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Future sight, p.1
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       Future Sight, p.1

           Anton Garrick
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Future Sight
Future's Sight

  By Anton Garrick

  © Copyright 2014 Anton Garrick


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  Future's Sight

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  Future's Sight

  "We are not alone. They may act like you, look like you, but trust me they are not Tirtuagans. They are taking over the world. You have to believe me the president is one of them, look at the way he talks." Said a man around his thirties, he was about two inches taller than me so I would say, about 6’2, and as far as I could tell he was a soldier from the army. He was looking around at everyone, preaching his message. "They will capture you, and change you into one of them. Join me and the resistance, to save our world, to save our future!" He seemed to be trying to get some words out of his mouth, when he glanced in my direction, the look on his face would have been something to laugh about if he wasn't talking about aliens taking over. Dropping his microphone, he looked at me with a look that said run as fast as possible, or at least that's what I thought it meant.

  I took two steps forward. I felt a hand gripping my shoulder. I tried to move but it was much stronger than I was, I looked around and saw a middle age man, running away from the stage. He was being chased by someone, or something. I looked on the stage and saw the same thing, chasing the man that was preaching his message. I felt something behind my head than darkness took over my vision.

  I woke up inside a room with someone that looked like me sitting in front of me I stood up, he followed my movement. I thought it was a mirror, he did everything I did, I reached for it and felt a hand touched me I stumbled backwards inhaling short quick breaths.

  "What the hell is this?" I shouted. He looked at me tilting his head from left to right. "What the hell is this?" he repeated mimicking my voice. I buried my face in my hands, oh no they captured me. Was my first thought, the crazy army guy was right but they don’t change you, they switch you out. I saw him moving towards me through the open space on my fingers, I was using it to get a better look at him. I backed up moving towards the wall I did not want to say a word. Staring at me he walked up and punched me in my stomach. I felt like the wind moving away from my lung. So strong. I Thought to myself, as I collapsed on the floor.

  I opened my eyes to a doctor and the mirror me standing over me. "Wake up we don’t have much time" said the mirror me, they saw my eyes opening. "My name is Arekb I’m from a planet far away from yours." I started to sit up, "You can understand me because I’ve implanted a chip inside your head, it helps you understand me, and you understand me. It works with other species to, and the best part is, It can't come off" He took something from the doctor. "Sorry about the welcoming, I had to know what planet you were from."

  "And you know what planet I’m from?"

  "Yes, sorry again. I had to invade your private thoughts, to get the information I need." I nodded my head, I saw the room spinning.

  "We kind of injected you with a special, serum. You should be able to use your gift at will when you figure out what it is exactly." The doctor said, stepping forward lifting my head, and checking my eyes.

  "Now you have to leave this ship. But in order for you to do that you have to take one of our Mini ships, I don’t know exactly where you will land but you have to go find alekah tell her that brother sent you." They both looked at each other and passed a silent agreement.

  "The code is ellipsis" Arekb said.

  "Now go." They both said together.

  I got off the bed and ran to the door, I turned and they nodded their heads I walked next to a Earthling mirror, taking the perfect stride, timing it perfectly. I started walking in Unison with the group going to the ships, as I got close to the ships I saw two Tall guys they looked similar everything except one had blue eyes. The other one had green eyes; I read their badges, ‘Unit one guard first command, GAnwya.’ The second one was second commander anok, I moved passed them following my instincts, I got on the ship as one guard motioned for me to get off. I got out of the ship walking towards him. "Hands up in the air." He said I stood there looking at him confused.

  "Why do I need to put my hands up?" I asked him he examined me for a second, he than motioned for GAnwya, to come over. I saw my opportunity as he turned around I pulled out his gun and shot him behind his head. I ran to my ship as fast as possible, noticing GAnwya tending to his the guard I could not tell where anok was. I set the course for my planet trying to get there as fast as I possibly could.

  As the ship flew I noticed many different things, like on one spot I noticed a beautiful planet that looked empty, and dried up, but somehow it was still nice to look at. On another part I saw a watery planet it was all water, I wanted to go there for a swim. Than I was focused on a guy that looked about 6’4, give or take. It was hard to tell while the ship was moving. He was wearing a white top, with black long tights; he had on a full white cape that looked dirtied up, as if he’s been fighting for a while. He also had an X on the right side of his chest. He was fighting a giant creature that looked as if it could destroy him without even lifting a finger, but that was not what I saw. The creature was a giant, bigger than a whole planet (I might be exaggerating a bit maybe it’s smaller than most planets.) He punched the creature with a punch that sent enough energy fragments to shake my ship. I saw the creature fly far away. The guy flew close to my ship motioning for me to open it and let him inside. Seeing how much strength he had, I knew he could open it with force, I felt my heart rate speeding up, I was afraid of him, and about what he would do to the ship if I didn’t open it. So I did the only logical thing I could think of, I opened the door and let him in.

  "Thank you Sir, I needed to catch my breath." He said taking a deep breath. "You are not of earth, and you aren’t from this time are you?" I looked at him, I must have had a confused look on my face because he smiled and said. "You were fairly interested in my fight with that creature." I nodded my head still in awe of what I saw and heard. He is not what I expected at all. How would he know if I am from his time or this ‘earth planet’?"My name is Trent king, and I assume you were captured by the destroyer’s armada, they came to earth to take over, and I’ve been fighting him for over two damn days now."

  I felt the ship lean forward, I looked behind me and saw two small ships following. "I’m Arlo, from the planet Tirtuagi. I’m going to my planet to warn them" Trent looked me in my eyes. "I’m sorry Arlo, but." He shook his head, and the look on his eyes turned dark, darker than his already brown eyes. "That planet was eaten by the destroyer."

  "How would you know?" I asked, hopping he wasn’t telling the truth, I felt my stomach getting tighter, and my vision getting blocked. "Ten years ago, I was running away from my wife, long story."

  "Why, run away from your wife?"

  "Okay she wasn’t my wife back then, but she is now, I was out of fuel and landed on her planet. Her AI said something I didn’t like and he went bye, bye." He said laughing, I don’t know how he could laugh in a situation like this, I guess his planet wasn’t eaten so he’s okay. "So anyway I am now fighting this destroyer guy, he ate about ten planets, or something close to that. Everyone is waiting for me on earth, the destroyer’s next course. And after he is done with earth he will destroy the whole universe or some planets that follows earth. That is if you don’t warn them about him, and about what is coming they are doom. You have firsthand experience with the mimics."

  "So that’s what they are."

  "Yea, and you have to find the blades, you might be earth’s only hope Arlo." I felt my heart drop, my planet was destroyed and I was captured for many years now, an
d now I might be a planet’s last hope.

  "How long does it take for the destroyer to eat a planet?" I asked.

  "Five years if he sends a scout ahead six if he doesn’t." I’ve been captured for over ten years. I thought,

  "I have a mission for you, kinda big really." He said. I nodded my head. "You have to go to earth, and once you get there, find Tobie Myers. He will explain the rest of the mission to you. By that time, I might be dead. I will do everything i can to give you a boost to earth, the destroyer will be back again, and I will have to fight him again." He said shaking his head. "Only if Jorie could be here to help me." He added silently under his breath. "Remember once you get there you have to find the Blades, you are the earth’s last hope." He said to me flying out of the ship. I felt the ship moving faster than before. In an instant I reached a beautiful planet full of trees and water, the ship started slowing down. Trent came up by the window and waved, I was about to ask him about the earthlings before he left, I was too late,

  As he flew away i couldn’t help but noticing how fast he went. Flying back up, disappearing before my eyes. As I flew the ship down to the ground, I
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