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Interruption, p.1
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       Interruption, p.1

           Ashley Martinez


  Copyright 2013 Ashley Martinez

  Table of Contents


  Chapter One

  Chapter Two

  Chapter Three

  About Ashley Martinez

  Sample Chapter of Crimson Irises

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  To my supporting mother, wonderful husband, and baby daughter, thank you for supporting me. Also a huge thanks to my Auntie Sherry, who always took the time to read through my stories and give me unconditional support.

  Chapter One

  Pulling the truck over, Meako finally had enough. There was a bridge up ahead. It would be perfect. Wiping her tears, she calmly walked to the side of the bridge and looked down. She wanted to join Owen. It was her fault he died. As she was starting to step over the rail, a voice out of nowhere spoke.

  “You going to jump?”

  Startled, Meako turned to find someone else there. She could have sworn he wasn’t there before, but here he was perched on the rail smoking a cigarette.

  “I bet it’s cold,” he said, gesturing to the water.

  Cold? She didn’t expect anyone to be here. She couldn’t possibly jump with some guy sitting here.

  “Can you leave?”

  “If you’re going to jump then jump. Doesn't bother me none,” he replied, “I doubt you’ll jump anyway. Probably end up being a waste of time.”

  He didn’t care if she jumped? Well, w-why would he? She looked down. She could just easily let go.

  “I’ll let go,” she whispered. She didn’t know if she was trying to convince herself or him in that moment.

  Laughing, he responded, “You already hesitated. Why would you bother jumping now? The water’s cold, not to mention the rocks down there. I doubt you would die from a direct jump. Probably be painful, though. Doesn’t seem like a good way to go.”

  His words made her shiver. “Why are you saying this?”

  “Freedom of speech. You can always leave.”

  Was this guy serious? It was true. She could leave. She was starting to think she would. She had her mind made up moments ago about ending it. Her parents died when she was two and all her life she was bounced through foster homes. The only thing she had was her brother.

  Chapter Two

  She reached for the ring on the chain around her neck. Her brother was wearing it when it happened. The accident. If she hadn’t run off, if she didn’t cross the street, if he didn’t come after her, then he wouldn’t be gone. The car wouldn’t have hit him. It was her fault. Then this guy was sitting there so calmly driving her crazy. Looking across at him, she inquired, “Who are you?”

  “Who are you?”

  She didn’t expect him to throw the question back at her. Not sure what to do, she just studied him. He was hidden beneath his coat. The only glimpse she had of his face was from the light from the cigarette. His eyes looked like black holes. She shivered. Something about him was cold.

  “So does this mean you’re not going to jump?”

  “Are you saying you want me to?”

  “Well, I thought that’s what you were going to do.”

  “What is wrong with you?” Meako suddenly didn’t like this very much. Not sure what to do, she stepped back on more solid ground.

  “It’s Meako.” She had no idea why she told him that. If she was smart. She would be back in the truck driving far away, but there was something that made her stay.

  “Meako? Is that a disease?”

  Crossing her arms, she said, “It’s my name.”

  His eyes flickered to hers again. “So Meako, why do you want to jump?”

  Swallowing, she didn’t know how to answer him and she shouldn’t. Meako watched as his lips twitched in a small smile. Was he amused by all of this?

  “Now you’re shy? Come on, what has you so desperate to end your life?”

  He really got under her skin, and yet, she was the one staying, answering his questions.

  “What? Did you break a nail?”

  Blinking, did he just suggest that she would kill herself over a broken nail?

  Insulted, she spat, “My brother died, okay? My only brother, my only family, do you get that?” Okay, she didn’t mean to reveal all of that.

  “Well, you got to spend time with him. You have memories of him. So what’s the problem?”

  Taken aback by his answer. The problem was he was gone and it was her fault. Glancing at the ground, she murmured, “He’s dead.”

  “Yeah, that normally happens. People eventually die.”

  Jerking her head up, she knew he was right and she hated it. Yes, people died everyday but, but what? She was struggling for something to say, but maybe, no, he was her family, and now she had nothing. I-it was a reason to end it, wasn’t it?

  Chapter Three

  “What’s your name?” Meako deserved to know that after she just told him more than she meant to.

  “Bob,” he retorted.

  Shaking her head, his eyes told a different story. His presence was something she felt she should run away from. So, why wasn’t she? “Are you ever going to give me a straight answer?”

  “Are you going to jump?”

  Was that what he was concerned about? Meako didn’t have the will to anymore. Maybe his words got to her. People did die everyday and she had their memories, which was more than what others had.

  “Not anymore.” Would it really be what her brother wanted? She knew the answer was no. Without this stranger, she didn’t know what she would have done. Probably jumped.

  Sighing, he replied, “Well there goes that.”

  Meako stared at him, “You wanted me to jump?”

  He shrugged. “Didn’t matter. Would have been exciting.”

  “Exciting?” She stepped back. “You think death is exciting?”

  “Could be. Did you see your life flash before your eyes?”

  This guy was definitely crazy. Shaking her head, she replied, “N-no…”


  “Have you?” Was that why he was speaking about death so calmly?

  He laughed. “Na, don’t have one.”

  Of course he did. “You’re living right now.”

  Meako could just see his smile as he replied.

  “Am I?”

  What did that mean? “You’re right in front of me, living and breathing. Of course you’re alive.”

  “If you say so.”

  “I don’t understand.” Why would he say that? Perhaps it was a good time to go. He could be some kind of killer or something. She was stupid for staying here as long as she did.

  “Oh well, looks like I have to go.”

  “Wait. Where are you going?” Where did he suddenly have to go? His eyes glowed and she stepped back.

  “Someone finished what you didn’t.”

  “W-who are you?” She asked nervously. What are you?

  He just turned and jumped leaving her alone. Seeing a trail of smoke she heard a whisper in the wind, it seemed to say “death.”


  About the Author

  Ashley Martinez was born and raised in the small town of Hubertus, Wisconsin. She is married and the proud mother of one. Ashley is currently working on her Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment. She is a book reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock. Presently, she is working on her last book in her seven book paranormal series called Born of Two Worlds that she hopes to publish soon, along with various other novels. When she’s not writing, she can be found reading, enjoying movies, or spending time with her baby daughter

  Sample Chapter of Upcoming Novel: Crimson Irises

  Zeke qui
ckly rushed up the stairs. Gently cradling the hooded figure covered in blankets, she couldn't be seen. He had to keep her hidden from the light and from any passersby. They might see her for whom she really is. Zeke would not let them find her. Opening the stairwell door, he peeked his head out. Empty. Cautiously opening it, he walked to room 517. Sliding the keycard, he ducked inside. He prepared the room earlier, closing all the shades, making sure no light escaped through the window. Sitting on the bed, he gently placed her down. She was asleep, dead to the world until nightfall. Unwrapping the blankets, he untied her cloak and pulled the covers around her. No light would escape from the windows he made sure of it. He also placed a do not disturb sign up, so that there would be no interruptions, no chances of light touching her skin. Once she was settled, he walked to the door and turned the deadbolt.

  Walking around the room, he made sure everything was in check. He’s checked and rechecked but there was always a chance and that was a chance he was not willing to take. Once he was done, he slowly sank down in the only chair in the room. Pulling his twin blades from the sheath on his back he set them on the desk. Zeke was armed, guns weren’t so great against vampires and honestly he just didn’t like using them but knives… knives where his favorite, bloody and personal. Each life he took was for a reason, was for her. She was the reason for his existence now. Looking at her, he could just see her long black hair framing her face on the pillow. She was so beautiful.

  Her name was Iresa. The name reminded him of irises. Smiling with the thought, he continued to watch her. She was a pureblood vampire, the equivalent of royalty in her kind. Now she was a rare species who was being hunted. Hybrids ruled the streets now. Pureblood vampires were rare to find. They went into hiding or were killed off. The werewolves and humans rose up against the vampires and destroyed the ruling body of the vampires tainting the blood, and weakening the bloodline. With no purebloods to continue the vampire’s rule they fell apart. The hybrids took over and killed whatever remaining purebloods they found.

  When he found her, she was on the run. Six hybrids had her cornered. Zeke never messed in any of that business. He may be a mercenary but he knew enough to mind his own business. Something made him stop that day and he never regretted it. It was the day his life changed. The day he turned on his own kind. Just because he was a hybrid himself didn’t mean he believed in their ideals. He shouldn’t say all hybrids but as far as he knew he was the only one who broke from their rule. His other half was human so he wasn’t as strong as a werewolf hybrid but he could hold his own.

  He hardly had enough of the vampiric blood in him to make a difference. He could see better in the dark and he healed faster, but he didn’t crave blood except in the fact of a bloody fight. The daylight didn’t affect him. That was how most of the purebloods died. The hybrids mercilessly slaughtered them in their sleep.

  Sitting up, he shifted his gaze to the door. There were four of them out there now. How did they manage to find them so quickly? Lifting his blades, he silently went to the side of the door. Seeing the knob turn, he tightened his grip on his blades. Reaching out, he quietly turned the deadbolt and swung open the door. Catching them off guard, he sliced his blades out. Cutting the first hybrid’s throat, he moved to the next. Closing the door behind him. He wouldn’t allow them to enter. Claws slashed against his cheek, he didn’t expect that. They were shifting in the open. Although he didn’t see any humans, he found it strange that they would risk discovery unless they didn’t care. His blades were laced with silver, burning their skin. It didn’t have quite the effect it did on a pureblood, but it still made them pull back. A cut just below the throat made him stumble back. Hybrids, especially a werewolf/vampire mix, were stronger in their shifted forms.

  Managing to kill two more, he now had just one left. His left arm was broken and he was loosing a lot of blood. Thrown against the door, he could feel the wood crack. The hybrid grabbed his throat lifting him. Struggling, he felt his attacker jerk his head to the side exposing his throat.

  “A weak, pathetic mix fighting for a pureblood. Fighting to protect something that would sooner kill you. Turning your back on your own kin, for what, nothing. Then you should die as one of them.”

  Closing his eyes, it wasn’t over yet. He wouldn’t let this hybrid get to Iresa. Reaching down, he reached for his ankle blade. Zeke was able to snatch it at the same time fangs tore in his throat. Jabbing the blade in its heart, they both fell to the ground. Crawling up, he grabbed his blades in his good hand and tucked them behind his back again one at a time. They had to move.

  Opening the door, he stumbled in. Zeke would heal. He just knew that others would come and they wouldn’t wait. Kicking the door shut, they had to go now. Pausing, he touched his arm he had to fix this now. Jerking his arm, he snapped the bone back in place allowing it to heal faster. Grabbing her cloak, he turned to find the bed empty. Blinking, she was there. She was just there a moment ago and he knew he didn’t sense any new vampires. A touch to his cheek had him turning.

  “You’re hurt.”

  He… She was awake. Speechless, he was always speechless when he looked at her. Her purple eyes were so stunning, so beautiful. Trying to pull his gaze away, he offered her the cloak.

  “We need to go.” They needed to move and quickly. There would be more especially now that it was dark out. He thought he wasn’t followed but he was wrong. How they managed to do so, he didn’t know. Unexpectedly her fingers brushed against his throat. Slightly flinching, he remembered that hybrid tore into it. He could feel her behind him and he didn’t move.

  “You’re still bleeding.” Her whisper in his ear made him shiver.

  Swallowing he murmured, “I’ll be fine.” He would heal, but they needed to get out of here. About to move, arms captured him from behind in a sort of embrace keeping him still. Then he felt her lips brush against his throat. Iresa… Her fingers slipped under his shirt and he forgot how to breathe. They needed to go.

  “Iresa,” he whispered not sure in that moment if he wanted her to stop or continue, but they needed to go, they needed… Her fangs pierced his skin tearing into his wound. He would have collapsed to his knees if she weren’t holding him. Shivering, he leaned into her bite. His senses heightened in response, he could feel her bare skin against his, feel her fingers on his chest, feel her breath… The dazed pleasure washed through him and it was like he was floating on air, so utterly and completely free of everything. Then without warning it was gone. Smashing completely against the ground, he hardly noticed. His body and mind were numb, completely immobilized and drained. Fluttering his eyes, he wondered what was going on, but then he wondered if he even cared. Letting his eyes close shut, he really didn’t care.

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