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           Ariel Zorion
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Love Is Just Around the Corner
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  Adrian and Sophia first met when they were just children. At school, they were inseparable, although it was not in the specific meaning of being always playing together. Their connection was special. They needed to know the other one was there, nothing else. Sometimes, they were playmates; sometimes, they enjoyed with academic challenges; and, sometimes, they were only mates when they had to travel by bus.

  Over fifteen years ago, they separated, just when every one went far away from his homeland to start their way at University. For that fifteen years, they have known nothing about the other one. They could not imagine that life, which one day separated them, today it is going to put them together again. No one could tell them that love is just around the corner.

  Love is just around the corner

  Copyright 2017 Ariel Zorion

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  The translation has been entirely done by the author, with no help at all. I want to apologize in advance because perhaps it is not as good as it should be. I hope you will enjoy the story in any case.


  When the alarm clock rang on the nightstand, she had the feeling that she has been dreaming about something a little bit different. For a while, she tried to figure out what was. It felt familiar and it had left a cozy and comfortable impression within her. Do you know the sensation when you wake up and it looks like you have lived something very real while you were sleeping? They are those dreams that disturb you for a while, those which seem to have changed something inside you, taking advantage that they are not subjugated to your conscious control, those which are pounding in your mind because you can not stop searching some meaning. They do not have to be bad only because you can not get them out of your mind, not by a long shot. In fact, we are talking of dreams, no nightmares. Dreams are those stories that our asleep mind generates, sometimes to rebuild a lived experienced and give it a happier ending. Sometimes, those stories are projects you would like to come true and, sometimes, they seem they have neither head nor tail.

  Sophia had awakened that morning with that warm sensation of having lived something really nice and comforting. Nonetheless, she was not able to remember anything specific. The only thing she knew for certain it was that the dream had left a feeling of peace and calm to her. It should have been one of those which you feel fully happy in, where it seems nothing bad can happen and you are protected from any harm or hazard. Those dreams wrap you up in their magic and they cradle you until the alarm clock or your circadian rhythm decide you have slept enough and it is time to do other things. In any case, whether she remember it or not, she was sure it was worthwhile.

  She had no time for much more. Just over an hour and a half later, the symposium would start and she was looking forward to attending. She had waited for this a big part of her life. Indeed, since she was just a child, since science got in her way and filled her mind with doubts and questions which deserved to be researched in order to know them deeply. So, she told herself: “Come on! What’s wrong with you? It isn’t time to be away with the fairies and stare holes in the air”. Visiting the CERN and being able to see by herself the biggest and most impressive particle accelerator on earth it was something she had dreamed about for a long time. And, at the end, that dream came true. And she was sure she had visited it lots of times as a child inside his asleep mind. Then, due to that endless chain of thoughts which are racing sometimes into our heads, a memory of Adrian, her friend in school, took possession of her mind.

  The friendship between them was out of common. I mean, they had been friends, they had played together, they had shared experiences and a long etcetera. So far, nothing new. Nonetheless, their friendship was absolutely special and different.

  They met at school when they were just three years old, when their learning adventure started. Yes, you read correctly, I have said adventure, because everything looked like a challenge for their insatiable minds. If they had been two adults, we could be speaking about love at first sight. But we are talking of toddlers, so we will refer to their story like one with a special connection since the very moment when they interchanged their first gaze.

  Due to coincidences in life, although they cannot even be aware of that, I was right there to see how the first day of class they had to stand in line one after the other and their teacher made them sit together. I presume this detail probably is not in their minds now. Or maybe it is? Who knows.

  The truth is that their friendship was born right at the first moment when they saw each other. When one was crying, the other one went straight away with no variation to se what happened. They supported and understood one another, so simple it was. But they were not inseparable, not by a long shot. Every one had a group of friends for playing at the playground, for instance. And, as they grew older, they would go out for a spin, they would play soccer or whatever they played at that moment with others with which they also had similar likes. However, they both needed to know the other was there. This was enough for them. And, every now and then, they shared activities or interests that no one else could comprehend.

  They both had a gifted mind, one of those that only a one percent of the population has. Things that supposed a lot of effort for others, they understood them almost at first sight and they went always beyond. Their curiosity was infinite and this was precisely the reason because they connected in a level beyond the ordinary. I could say that they were a stimulus for the other, because they loved to challenge each other, despite, as children they were, they did not always accept well to be defeated in their particular defiance of the moment. When they found out that it was much funnier to do things together and cooperate on imaginative and unbelievable projects, the competition between them finished.

  When they were in class or in the dinning hall at school, each one sat beside some of his or her friends. However, they always looked for the other one with their look to certificate their friendship was still unbreakable and as a plain and evident pledge that they always could count on the other.

  Coincidence made they both were suggested to advance one course in two different occasions. Each one separately and without having spoken in advance, the only requirement they both put in those two occasions was that the other one was in the same class. They did not want even to hear nor talk about the topic, otherwise. But, surprisingly, people could hardly see them spending time together into the school. Their connection was more transcendental than the mere physical presence.

  Therefore, that morning so special for her, Adrian was present again into her memories in an unexpected way. She believed he had conquered her conscious part in that way just because, when they were still at high school, they talked lots of times about visiting the CE
RN together. So it was unavoidable to think of him in that moment, when a shared dream comes true.

  But, what she could not even imagine so far, it was that the memory of Adrian had been mainly provoked by that dream which had taken over her while she slept.


  It was the first time she travelled to Geneva. She had been living in United States for more than fifteen years, since she started her degree at University. It had been a really hard decision for her and for her parents as well, especially because of two circumstances. First one was related with the fact that she was only daughter. The second one, she was only sixteen when she left. On the other hand, they all, in one or another way, understood that was not just a simple farewell like bye or see you later. It was forever, otherwise. Maybe, there would be some sporadic visits on Christmas holidays or summer, but not much more. However, her parents understood it was a sacrifice that they should do, because their daughter has a promising future ahead.

  She had an IQ of 170 and, as I have already narrated,
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