Paris after the liberati.., p.48
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       Paris: After the Liberation 1944-1949, p.48

           Antony Beevor

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  p. 304 ‘All seems quiet…’, 30 November 1947, DCD

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  p. 314 ‘C’était une période…’, ibid.

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  p. 322 ‘they had to engage…’, quoted Georgette Elgey, La République des illusions, p. 380

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  p. 352 ‘We ho
pe to hold…’, 13 May 1948, LC-AHP 271

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  p. 356 ‘simple Sunday night dinner’, 5 June 1949, BD

  p. 357 ‘Boni de Castellane’s…’, 1 June 1949, BD

  p. 357 ‘What a fine man…’, 28 May 1949, BD

  p. 357 ‘My boy’ and ‘Dean dear’, Lucius Battle, conversation, 6 November 1992

  p. 357 ‘Haven’t they got…’, ibid.

  p. 357 ‘after a steady…’, 18 June 1949, BD, and Evangeline Bruce, conversation, 7 November 1992

  p. 357 ‘I want to drink a toast…’, Lucius Battle, conversation, 6 November 1992

  p. 358 ‘As usual, there is a financial crisis…’, 16 June 1949, BD

  p. 359 ‘la Coca-colonisation…’, 19 October 1949, BD

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  p. 363 ‘to have her mattress…’, 9 June 1949, BD

  p. 364 ‘a sexy piece…’, 20 September 1949, BD

  p. 365 ‘with some pretty odd…’, Alsop, To Marietta from Paris, p. 154

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