Demented (Sinister Tales Book 1)

      Anna Gallegos
Demented (Sinister Tales Book 1)

  • "Sometimes it's best to stay out where you're not welcome." *

Demented will chill you to the bone, for these are not your usual bedtime stories.

From a son who wants to teach his mother a lesson, a deadly myth on Kingly Road, people who have a certain bizarre diet, and more terrifying things than you have ever imagined—these stories will give you goosebumps, shivers, and more.

There are also stories about a vengeful unborn baby, a psychotic babysitter, and a creepy bus that leads you to hell. These tales will torment your head with eerie echoes and haunting screams, and compel you to turn and check what's lurking behind... every few minutes.

With twisted scenarios that will make you second-guess who you can and cannot trust, these are stories that may tell you what could actually be hiding under your bed... or perhaps make you realize that they're not under the bed... and that maybe you're the monster.

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