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       The Hollow, p.17

           Andrew Day
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Also By the Author

  The Hollow: At The Edge.

  “Well, Fresh Meat, welcome to the Hounds. Don’t get comfortable. I expect your stay to be short and messy, with a bloody end.”

  In the continuation of “The Hollow”, a rebellion has broken out in the mysterious and magical land of Elsbareth, known by most as the Faelands, and Serrel Hawthorne, newly trained battlemage in the Imperial Legion, finds himself separated from his fellow trainees and on the way to a war with a group of battle hardened soldiers who mildly detest him, a sergeant who hates him, and two dogs that just might eat him. And the least said about the man called Dogbreath, the better.

  The Faelands were always known as the home of elves and strange beasts. But no one is prepared for what’s waiting for the Legion across the sea. Surviving his squadmates is only the start. Here there are real monsters, things that should not be. And soon Serrel has to face up to what he must do, and what he must become to not only survive the coming battles, but save the people he cares about. It will take all his skill at spellcasting, and that might not be enough.

  And through it all, the Hollow waits within.

  Loss and Sacrifice

  This collection contains three short stories in the genres of horror, science fiction and fantasy, all about the things we lose: our humanity, our souls, even our very selves, through choice, through sacrifice, or by the passage of time. All stories published for the first time.


  Loyalty: When his fields become mysteriously barren, a farmer makes a desperate bargain to save his land and his daughter, but he is unprepared for the new crop he must grow in his fields.

  Of Memories Lost: An old and worn out robot on an unfinished journey meets a strange creature on its travels.

  To Die in the Spring: They are the Lok’Chang, the Army of the Damned. They were sent against their will to a nightmarish world outside of their own, to find and bring back an item of immense power. They will do whatever it takes to get home again, even though it may cost them everything.

  Shreiber and Tome: Unlucky Vamps.

  Welcome to Chapter City. Where the undead successfully campaigned for equal rights. Where everyday human beings live alongside zombies, vampires and half demons, and no one really cares so long as no one makes a mess, and no one bites anybody else without permission.

  When a serial killer nicknamed the Vampire Slayer begins viciously butchering unlucky members of the blood drinking community, a member of vampire royalty enlists the help of private investigator Lil Shreiber and her partner Michael Tome (ex-warlock) to help track down the culprit. Lil and Tome aren’t exactly strangers to the supernatural, and the money is too good to pass. But when the identity of the killer is revealed, the case takes a more personal turn for Lil.

  Up against a powerful supernatural creature, with the help of an irate vampire “businessman” (Don’t call him a crime lord. Just don’t) and an angry FBI agent who really doesn’t like them, things soon get bloody. If the pair are lucky, they might survive the case intact. If they’re really lucky, they may even get paid too.


  Welcome back to Chapter City, where the streets are clean, the nights are exciting, and human beings live mostly in peace alongside supernatural creatures like zombies, vampires and half-demons, and only rarely does anyone try to eat someone else.

  After a dead man hires private investigator Lil Shreiber and her partner Michael Tome (ex-warlock) to track down his missing granddaughter, things get awkward when it turns into an unfortunate case of demonic possession. Pursued by angry police and angrier demons, the pair find themselves on the front line of a war against Hell, and in direct conflict with the Antichrist and his morally conflicted henchmen.

  Even if she avoids being eaten by demons, shot by the FBI, or vapourised by Tome’s incompetent spellcasting, Lil still has to choose between saving the life of an innocent girl, or seeing the world destroyed in an interdimensional war.

  And either choice could cost her even more than she realises.

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