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           Andrew Weaver
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Chapter Three

  The meeting room was the first ‘normal’ room that I had seen in the complex so far. There was none of the now familiar granite rocks to be seen anywhere. It was a rectangular room with beige painted walls, which I guessed to be about fifty feet long, twenty feet wide, and about ten feet in height. Hung along the back wall was a handful of down-market paintings as well as a couple of mostly bare notice boards. Directly to my left was one of those large automated drinks machines. The long wall to my right also had its share of cheap and tacky paintings, as well as a large writing board and a projection screen. Upon the wall at the far end were five rather large fancy certificates that could not be read from where I stood. The ceiling had the appearance of being made of slatted aluminium panels with set-in lights. The only feature in the room that was the same as the rest of the complex was the tiled floor. In the centre of the room stood an expensive looking long oak table, surrounded by about thirty chairs, of which only one was occupied.

  Standing up to greet us was Davila. ‘Good evening gentlemen, thank you both for coming.’

  She motioned for both of us to sit down opposite her. We exchanged pleasantries and handshakes, and the three of us sat down. Alistair proceeded to open the large bottle of mineral water that was on the table and offered it to both Davila and I. We both accepted and he poured each of us a glass.

  ‘Martin, I know that Alistair has told you a little about this project. Now, what I want to achieve is for you to have a good understanding by the end of this session of what the project goals are, and more importantly from your point of view, why you are here and what we want from you.’

  Davila, whilst very business-like in her statement, spoke quite slowly and reassuringly. She continued, ‘So with that in mind, I will first introduce myself, explain the project to you the best I can, and then go into a question-and-answer session. I’m sure you will already have plenty of those!’ she exclaimed with a beaming smile.

  ‘Before we do start Davila, I do have just one question,’ I stated firmly looking at both of them.

  She nodded for me to continue. I took off my badge, and passed it across the table to her. ‘That’s a very good picture of me. Where did you get it?’ I asked.

  Alistair sat impassively in his chair. Davila, after thinking for a second or two, looked at the badge, and then passed it back to me.

  ‘You’re absolutely right Martin,’ she answered, looking directly at me. ‘Yes it is a good photograph, very handsome indeed!’

  She paused for a moment before continuing, ‘I’m sure that it has not escaped your attention, that there is a great deal of security around here. Everybody that is in here has had to go through a very thorough and rigorous screening process, and that has included you. It has taken around two weeks to get you checked out. In fact, we now probably know more about you than you do yourself!’ Davila said with a cheeky grin.

  She could see my questioning looks, which prompted her to continue.

  ‘Well, where shall we start? We know that you worked for two banks in the city, and are now retired. Filthy rich by most people’s standards! You have never married, you have three properties, two of them abroad. Your mother died two years ago in a boating accident. Apart from…let’s just say…an interesting ‘incident’ with the police at an office party…you don’t have any criminal record, and you enjoy playing with classic cars…I could go on, but I think you get the idea that we have done our homework with you. In short Martin, we need to know who we can, and who we cannot let into this complex. It’s as simple as that. It was during the screening process that we took your photograph. One thing that I think I should make clear to you, is that your friend Alistair had nothing to do with the investigation, although he would have been aware that you were being checked out.’

  I looked round at Alistair, who responded, ‘Sure, I knew that you would be checked out once I had suggested you get involved, but as Davila has already said, we all go through the same screening process.’

  ‘Has that answered your question?’ enquired Davila.

  ‘There’s not much I can do about it now I suppose,’ I answered, then added, ‘Anyway, the very fact that I am here must mean that I can't be all that bad after all!’

  Davila acknowledged that I was satisfied with my answer, and then continued, ‘Good, we can get on with the real business, the project.’

  Davila shifted in her seat, making herself more comfortable, and I noticed that Alistair to my right started to assume a more formal seating position.

  ‘As I have already mentioned to you when we first met, I am the Project Administrator,’ she said looking directly at me. ‘Now while it’s true that I am a scientist – and I do know and understand a great deal of the project, it is Alistair that is really behind the whole thing. From day one, it has been his idea, his energy, and his driving force. In short, without him Martin, none of this would have taken place. I am really here to act in more of a liaison and reporting capacity, between Alistair and the project, as well as the people here at the complex. As for the complex, I will come back to that in a little while. Just stop me at any time if you want me to clarify anything, okay?’

  I coughed and cleared my throat. ‘Fine, do go on,’ I answered, taking a few sips of water.

  ‘‘Project DR2,’ or to give its full name, ‘Project Dream Retrieval Two,’ is, as its name suggests, the second project. Alistair and his small team have already successfully completed the first phase.’

  Davila, pausing for effect, smiled before saying, ‘And, I do believe that we have you to thank, for the latest name of the project - Project Dream Thief!’

  Alistair turned, looked directly at me, and laughing out loud, said with a chuckle ‘Yes, thanks Martin. Everybody connected with the project now addresses me as the ‘Master Dream Thief’!’

  Amused, I looked at them both, before answering, ‘Well, at least I can now feel that in some way I have made one small, but nevertheless important contribution to the project!’

  Davila still smiling added, ‘I would like to think that it is going to be the first of many of your contributions to the project.’

  Davila waited for a few moments before saying, ‘Okay, now to continue. The first phase of the project set out to prove that we were able to record, in great detail, the exact wave patterns of the human dream. When I say record, I do not mean that it is something that you can play back so that others can see what you are dreaming, or indeed, what you did dream. No, it’s nothing like that.’

  ‘You see Martin, we have proved that every person has their own individual and unique brain wave patterns, whether awake or asleep. We have also learnt from our analysis of all these recordings that we know what type of dreams people have had. For example, we can determine if you are having a good, or a bad dream, if you are dreaming of a male or a female, if your dream is set in the day or in the night. We can even determine what colour your dream is in.’

  Davila paused and drank some water, before continuing, ‘The project proved, without exception, that everybody’s dreams were different and, more importantly, that everybody’s dream wave patterns were unique.’

  Davila stopped for a moment and glanced at Alistair before continuing, ‘Now this is where it starts to get more than a little complicated and interesting, as I am now going to describe how we actually record these wave patterns. Firstly, the subject will lie in a semi-reclining position in a specially adapted chair.’ She paused, then smiled before adding, ‘The chair is usually referred to by everyone as the ‘dentist’s chair’!’ Once you see it yourself Martin, you will soon understand why.’

  Alistair added with a smile ‘I do believe Martin, that it was the Master Dream Thief himself that coined that name. You see, it’s not only you who can think up ridiculous or silly names!’

  We then joined in a few moments of laughter together. Serious again, Davila then continued, ‘When the subjects are in the chair, they are then given a mild sedative to put them to sleep. Once
asleep, their brain – or thought-wave patterns, are read by a device called the ‘Trans-Scopic-Transponder,’ or as we call it, the ‘TST.’ This machine is really a two-part machine.’

  ‘The first part, the ‘Helmet,’ is lowered over the top of the subject’s head and then reads the dream wave patterns. I think to best describe this part of the machine is to say that it pretty much looks like one of those silly drying machines you used to see in hairdresser shops.’

  She chuckled, then added in a very off hand way, ‘Except of course, that our one is a good deal more expensive!’

  Davila stared directly at me for a few moments before continuing, ‘The readings from the ‘Helmet’ are then transferred directly to the second part of the TST.’

  For the first time since Davila had started her lecture on the project, I noticed that in order to help her describe what was going on with these exotic sounding machines, she was becoming much more animated in her movements. Alistair was also beginning to get more involved with the project description, as I often caught him out of the corner of my eye nodding in agreement and smiling his acknowledgements.

  ‘This part of the TST machine is probably the least glamorous looking of our machines. To all intents and purposes it resembles a rather large metallic off-white box, with two monitors on one side, as well as some switches, and a number of buttons and flashing lights.’

  Although Davila had to work hard to make sure that I understood the principles of the project, she was nevertheless clearly enjoying herself.

  ‘Now this machine, whilst unimpressive on the outside, is a very clever piece of engineering indeed. You see Martin, this machine first records, and then analyses the subject’s brain wave patterns. It then has the ability to play back images directly to the subconscious of the subjects brain via the ‘Helmet.’ For example, we can play a recording of say, five minutes of a film within the machine, and then transmit this image directly into the subjects dream by matching their known dream wavelengths.’

  Davila stopped for a few moments whilst at the same time fixing her stare at me. ‘Normally we would give this lecture to our fellow scientists with detailed notes and drawings, all accompanied with a slide show or something similar. However, I thought it best on this occasion just to give you an overview for the time being. So, how are we all doing?’ she enquired.

  I shifted in my seat, finished my glass of water, and then replied, ‘I think, so far at least, I have followed the gist of what you have been saying, but I would like clarification on one point.’

  Davila, picking up the bottle, said, ‘Here let me do the honours,’ and emptied the bottle into our glasses. ‘By all means, ask away,’ she replied.

  Now that there was a brief pause in the lecture, I noticed that I was starting to feel rather cold. I shivered a little, and then enquired, ‘Is it me, or is it a little cold?’

  It was Alistair that answered, whilst at the same time rubbing his hands together in an exaggerated motion, ‘This is known by all of us in the complex as the ‘cold room.’ You see Martin, this complex does not actually require any form of heating at all due to the rather interesting geothermal activity of the mountain that we are in. That said, however, this room has been deliberately isolated from the bare rocks, and the construction engineers never thought about the small matter of the bloody heating. And, to answer your next question Martin, no, we are not allowed to utilise any form of heating in here, as it is necessary to maintain a constant humidity level. At least, that’s what they tell us. Consequently, we all dread long meetings in here.’

  Before he had finished talking I remember thinking to myself that at least I now knew that we were in a mountain, as I had suspected. I had also guessed correctly about the way the complex was heated. I was feeling extremely pleased with myself!

  ‘As you can imagine,’ interjected Davila, ‘being the Project Administrator, I am in here sometimes once or twice a day, either chairing or attending meetings, and I can tell you - it’s pretty dreadful at times. I feel half frozen to death most of the time. Anyway, enough of our troubles! What was it you wanted clarified Martin?’

  ‘You will appreciate Davila, that for the moment, I am sitting here…feeling almost completely overwhelmed by what you have just told me. I have listened to what’s been said and at a very low level have understood your explanation. On the other hand of course, you could have just told me the biggest whopper that I’ve ever heard, and I would be none the wiser. I think what I am trying to say, to both of you…is that this is all very difficult to accept as fact.’

  Davila stood up whilst rubbing her hands together at the same time. She was clearly looking very cold, and I knew that’s how I certainly felt. ‘I think,’ answered Davila, ‘that we should break for now, have ourselves a hot drink, and then go into a quick answer and question session round. How’s that sound?’

  She looked at us both for approval, which we both gave without hesitation. We then stretched and made our way to the drinks machine.

  ‘I think I should warn you now Martin, that the drinks from this machine are pretty gruesome,’ stated Alistair, before adding, ‘Personally, I think that of all the machinery and the experiments that go on in this complex, this drinks machine has got to be one of the most dangerous. The drinks may well be free and hot, but you put your life in extreme danger each time you take a drink!’

  I looked at Davila before asking wryly, ‘Is this true? I’m going to be putting my life in danger?’

  She had now lost her smile and looked deep in thought before answering, ‘It doesn’t really matter what comes out of the machine, at least it’s goddamn hot!’

  We stood around the drinks machine, each of us holding our hot drinks. Davila took a few sips from her cup before saying, ‘Believe me when I say that I do understand how you feel. I myself was never involved with Alistair’s first project, and when I was initially approached to get involved with the second phase, eighteen months ago, I obviously demanded to know all the details. Now, even as a scientist, I – like you, was in a state of disbelief. I mean, who would not be? Of course, I now have a full and complete understanding of the first phase, but it has taken a great deal of effort on my part to know what I do now.’

  Alistair finished his drink, and after throwing his cup away added, ‘I had to work very hard to convince Davila to join the project. It must have taken nearly two months to get past her scepticism. We both understand how this must all sound to you. All we can ask is for you to take in what’s been said, and then get a better understanding over time as you get more involved.’

  Like Alistair and Davila, I was now onto my second drink when I addressed them both, ‘You stated that you can literally place an image, or images, into somebody’s dream. How ethical is that?’

  My mind had been racing ahead since taking in this fact from Davila’s lecture, and I had already pieced together some disturbing scenarios. I then added, ‘Could you, for example, place a suggestion directly into somebody’s dream, for them to hate and to then murder a specific person?’

  When I finished my question, I had expected for them both to react defensively, if not to dismiss my stupid question. I was wrong – very wrong. Instead, they simply looked at me - as though I had been talking about the weather.

  After a few moments of complete silence, it was Davila that responded, ‘You are indeed very astute Martin. Alistair did tell me that you have a serious questioning side. That is one of the reasons that you are here. We want - and need, intelligent feedback from you, and I’m glad that you have picked up on this point so quickly. You are quite correct, this part of the project has opened up all sorts of ethical questions, not to mention some of the pretty ghastly possibilities that some of us have already come up with.’

  Alistair then quickly added, ‘Unfortunately Martin, as with all new scientific breakthroughs, and ours is of no exception, it’s more than possible that if this research becomes widely known, then you will find that it could be put to both goo
d and bad use. As for the ethics, yes, that will have to be addressed at some later stage, but not for the moment. You will see that although we are keenly aware of these issues, we need not worry about them for our specific needs.’

  ‘If you don’t need to worry about these issues, then who does? And, who else knows of the work of this project then?’ I demanded of Davila, who had started to lead us back to our seats.

  ‘As far as we know,’ she answered, ‘this is the only project in this field of work that has achieved so much. It goes without saying of course, that some other similar project may have achieved the same, if not more, somewhere else in the world.’

  Davila waited for a few moments until we were again seated before continuing, ‘The strange thing about all of this Martin, is that Alistair and his team have never had a real interest with the investigation of individuals’ dreams, or thought patterns.’ She paused and looked directly at Alistair, who gestured for her to continue.

  She then asked, ‘Alistair, do you have anything to add at all at this stage? – Have I left anything out?’

  In his formal but relaxed way he answered, ‘I don’t think so…It’s what you are about to explain that’s probably going to need more than a little clarification.’

  She nodded her agreement and for the first time, I noticed her looking down at her notes in the now open folder. Looking up from the notes, she said with a more serious tone, ‘Fine, let’s get down to the fun part, shall we?’

  After Davila’s statement that they were not interested in people’s dreams, I was now feeling more than a little confused. I was just getting to terms with the idea of all this technology for investigating people’s dreams, and then I’m told that they have little or no interest in it. Confused or not, I was now eager to hear the next instalment from her.

  ‘Okay, to summarise,’ she continued, ‘the first phase of the project set out to prove that everybody’s dream patterns were unique. That is what Alistair and his team set out to do, and four and a half years later, that is exactly what they did. It was, and still is a tremendous achievement.’

  ‘That research Martin, is still ongoing. However, that said, and even though we do keep abreast of how it is progressing, mostly on the grounds of scientific interest, it’s now of only minor interest to us. For we have now well and truly moved onto the second phase, or ‘Project DR2’.’

  She took a sip of water from her glass before asking ‘Have you ever heard of the ‘Multi-Dimensional Universe’ theory?’

  Given the sudden change in course of her talk and her question, I was not really sure what sort of an answer to give her. ‘Well of course I have heard of other dimensions, seen films about it, but that’s about as far as it goes…’ my answer trailed off whilst they both gave me a good long stare, obviously trying to gauge my reaction.

  ‘Well Martin,’ she continued, ‘this is what all this is about. Alistair and his team are not interested in the dreams of you or me at all. No, their ultimate objective is to be able to travel into these other dimensions.’

  This was definitely beginning to get more than a little far-fetched for my liking, and I deliberately showed my disbelief with my body language.

  It was Alistair who then added, ‘Martin, I know how all of this must sound, and we both can understand your probable scepticism. All we ask is for you to hear us out for now, okay?’

  He was beginning to get very animated again, so it was clear he wanted me to carry on listening to Davila. ‘Okay,’ I answered, ‘I’m still with you.’

  ‘Like I said before, it took an awful lot of persuasion to get me here, so I do understand how you feel,’ responded Davila, who was also getting more animated with her hand and body movements. She now continued, ‘If you can believe in these other dimensions for just now, it’s then a case of if they do exist, how do we find these other dimensions, and once found, how can we make contact?’

  Alistair then interjected, ‘Davila, do you mind if I just add something of my own?’

  ‘No, do go ahead.’

  ‘It is generally believed Martin, that at any given point in time in the universe, there exists multiple choices with the possibility of multiple outcomes,’ stated Alistair, whilst he vigorously waved his glasses around in front of him. ‘For example, in one universe you don’t look right before crossing the road and you get killed by the oncoming bus. However, in a different but identical universe, you did look right, and you don’t get killed. Now, these two universes are still identical, except that now, you do not exist in one of them.’

  ‘Now, given that one simple scenario, can you imagine, if events had been just slightly different in the past, and Hitler had got himself killed by the bus before he came to power? Or, for that matter, that Hitler had actually won the war? Do you see what I am getting at? Each time anyone of us performs an action, any action, that action could have been done differently within another dimension of the universe.

  Therefore, if these other dimensions do exist, and I certainly believe that they do, then some of them will be almost identical to ours, and some of them will be completely different, and wholly alien to us. These other dimensions are infinite, so there are a great deal of them for us to discover.’

  ‘What do you mean by wholly alien?’ I wanted to know.

  Without hesitation he immediately answered, ‘If the Roman Empire had not fallen, then they could have possibly been at our technological level, say perhaps fifteen hundred years ago. Now, assuming that their civilization continued to move forward, then it’s more than possible that they would have an incredible level of technology today, making us look like we are still living in the stone age.’

  I liked his analogy. It certainly did make me start to think, but not for too long, as Davila, who had sat there quietly for a few minutes then asked, ‘Okay to move on Martin?’

  I nodded to the both of them. Davila then continued, ‘Thank you for that Alistair. I will remember that for my next little talk.’ She had got her smile back. ‘This second phase of the project is about to prove that these other dimensions do exist.’ Davila stared at me, smiled and then said, ‘Once again I am going to ask you to just try to keep up, as this is definitely going to get more than a little weird for you, of that I have no doubt!’

  ‘Davila, my whole day has been a little weird.’

  Alistair gave a chuckle and added, ‘It’s going to get a whole lot weirder, and that’s guaranteed!’

  We enjoyed a few moments of laughter together before Davila continued, ‘Project DR2 is aiming not only to find these other dimensions, but also to make contact. Firstly, someone is put into the TST machine, then their dream patterns are recorded. The TST machine is then linked to a second machine called the ‘Multi-Dimensional-Transponder,’ or the ‘MDT.’ It’s this machine that does the transmitting and receiving via the dimensions. Now if you remember Martin, everybody has their own unique dream wave patterns, and it’s these wave patterns from the subject that are then ‘sent’ via the MDT, into other dimensions. If we can assume that the MDT works, and we will find that out in two days time, then these wave patterns should lock onto one of the subjects’ other selves in another universe - because they will be identical.’

  Davila stopped and looked at both of us before enquiring, ‘How are we all doing? Martin?’

  I thought for a few moments, before addressing them both ‘This is your definition of a ‘little weird?’ Let me try to get this. I am put into this machine, put to sleep, my dreams are then transmitted into another dimension, then they lock onto…another one of me, because we are the same - and then what?’

  Davila stared at me for a few moments before answering very firmly, ‘It could be anybody that is put into the machine…’

  I did not let her finish as I quickly cut in, ‘Yes Davila, anybody can go into the machine, but that’s why I am here, isn’t it? You want me to go into the machine so that I may ‘reach’ out to the other dimensions. I am right, aren’t I?’

Yes you’re right, that’s why I wanted you on this project,’ answered Alistair. ‘Because you have yet again leapt ahead of us, I think that it’s only fair for me to add this. All of us connected with the project, including both Davila and myself, have had our dreams read, as well as receiving images whilst we were dreaming. There never has been any danger or any side effects. Martin, were this to be dangerous, we would not be doing this, and you would still be at home. You have my word on that.’

  ‘The way I understand it,’ I retorted, ‘nobody has been put into the machine, and gone into the other dimensions – that’s if they do exist. So why me, and why not one of you?’

  Alistair looked at me with his serious look, before answering ‘I do see where you are coming from, but I assure you it’s nothing sinister at all. We want somebody that is intelligent, has an open mind, who will question everything, but more importantly, somebody that has not been connected with the project to actually do the experiment. That way, we hope to get very objective reports and analysis. Remember, you can walk away from this at any time.’

  Davila then added, ‘The very fact that you have become so aware of what’s going on and have been so questioning is proof to me that you are exactly the type of person that we need Martin. Without trying to sound too patronising, I really do believe you are ideal for the continuation of this project. Please stay on board. Let us take you through all the processes and explanations, and if at the end of it all you decide to walk, then so be it, okay?’ Davila finished and sat in her chair impassively, awaiting my answer.

  I could see that Alistair was also eager to hear my answer. I shifted in my chair before answering, ‘I am prepared to give you both the benefit of the doubt, so I don’t want you to think that I will simply walk out at any time if I’m not happy with what either of you have to say. I will stick with it, but it’s up to the both of you to convince me of the safety of getting me into those other dimensions, before I do actually agree to go ahead with it.’

  Davila, who was clearly relieved with my answer said, ‘Good we would not expect anything else from you, and I know and appreciate that it’s up to us to convince you before we ask you to commit to anything. We will never take that control away from you. Now before we continue again, I want another hot drink. How about you two?’

  We both agreed and made our way to the drinks machine. ‘On the subject of the hot drinks, I have to agree with both of you,’ I stated whilst rubbing my hands together from the cold. They both looked at me questioningly, so I continued, ‘My coffee was absolutely hideous as Alistair had warned. But as you said Davila, at least it’s bloody hot!’

  As we stood beside the drinks machine, my mind was still racing ahead with everything that I had been told. This prompted my next question, ‘Let’s assume I do travel into another dimension. Could it be any dimension, or are there any boundaries?’

  ‘That’s another good question,’ answered Alistair sipping his coffee. ‘No, the dimensions that you can travel to will be strictly limited to only those where you actually exist. So, we do not envisage a great deal of difference to where you may go, simply because it’s unlikely that over the last forty-two years of your existence, any civilization would have changed greatly. It is of course quite possible that in another world there would have been an atomic war or some other similar huge event, but on the whole we would expect to see only subtle differences. In spite of the limitations to where you can travel, that still leaves us pretty much an infinite number of other worlds or dimensions to go to.’

  ‘Tell me,’ I asked, ‘If you can record wave patterns when somebody is awake or asleep, why put them to sleep?’

  ‘It’s very simple,’ responded Alistair. ‘The experiment can be done when you are awake or asleep. However, that said, we have found that you are able to recall with much more clarity recorded inputs from the helmet in your sleep, than when you’re awake. We are not sure why but that’s how it is. So asleep you will be!’

  Alistair hesitated for a few moments before adding, ‘I hope I was not confusing you before Martin, when we kept referring to ‘other worlds’ as well as ‘other dimensions,’ when we really mean the same thing!’

  Davila, who had been giving me one of her silent stares, then said with a rather mischievous smile, ‘Martin, you really must tell me more about the ‘incident’ at the office party.’

  ‘I thought that you knew all about my past life Davila…you surprise me.’

  ‘I only know what I’ve read, I’m sure you can tell it…the way it really did happen.’

  ‘Oh I’m sure I can. Maybe once I know you a bit better Davila, but for now I will just let you use your imagination!’ I finished with a snigger.

  Alistair said rather mischievously, ‘I don’t know what this is all about, but I want to be there when you decide to tell Davila, whatever it is!’

  We stood there laughing for a few moments, finished our drinks, and returned to our seats at the table. Davila waited a few moments, and then continued her lecture, ‘Now, I’m not in any way going to describe in any great detail the MDT machine just now - believe me Martin, it’s far better for you just to see it, than it is for me to give a description that simply would not do it justice. When you do get to see the MDT, well let’s just say that there really are no words that can describe what you will actually be looking at. It is without doubt, the most amazing machine that you will ever see – a truly wondrous sight.’

  Davila had once again got her beaming smile back. She paused for a few moments before adding, ‘It is worth noting that we are all here in this complex because of the MDT machine. This machine, requires an enormous amount of energy to get it to transmit through to the other dimensions, and I do mean enormous. When the MDT is running, the power that is used to run it would actually power several large cities, or for that matter, some smaller countries. Now, as you can imagine, that type of energy source is not generally available, but here, in this complex, the military do have such a power source. On the grounds of National Security, I do hope you will understand that I am not in a position to disclose any details of the power source itself, or indeed why the military may need such a power source.’

  She stopped and gave me a quizzical look. After being told so much about the project, I felt a little cheated. It was as though I were missing out on something, especially as it was all so top-secret. However, I realised that I was not going to be told, but on the other hand, I reckoned that over time, I might yet get the chance to find out. ‘That’s no problem Davila, I am well aware that there will be some things that you will be unable to tell me,’ I answered.

  ‘I think for now we have covered, in general terms, what the project is about. So, do we have any questions?’ enquired Davila. I sat for a few moments, thinking about everything I had been told.

  ‘Yes I do,’ I answered her. ‘You never really finished. We got about as far as getting my brain wave patterns to lock on to my other self in another world…and then what? What happens next?’

  It was Alistair that answered me. ‘We did not finish, because we simply do not know. It’s not been done before, and once again we will be in uncharted waters. That’s why it’s called a project. It’s why we are all here. That’s why it’s so exciting, and we want you to become part of it. I’m sure that like all of us here, deep down you would want to find out if this is all possible, the chance to find out if those other dimensions really do exist. Come on, Martin, come with us, and have some real fun!’

  Alistair finished by giving me a friendly but firm pat on the back. He was right; there was no way that I was not going to do this. In fact, I wanted to get plugged into the machine right now. I did want to know more, but on the other hand, I did not want to make it look that I was too excited to them, not yet anyway. ‘You’ve got me for now,’ I answered in a very casual manner.

  ‘Good,’ said Davila. ‘We will wrap it up for now. However before we do finish up, I will briefly outline our plans for you Martin.’

>   ‘Tomorrow Alistair will first give you a tour of the lab, and introduce you to some of our colleagues. Later on during the day, we will get you placed into the TST so that we can ensure that everything is satisfactory and checks out with you. We can then verify that we can get good dream wave pattern recordings from you. Assuming that it all goes as planned tomorrow, we will then go ahead with the experiment the day after. Any questions?’

  After having been told so many strange incredible things, I could not think of anything else to say, so I simply shook my head.

  ‘Okay, that’s it for today. Thank you for your patience. On a personal level I would just like to say that I’m glad that we will be working together, and as Alistair has said, I am sure that you will have some fun as well!’

  We stood up, and shaking her hand I said, ‘I’m also looking forward to working with you Davila.’ She acknowledged me with her smile.

  We said good night to each other and Alistair returned with me to my room. He would come for me at half past seven for breakfast, and then my day would begin. I was in such an excited state when I went to bed that I really thought I would not be able to sleep at all. However, as it turned out I was so completely exhausted I was asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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