  The dogs didn’t bark. They ate the treats but didn’t bark. They did something so un-dog-like that if someone besides the girls were watching, they would have fainted. Pico sat up straight, and in a squeaky voice said, “Hi!”

  “Hello!” Bella said in the calmest and most soothing voice possible.

  “’Sup?” Brandon hopped up on his doggie paws and leaned against a chair.

  “Am I crazy? Or did those dogs just…!” Cindy said.

  “That’s exactly what I was going to ask……”Belle and Skylar said together.

  “AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” All three girls ran for their lives.

  “Wait! Come back!” Pico barked.

  Chapter 4

  If you’re not a fan of dog stories, I have probably lost your interest by now. I’d be really surprised if you are still reading this! Well, you’re in for a big surprise you chose to keep reading! The rest of this story isn’t about dogs! Even though the word, Chihuahua, is in the title, that doesn’t mean that the whole story is going to be about dogs. In fact, that was basically the only chapter with dogs in it! Trust me, if you read on, you will not find Pico or Bella in the next few chapters. Ok, maybe once or twice, but that’s it!

  The next few chapters will have so many twists and turns, by the time you are finished, your head will be in a knot! I bet you want me to continue now, huh? Ok, Ok!

  Chapter 5

  The girls met each other at the end of the block. “It’s talking-doggie butt-kicking time!” Cindy said while trying to catch her breath.

  “How the heck are we supposed to do that?!” Skylar screamed at her.

  “Easy! Go to the baseball stadium, borrow a bat, go back to the house, and whack them until they are either dead, or scream and run away! Duh!” Cindy said.

  “I don’t need a bat!” Belle said. “I’ve really been paying attention in karate class.”

  After going to the stadium, the girls walked in with bats, and were ready for battle! Cindy creaked open the door.

  To their surprise, there were no Chihuahuas! There were animals, though! Instead of three tiny dogs, there was a big, white, horse, a brown lion, and a dragon!

  “Dragons don’t exist! How is there one in the living room!?!?!?!?!” Cindy screamed.

  “Why is there a horse and a lion in my favorite chair?!” Skylar yelled even louder.

  “I don’t know and I don’t care!” Belle yelled and kicked Bella, A.K.A the lion.

  “I guess this is Pico!” Cindy said as she whacked the horse.

  “I don’t care if this is Brandon or not!” Skylar yelled, throwing a bat right in the dragon’s mouth.

  Bella started crying. “Please! Don’t hurt me! Tracking you down was their idea!” she pointed to the dragon and the horse.

  “Uh… I want you freaks away f
rom my sisters!” Cindy yelled.

  Chapter 5 1/2

  See? I told you this story would get interesting! But, Ha, Ha! This isn’t even what this story’s about!

  Trust me, anything that happens is never, ever, what is seems!!!!!

  Chapter 6

  Pico the horse started laughing. “Look. We’re not dogs!”

  “Uh…. I think we know that!” Skylar fussed.

  “Well,” Cindy growled, “if you’re not dogs, dragons, horses, or lions,”

  “Or freaks…..” Belle snickered.

  “Then what are you?!?!?”

  Bella, Brandon, and Pico stopped for a second. They crowded together and whispered to each other.

  “Ok,” Pico sighed. “We’re people.” Her horse body turned into a blonde girl’s body.

  “How did you do that?!!?” Cindy gasped.

  “Can all of you do that?” Skylar seemed fascinated about what was going on.

  “Yeah!” Brandon the dragon turned into a brown-haired boy.

  “I’m going insane…….” Cindy fainted.

  “How are you doing this? I have to alert the media! Call everybody! We’ve found the first magic people!”

  “Would you shut your mouth?! You can’t tell anybody! Unless you want to get tortured?!” Bella groaned and turned into a short brown haired girl with glasses.

  “So….um…. why on Earth are you here? Are you even from Earth?!” Belle gasped.

  “Well, yeah we’re from Earth! Aliens don’t exist!” Bella groaned.

  “Uh….You…..Don’t……exist…..” Cindy got up and talked all weary-like.

  “Well little lady, I’m standing right here and I’m talking!” Brandon went and sassed up Cindy.

  “Alright, can you tell me how this works?” Skylar said eagerly.

  “Well, first of all, my name is NOT Pico! I’m not a dog! My name is Chloe!” Chloe said.

  “And I’m Nicole” the kid that used to be Bella said. “Well, you got his name right….” She pointed to Brandon. He waved.

  “And you guys are freaks!” Cindy growled.

  “No, we’re fairies!” Chloe giggled.

  “That’s so cool!” Skylar said.

  “Please tell me that you are the only fairies…..” Belle said.

  “Sorry! I can’t tell you that!” Chloe replied.

  “Oh, please no……” Cindy slapped herself.

  “First of all, I am an ice and water fairy. I also have powers like telekinesis, and I can turn into any type of cat, dog, horse, or squirrel.” Chloe said. “Nicole is a fire and lava fairy. She also has telekinesis, and her animals are lion, giraffe, and an elephant. Brandon has electricity powers. He doesn’t have telekinesis, but he can turn into a dragon, wolf, and any type of cat and he can control, read, and wipe minds. Don’t touch him, just to give you a heads up.”

  “Well, I’d like you to meet Rose, the nature fairy. She’s pretty, and pretty powerful! She can turn into a Labrador, and she goes pretty crazy when she’s a dog, so stay away…” Nicole snapped her fingers.

  A pretty blonde girl popped underneath her hands. “Can you explain to me why I’m not in my garden?” she groaned.

  “These are our friends!” Chloe giggled.

  “Are they fairies?”


  “Why did you expose us?”

  “No clue”

  “Are there any other fairies?” Skylar asked.

  “Of course! There’s Phoebe and Brianna!” Chloe said.

  “Oh, Chloe… Please don’t bring them…..” Rose complained.

  “Too late!” Chloe said. She snapped and a big hulk appeared.

  “I’M PHOEBE.” It held out its hand.

  “Phoebe is a monster fairy, but not the cool kind. She’s like a flying zombie…..”


  “And Brianna….” Chloe snapped again and a tiny green fairy with curly wings, not bigger than your hand, appeared on the ground.

  “She’s an animal fairy. Watch out! She’s really strong!”

  “She’s so tiny!!!” Belle said. Brianna grabbed hold of Belle’s leg and flipped her.

  “Call me tiny again and I’ll make my pet tiger eat you.” Brianna growled.

  “And rude….” Belle said.

  Cindy, Skylar, and Belle whispered to each other. They nodded their heads. “Ok, now you wanted to tell us, right?” Cindy said.

  “Of course” Chloe said.

  “Well, ok, you asked for it!” Belle said and grabbed the phone.

  “What are you doing with that?” Brianna, Nicole and Rose said at the same time.

  “911, I’ve got some people intruding my house! My address is 515 Winks Av., TulipVille, South Dakota!”

  “Shoot!” Phoebe growled. “Get ‘em, Chloe and Brandon!”

  Chloe spread out her hands and blew a blue-colored wind at the girls. A block of ice formed around the girls. Brandon stepped up to the ice and blew a yellow-colored wind at them. The girls had forgotten about the fairies. But they remembered the Chihuahuas!

  Then, the cops arrived. Nicole melted the girls and the fairies snapped and disappeared.

  “Ok, where’s the intruders?” the cops asked the three girls on the couch watching TV.

  “What? We don’t have any intruders! Sorry, guys… Must have been the wrong number. This is 516 Winks AV.” Cindy said.

  Apparently, Belle didn’t know her own address!

  Chapter 7

  The next morning, Cindy woke up feeling confused. Something happened yesterday, I just know it!

  She went downstairs and made breakfast. Belle walked up to the table and said, “Is it just me, or do I feel like something happened yesterday?”

  “You’re not alone! What could it be?” Cindy replied.

  Then, Skylar walked down the stairs. “Guys, I have karate practice today. I have a bad feeling about today. Something’s going to happen. Just, um, keep a watch out today, ok?”

  “Yeah, we will. Belle and I are going to the park.” Cindy said.

  Skylar left with her robe on her body and a worried look on her face.

  Belle and Cindy walked to the park. Meanwhile, Chloe, Nicole, and Brandon were attempting to make a different impression on the girls. There was something about them that was familiar, so they weren’t giving up yet.

  Three Chihuahuas were sitting on the sidewalk. Then, it all came back to Cindy. Brandon’s spell wore off. She remembered.

  “Ah!!!! We’ve got to get out of here!!!!!! Those Chihuahuas are fairies!” She yelled.

  Belle and ten other kids looked at her like crazy. Belle took a glimpse of the dogs.

  “Well, I’m really sure those look like the ones we saw yesterday, but I’m absolutely sure those aren’t Chloe and Nicole.” Belle said.

  The brown one started digging. “See? Nicole would have never done that!”

  “Fine…” Cindy and Belle went over to them.

  “One last test….” Belle said. “Speak!” The dogs remained calm. The blonde barked. “Arf!”

  “Alright. We’ll keep these. Now, let’s actually teach them tricks.” Cindy said. “Sit!” The boy looked confused. The blonde and brown one sat.

  “Speak!” Belle giggled.

  “Why’d you say that?! We don’t want to be chased down by fairies again!”

  “We weren’t chased down! And I just want talking dogs.” Belle replied.

  “Fine! You want talking dogs! You got talking dogs. There, are you happy now?!” Chloe in her dog form giggled.

  “Oh, shoot…..” Cindy groaned. She and Belle ran for their lives.

  “They aren’t going call anybody this time!” Nicole said. She turned into a lion. Chloe turned into a tiger. Brandon turned into a wolf. They all ran after them.

  Cindy and Belle stopped by the animal shelter. There were three girls in the window. One was blonde, there was another too short they could barely see her, and the last one looked like she could be the H

  Cindy stopped. “I have to be seeing things. Dogs don’t talk. That can’t be Rose, Phoebe, and Brianna.” She rubbed her eyes. When she opened them, the girls were gone. There were two Chihuahuas in their place. Then a giant zombie popped up and the two Chihuahuas were a Labrador and another wolf.

  “What on Earth is going on? Why is my life insane?!?!!” Cindy screamed. The animals were all behind Belle and Cindy.

  They were being chased by two wolves, a tiger, a lion, a Lab, and an unusually fast zombie. “Ahhhhh!!!!” the girls screamed.

  The animals turned back into Chloe, Nicole, Brandon, Phoebe, Brianna, and Rose.

  “Remember us? The fairies? Can’t call the cops this time!” Nicole said, as is she was about to hurt somebody.

  “That was totally NOT a dream, Cindy!” Chloe said with the same tone of voice.

  Chapter 8

  Nicole made a wall of fire around everybody. Chloe froze Cindy and Belle.

  Meanwhile, Skylar’s karate practice had just let out. Skylar decided to visit the girls at the park. She had had a great day! She was suddenly the best kicker in her class. She was even bumped up a level! It had been unlike any class. No one in her class had ever seen someone do so well. It was almost like magic! This park visit would just make her day better!

  When she arrived at the park, something wasn’t right. It was quiet. Not just quiet. Silence. Nothing moved. Not a sound. It was almost like a vacuum. This was very weird. The park was never quiet! It always had something to make noise, especially with her sisters there!

  There were no kids. They had run away at the sight of Chloe and the gang. Then, Skylar noticed an orange sphere. She remembered the fairies. Shoot! I never should have let them out!

  “WHAT IS GOING ON?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!” Skylar screamed. She burst through the wall of flames, leaving a loud burst.

  Seeing Skylar’s fire-wall pop, every fairy froze. That was impossible! “Hold the phone! How’d she do that?!?!!” Rose exclaimed.

  For a minute, everyone was silent. Chloe broke that silence. “Wait. Let me get this straight. You heard us when we were animals. You burst through Nicole’s fire-walls. I know this sounds crazy, but you guys are fairies too!” Chloe bounced.

  When Chloe said that, it was funny because everybody had a different reaction. Chloe, of course, was very excited. Nicole literally burst into flames. Brandon fainted. Brianna screamed. Rose had the nastiest look on her face in the world! Phoebe was the worst. She turned into the freakiest monster you can imagine and yelled, “NO!!!!!!!! YOU ARE NOT A FAIRY!!!!” I AM NOT YOU!!!!!”

  The real girls’ reactions were actually worse than Phoebe! When Chloe melted them, Cindy was the first to react. “ARE YOU OUT OF YOU’RE MIND?!?!?!?!?!” She ran out of the fire wall, screaming. Belle, however, cautiously stepped out of the wall. Skylar, she jumped for joy!

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