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           Arturo F. Campo
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Help 2nd Edition


  Copyright 2013 Arturo F. Campo

  2nd Edition

  Table of Contents


  Prologue - World Unprepared

  Prelude - Love One Another

  Episode One

  Amo Obib

  Planet Earth

  The Dream

  The Ape Project

  Faith Versus Logic

  The Dilemma

  God’s Side


  King Arth

  The Hearing and Judgement

  Argument Over Justice

  Timely and Fruitful

  The Crisis

  Armies at War

  The Greatest Battle

  Power Struggle

  The Fight for the Rians


  Theory of Relativity

  The Hybrids

  The Excursions

  Caught in the Act

  Last Farewell



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  Man, seeks peace and creates institutions to uphold it. Yet the very institution he creates lends itself to destroy the very essence of its existence. He has entrusted his quest for peace through a system that does not preclude megalomaniacs from rising to power. History attests to the havoc wrought by few to the lives of thousands. With man's technology now, millions are at risk.

  In resolution to human conflicts, man used the word ‘PEACE’ so flagrantly that its meaning has evolved to acquire value onto itself. It has become a commodity man can buy, sell, trade or usurp. It has become conditional. . . “Peace be with you or else . . .” Yet true peace cannot be conditional. Man has arrogated its real meaning that when he calls for 'World Peace,' he means 'World Order.' The dove is a hawk.


  Today, the price for peace is pitiful---indifference to human misfortunes. History bears testament to the brutalities by which man achieves and upholds peace. Under its name, wars were, are, and will be waged. People unwittingly rally to their leaders' cause for a war that brings them to a carnage by a conviction few understands; a handful question; and the majority swept by a tide of indifference. Thus, the killing fields are drenched in the blood of thousands of soldiers mixed with the miseries of millions of incidental casualties to war---the innocent men, women, and children---people drawn to the debauchery not by choice but by circumstance. Regrettably, man accepts these tragedies as normal. The atrocities, justified! The depravity, reasoned out! Rational, yet irrational. Justifiable inhumanity, lamentable it may be, is man's price for peace.


  It is strange, for if you changed the word PEACE to POWER or GREED and worst still to MEGALOMANIACAL AMBITION and reread the last paragraph, it will not change its message. How can words with distinct meanings, share the same thought? It is a paradox. For this, man is ever suspicious; intent is always an issue. Distrust breeds and fear takes control. Man, the intelligent being, is the most insecure creature on planet Earth.


  The solution to human problems stems not from the failure to see but in choosing to be blind to what we see. World problems are complex, yet the solution is simple and stares us in our face--- Love One Another. Its absence is man's greatest tragedy.


  Love God and One Another

  (Naska is Imar)

  A solar system, over half a billion light years from our sun and 2.3 million years ago, was doomed. On the fourth of seven planets called Ria lived a singular race of peaceful people---the Rians.

  The Rian’s way of life revolved around their belief in one God and in His greatest law: ‘Naska is Imar’ a constricted phrase to mean ‘Love God and One Another’. The phrase, despite its literal meaning, expresses different things under different circumstances: to thank, to greet or bid farewell, to console or condole, to congratulate, or merely to remind each other of its importance to their life.

  In their society, there are farmers, industrial workers, clerks, and managerial classes. Work distinctions with no social mean­ing. There are no literal words for war, ven­geance, deceit, or treachery. With one race, government, religion, and complete harmonious coexistence, theirs is a dream society - a utopia.


  Highly advanced in science and technology, the Rians did not foresee the freak in nature. Their sun was young by astral standard and believed it to shine for millions of years. It was not so. Without warning, it blew its surface hurling a massive molten mass twenty times larger than their planet that headed directly for it. They have 167 days to flee their planet and their solar system.


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