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       Andrew Weaver / Actions & Adventure / Science Fiction
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So here I now lay, slightly reclined in the dentist’s chair, supposedly all relaxed and ready for everybody’s big moment. This whole situation seemed to me to be just so fantastic: I had to keep reminding myself that this was all happening for real. I had been at home less than three days ago and here I was, about to have my thought patterns transmitted into some other dimension to meet one of my other selves. Apart from what I was about to do, I was also constantly thinking about that shadowy figure. Even though I would not be returning to the MDT chamber, would I see it again – whatever it was? And what of Sarah? It was all so surreal and bewildering.
Davila had again reminded me that once my thought wave patterns had been locked onto by the TST, the MDT would then start its transmission into the other dimensions. If it all went as planned, the monitors would then indicate if and when my mind had locked onto another Martin. Once this second lock had been established, the MDT would continue to transmit for exactly one minute and would then cease. As I would probably be asleep for no longer than twelve minutes, the main concern for everybody was would they be able to establish a lock onto ‘another’ Martin in such a short space of time? If not, they would then have no choice but to wait for at least four days to try it again, as that was the time that it took for the MDT to power down and then to power up again.
It was also my assumption that it must cost an absolute fortune each time they powered up the MDT. The more I thought about the cost and the enormity of it all, the more I wondered who the project’s mysterious backers were, as well trying to determine what their motives were.
I had asked for guidance on what I was supposed to say or do to once I had successfully made contact with another Martin. Was I supposed to say something like ‘Hi, we come in peace. We are from another dimension and mean you no harm. Take me to your leader!’ My suggestion was firmly frowned upon by Davila who was not in a cheery relaxed mood. However, she was unable to give me any guidance whatsoever, as this was well and truly into the unknown. Instead, she trusted me to use my own judgement and to think on my feet.
Apart from Davila, also bustling about me looking and acting very business-like, were Paul and Alistair. I also had Sarah for company as she attached the various leads to me. There in her hand was the syringe, ready to put me to sleep.
Alistair came and stood beside me, ‘This is it Martin. We are all ready - and ready to go. Everything checks out just fine. There is no need for me to try to say anything significant to you, apart from good luck and try to enjoy it – as I’m sure you will. Are you ready?’
I could feel a slight knot in my stomach. I was not sure if I was feeling nervous or just getting too excited by it all. Probably both. So this was it: it was going to happen. ‘I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Like I said yesterday, let’s just do it!’
‘Good man,’ he replied as he turned and nodded to the syringe wielding Sarah. Just as yesterday, she came forward and injected my arm.
She again flashed me her provocative smile before saying, ‘Now don’t forget Martin, it’s going to be a wild ride.’ She winked at me before adding, ‘I’ll see you in ten to fifteen minutes – enjoy the ride!’
From where I lay I could just see the Central Hub out of the corner of my eye and I noticed that for the first time all of its monitors were alive with flashing lights. Standing directly beside me, monitoring the panels above my head, was Sarah.
With the hum of all of the equipment and with the murmur of voices around, I could now feel myself suddenly feeling very tired. Unable to do anything else, I slowly closed my eyes.

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