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       D-Day: The Battle for Normandy, p.70

           Antony Beevor

  ‘the infantry captured ...’, Lieutenant T. T. Ritson, RHA, diary

  ‘We took the same number ...’, Jean Marius Vesque, MdC TE 401

  ‘smiles on their lips . . .’, anon., MdC TE 83

  ‘The explosive growth...’, Maître Quairé, MdC TE 469

  p. 491 ‘every 11th Hussar ...’, Myles Hildyard diary

  ‘Would you like a Panzer ...’, Major General H. G. Woods, SWWEC LEEWW 2006.533

  p. 492 ‘If you can’t do it, Bimbo ...’, Omar Bradley, A Soldier’s Story, New York, 1951, p. 377

  ‘one of the greatest injustices . . .’, General Omar Bradley, OCMH-FPP

  only 13 armoured vehicles found to have been destroyed by air attack, Operational Research Section reports, Joint Report No. 3 ‘Rocket-firing Typhoons in Close Support of Military Operations’, Operational Research in North-West Europe, TNA WO 291/1331

  123 Wing, Desmond Scott, Typhoon Pilot, London, 1982, p. 129

  ‘Ferry points for the Seine crossing ...’, Generalleutnant Fritz Bayerlein, ETHINT 66

  p. 493 artillery horses swimming the Seine. Günter Peuckert, 272th Infanterie-Division, BA-MA MSg 2/5424

  Fifth Panzer Army, Generalmajor Freiherr von Gersdorff, Chief of Staff Seventh Army, written answers submitted October 1945, NA II 407/427/24231

  276thInfanterie-Divisionpioneers,Gefreiter Spiekerkötter, 2nd Pionier Kompanie, 256th Infantry Division, BA-MA MSg 2/ 5526

  p. 494 ‘Paris should be declared ...’, Major General Gilbert Cook, commanding XII Corps, Third Army, NA II 407/427/ 24241

  ‘between 4,000 and 5,000 . . .’, NA II 407/ 427/24235

  preparations to relieve Paris, Central Base Section, NA II 407/427/24201 p. 495 General Gerow’s briefing, V Corps, NA II 407/427/24235

  p. 496 ‘I’ll make him talk ...’, John Mowinckel, quoted in Antony Beevor and Artemis Cooper, Paris after the Liberation, 1944-1949, London, 1994, p. 46

  ‘They looked like . . .’, John G. Westover, MdC TE 436 (2)

  p. 497 ‘Bradley was madder than ...’, Blumenson (ed.), pp. 526-7

  ‘You are lucky’, Jean Lacouture, De Gaulle, New York, 1990, p. 568



  p. 498 ‘Every barricade ...’, Note de Service, 24 August, SHD-DAT 13 P 42 1

  p. 499 ‘strange, indecisive days ...’, Maurice Goudeket, Près de Colette, Paris, 1955, pp. 216-17

  102nd Cavalry attached to GTL, SHD-DAT 11 P 219

  p. 500 rain interfering with radio traffic, NA II 407/427/24082

  casualties in Longjumeau, SHD-DAT 11 P 230

  Longjumeau, Rev. Père Roger Fouquer, Aumônier Divisionnaire, 2ème DB, MdC TE 825

  ‘a big disordered picnic ...’, John G. Westover, MdC TE 436 (2)

  ‘On one occasion ...’, William Mortimer Moore, Leclerc - The Making of a French Legend, unpublished MS

  p. 501 battle outside Fresnes prison, SHD-DAT 11 P 226

  Capitaine Dupont foretells his death, Rev. Père Roger Fouquer, Aumônier Divisionnaire, 2ème DB, MdC TE 825

  ‘and remain with him ...’, NA II 407/ 427/242351349

  ‘dance their way . . .’, Martin Blumenson, The Duel for France, New York, 2000, p. 353

  ‘over-enthusiastic French mademoiselles’, NA II 407/427/6431

  p. 502 ‘Tenez bon, nous arrivons’, Journal de marche, 2ème DB, SHD-DAT 11 P 230

  Dronne and Leclerc, SHD-DAT 11 P 226; Raymond Dronne, La Libération de Paris, Paris, 1970, pp. 280-81; and Marc de Possesse, 2e DB, MdC TE 361

  ‘Mort aux Cons!’, Moore, unpublished MS

  p. 503 artillery fire from Longchamp, NA II 407/427/24021

  Dronne’s column reaches the Hôtel de Ville, Marc de Possesse, 2e DB, MdC TE 361;Dronne,pp. 284-5; Moore, Leclerc - The Making of a French Legend, unpublished MS

  ‘when the night rose ...’, Goudeket, p. 217

  ‘They’re here!’, Madeleine Betts-Quintaine, MdC TE 25

  p. 504 2nd Pionier Kompanie of 256th Infanterie-Division, Gefreiter Spiekerkötter, BA-MA MSg 2/5526

  p. 505 ‘a noisy and lyrical ...’, Rev. Père Roger Fouquer, Aumônier Divisionnaire, 2ème DB, MdC TE 825

  ‘Victorious, Liberty advanced...’, Madame Talbot, MdC TE133

  entry of American troops, NA II 407/ 427/242351349

  ‘the people bewildered ...’, NA II 407/ 427/24240

  p. 506 ‘French girls, beautiful girls ...’, Alfred Donald Allred, Staff Sergeant, 20th Field Artillery, 4th Infantry Division. NWWIIM-EC

  ‘Merci! Merci! . . .’, Colonel J. S. Luckett, 12th Infantry, NA II 407/427/6431

  ‘The people of Paris were ...’,NA II 407/ 427/242351349

  p. 507 ‘A vibrant crowd ...’, Jean Galtier-Boissière, Mon journal pendant l’Occupation, Paris, 1944, pp. 275-6

  p. 508 ‘were mixed up ...’, Philippe Boegner, Carnets du Pasteur Boegner, Paris, 1992, p. 287

  ultimatum to Choltitz, SHD-DAT 11 P 218

  ‘Silent also from the effort . . .’, Leutnant Dankwart Graf von Arnim, MdC TE 819 p. 509 ‘After a short, correct conversation’, Leutnant Dankwart, Graf von Arnim, MdC TE 819

  ‘a bearded giant . . .’, Leutnant Dankwart, Graf von Arnim, MdC TE 819

  p. 510 ‘the crowd, often hateful ...’, Rev. Père Fouquer, MdC TE 825

  Choltitz signing the surrender, SHD-DAT 11 P 226

  ‘saved Paris . . .’, NA II 407/427/24235 p. 511 ‘surrendered Paris to V Corps’, NA II 407/427/24235

  Plan Fortitude, TNA WO 199/1379

  Maillé massacre, Fondation de la Résistance, Paris

  ‘terrorists’, SHD-DAT 13 P 42 1

  p. 512 ‘to give the crowd an opportunity ...’, Gefreiter Spiekerkötter, BA-MA MSg 2/5526

  p. 513 ‘But why should we proclaim ...’, Antony Beevor and Artemis Cooper, Paris after the Liberation, 1944-1949, London, 1994, p. 56

  2ème DB casualties, SHD-DAT 11 P 218

  2,873 Parisians killed in the month of August, AVP

  ‘les délices d’une nuit dédiée à Vénus’, Marc de Possesse, 2e DB, MdC TE 361

  ‘I was providentially removed ...’, Rev. Père Roger Fouquer, Aumônier Divisionnaire, 2ème DB, MdC TE 825

  ‘beer, cider . . .’, BD

  ‘Slowly the tank hatches ...’, John G. Westover, MdC TE 436 (2)

  p. 514 ‘Me, I don’t give a damn . . .’, Marc de Possesse, 2e DB, MdC TE 361

  ‘Direct General Leclerc that ...’, SHD-DAT 11 P 218

  international composition of the 2ème DB, SHD-DAT 11 P 231

  Rol-Tanguy’s headquarters calls for 6,000 FFI, SHD-DAT 13 P 42 1

  ‘members of the National Council of Resistance . . .’, Robert Aron, Histoire de la Libération de la France, Paris, 1959, p. 442

  p. 515 ‘Public order is a matter ...’, Boegner, p. 301, quoted in Beevor and Cooper, p. 63

  ‘an informal visit’, NA II 407/427/24235

  ‘General Gerow, as military ...’, NA II 407/427/24235

  p. 516 ‘collaboratrice!’ John G. Westover, MdC TE 436 (2)

  head-shaving on balcony of Mairie, Madame Talbot, MdC TE 133

  ‘We are sickened ...’, Marc de Possesse, 2e DB, MdC TE 361

  20,000 Frenchwomen, Fabrice Virgili, Shorn Women, Oxford, 2002

  ‘As we neared the city ...’, Forrest C. Pogue, Pogue’s War, Lexington, Kentucky, 2001, p. 174

  p. 517 ‘an American enclave ...’, Simone de Beauvoir, La Force des Choses, Paris, 1960, p. 29

  ‘Pig Alley’ and drunken soldiers in the Place Vendôme, Pogue, pp. 229-30

  allocation of penicillin, Major General Kenner, SHAEF, OCMH-FPP



  p. 519 ‘I saw Frenchmen in the streets ...’, Major L. J. Massey, MdC TE 167

  De Gaulle’s visit and minister for reconstruction, William I. Hitchcock, Liberation, London, 2008, p. 57

  p. 520 76,000 people had lost their homes, TNA WO 219/3728, quoted in Hitchcock, p. 44

‘There are those who . . .’, Madame Ruet, Montebourg, MdC TE 63

  p. 521 ‘camaraderie du malheur’, MdC TE 149

  Saingt family at Fleury, Georges Hebert, MdC TE 12

  ‘discipline exemplaire’, Bernard Goupil, MdC TE 191

  195th Field Ambulance near Honfleur, J. C. Watts, Surgeon at War, London, 1955, p. 110

  p. 522 ‘Civillifewillbemightydull’,Martin Blumenson (ed.), The Patton Papers, 1940- 1945, New York, 1974, p. 521

  ‘It is astonishing ...’, 21 June, Field Marshal Lord Alanbrooke, War Diaries 1939-1945, London, 2001, p. 561

  p. 523 ‘First of all he’s a psychopath ...’, Cornelius Ryan papers, Ohio University Library Department of Archives and Special Collections, quoted in The Times, 9 November 2007

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