The fall of berlin 1945, p.54
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       The Fall of Berlin 1945, p.54

           Antony Beevor

  16. Eva Braun after the wedding of SS Gruppenführer Hermann Fegelein to her sister Gretl, Berchtesgaden, June I944.

  17. Red Army doctors care for Auschwitz survivors.

  18–19. A German engineer after commiting suicide with his family before the arrival of the Red Army.

  20. A German soldier hanged on the orders of General Schörner, whose motto was ‘Strength through fear’. The placard reads, ‘Whoever fights can die. Whoever betrays his fatherland must die! We had to die!’

  21. Hitler Youth tank-hunting squad with panzerfausts clipped to their bicycles.

  22. Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler, who seldom touched a gun yet dreamed of being a military leader.

  23. Marshal Stalin and Winston Churchill at Yalta.

  24. A T-34 of Marshal Zhukov’s 1st Belorussian Front crosses the Oder.

  25. Soviet sappers bridging the Oder to prepare the assault on Berlin.

  26. Red Army soldiers retrieving an anti-tank gun on the waterlogged Oder flood plain.

  27. Soviet women released from forced labour near Berlin by the Red Army.

  28. An improvised graveyard in the ruins of Berlin.

  29. Hitler caresses one of his youngest defenders, watched by Artur Axmann, head of the Hitler Youth.

  30–33. The Red Army fighting street by street to capture the ‘lair of the fascist beast’.

  34. Across the Moltke bridge to attack ‘Himmler’s House’ – the Ministry of the Interior – then the Reichstag.

  35. Soviet assault gun firing down a Berlin street

  36. A riddled Volkswagen by the Reich Chancellery.

  37. Forces of the 1st Ukrainian Front sent to crush the Ninth Army in pine forests south of Berlin.

  38. German soldiers surrendering to the Red Army in Berlin.

  39. Soviet mechanized troops having a wash in a Berlin street.

  40. Cooking in the ruins

  41. Red Army meets US Army: Colonel Ivanov proposes a toast, while Major General Robert C. Macon of the 83rd Infantry Division listens.

  42. German civilians escaping the Red Army cross the ruined rail bridge over the Elbe to American territory.

  43. The end of the battle for Hans-Georg Henke, a teenage conscript.

  44. A wounded Soviet soldier tended by a female medical assistant.

  45. General Stumpff, Field Marshal Keitel and Admiral von Friedeburg arrive at Karlshorst to sign the final surrender, 9 May.

  46. A Red Army soldier tries to seize a Berliner’s bicycle.

  47. Marshal Zhukov takes the victory parade on the horse which had thrown Stalin.

  48. Zhukov watched by General K. F. Telegin, head of the political department, and General Ivan Serov, the NKVD chief.

  49. Visiting the battleground inside the Reichstag.



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  There are also three other interviewees whose contributions must remain anonymous.

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