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He loves me he loves me.., p.1
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       He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, p.1

           Amy Sparks
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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not…

  Copyright 2017 Amy Sparks


  This book is dedicated to my family for telling me to not give up on my dreams and to my friends for supporting me throughout the whole process of writing the book.

  “And?” I say because it doesn’t make sense. Why would he care? He only met me today. It’s not like we’ve been besties since when we were kids or something. He comes closer and I notice that I’m barely even breathing.

  He brings his hand up to my face and take a piece of hair and puts it behind my ear. He then touches my lower lip, which makes me tremble. I don’t want this to happen. I never had a conversation with a guy that involves about me. I’ve never even had one with Jackson. We just got straight onto kissing, not even one normal conversation on why we should be together. He just kissed me and hurt me.

  “And it’s because I care about you Mia.” He says in a whisper that takes my breath away.

  Chapter 1

  I wake up feeling tired because I have school, and my mom calls me down to the kitchen like I’m deaf... I get straight up from my bed and go to my bathroom looking at the mirror, sighing at my crazy blond hair. I turn back to my bedroom and get one of my romantic novels and put them into my backpack so I can read one of them in a class, usually because I hate it, or it’s because I finished the work and I'm bored.

  “MIA!!!!!!, get up!!!” My mom calls from the kitchen

  “Coming!!” Just kill me. Just kill me now.

  “Mia, are you ok? What's wrong? I’m coming, I’m coming, sheesh”

  “Well, I am so sorry that I woke you up but you have school and I need to go to work.” I smile at my mom, giving her a tired smile but with love back.


  “Ma I gotta go, Aria is here, gotta go, love ya!”

  “Wait, kiss!” My mom says while walking over to give me a kiss.

  “Ugh mom, you're crazy, but fine.” I give her a big smooch on her cheek and run out of the door without even putting anything in my stomach. I am so stupid.

  “Hey girl!” Aria says while I am getting in her car and putting my bag in the backseat.

  “What’s up?”

  “Dude, that’s all I get, a what's up? Whatever happened to a hello? Or a hi, Aria!” Aria says while she puts her hand through her hair. I always loved Aria’s hair. A dark brown but has some light streaks through it.

  “Calm down, at least I didn't sing one dance at you…” I laugh. She hates that song, like hates it, all because of one boy she won’t talk to since he has a girlfriend, which I don’t give a shit anymore because she deserves better.

  “I hate you!!! But of course, I also love you for that.” She laughs.

  “Ha, I know.”

  Chapter 2

  We arrived at the school, and it took us like 10 minutes to find a parking space because Aria is crazy. She doesn't want it to be too far from the school so we don't have to make it to class sweaty, but she also doesn't want the car to be parked close because she wants to get some exercise out of it. Ugh, I don't even know how she is my best friend.

  “Mia, come on!!! You don’t want to be late to chemistry, do you?” I do, since there’s someone in that class who I can’t even look straight at his face because he’s so hot it will make me faint. Jackson Reed…

  “Mia, I will literally pull your collar off your shirt if you don’t keep up the pace”

  “Calm down, I’m coming, I’m coming,” I sigh, while trying to keep up with Aria while we walk to Chemistry.

  “Mia, is this about Jackson? You need to forget about that boy, you deserve better, not that douchebag.” “Do you need to call him a douchebag?” I sigh while listening to her talk bad shit about Jackson

  “Yes! He is one, and you don't need him, you have me,” She says while putting her hand over my shoulder

  “Great…” I say while smiling at Aria

  “Hey! You’re lucky you have me!”

  “Yup, you're right, I am,” I say while stopping at the door of the Chemistry room because I see someone, someone I shouldn't see, someone I can't see, someone which is Jackson Reed...

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