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The knight of darkened l.., p.1
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       The Knight of Darkened Light, p.1

           Andrew Legend
The Knight of Darkened Light
The Knight of Darkened Light

  Copyright 2010 Andrew Legend



  Before Time’s beginning, there were only the Gods and their Divine realm.

  Through their power, Esperynzia was created, a realm existent upon the Balance of the Elements, a realm ruled by Mortalkind.

  There was a great war between the Mortalkind and a degraded God – the God of Dark. At war’s end, the God of Dark was banished by the other Gods, yet the mortal realm of Esperynzia suffered a scar: an unfathomable turn of fates from the all-powerful intervention and presence of the divine beings upset the delicate Balance of Elements of Esperynzia. The balance destabilized, changing Esperynzia forever.

  What beholds then Esperynzia’s fate?

  Such is told in legends new, born through high adventures lead by heroes come forth.

  Behold the new legends of the mysterious magical world of Esperynzia.



  In study of magic’s elements, many students of magic immediately associate the Light element with "good" and the Dark element with "evil". This is not necessarily so.

  Light is the element toward life; Dark is the element toward death, or the destruction of life.

  Know that Dark was once known as "New Light", for as Dark is the end of Light, it also can begin the existence of new Light.

  Dark is not an evil element. However, when Dark is set in purpose for annihilation of Light, with no future Light, then we see that Dark has the possibility to manifest evil. All Dark—never Light. This is the evil side of the Dark element.

  The Dark and Light elements wage an endless war, though they exist in a balance.

  A Dark or Light elemental is innately apart of this special Balance, each influencing the Balance and so influencing the future. So closely tied are these elements that a Dark may change to a Light, and a Light may change to a Dark. The medium of this extremely rare changing is the state of Darkened Light. It is existence's given pause; Fate's ponder of one's future. It affects one's powers; it affects one's views—it affects one's life forever.

  And beyond Darkened Light, one can become a special Light, or one can become a Dark—a very powerful Dark. His power will then magnify. But to Light or to Dark, is a decision of his own, and so deep, that it is chosen only by his soul's true desire.

  - Szeoloche



  Chapter 1 Drewth – A Promotion to Power

  Chapter 2 Seften – A Family of Magic

  Chapter 3 Paetoric – The Halberd

  Chapter 4 Rhoin – Elvin Sorcery

  Chapter 5 The Arbiter

  Chapter 6 Her Love

  Chapter 7 Torius – The Enemy Force

  Chapter 8 Prisoners

  Chapter 9 A Dream of Storms

  Chapter 10 Their New Prison

  Chapter 11 Not Alone

  Chapter 12 Resignment

  Chapter 13 Wicked Betrayal

  Chapter 14 The Cursed Wound Which Wounded Two

  Chapter 15 Burial of Fire

  Chapter 16 The Thief and The Driadon

  Chapter 17 Warrior of Magic

  Chapter 18 The Way Out

  Chapter 19 Futility of Vengeance

  Chapter 20 Knight of Rage

  Chapter 21 Follow

  Chapter 22 The Summoner’s Task

  Chapter 23 Battle to Sea – Anger of The Halberd

  Chapter 24 Syndirin’s Plan

  Chapter 25 Darkened Light

  Chapter 26 The Voice of The Halberd

  Chapter 27 An Adventure’s End and an Adventure’s Beginning


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