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The Thirty Days


  Copyright 2017 Ally Mare

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  “To family, friends and myself... To do the things that I really wanted and the things that I have to do somehow still conflicts itself. I will not stop here nor do I want to, because, I have faith on my readers.”

  Ally L Mare, 2017

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  NaPoWriMo #1: Kay-Ryan-esque poem

  You cannot run,

  Or really hide,

  When it’s fun,

  But kept aside.

  You feel pleasure,

  And some guilt,

  You feel pressure,

  From the foundation,

  You built.

  Then you lie,

  To yourself again,

  Now you are,

  A real hypocrite,

  That make,

  A split tongue snake.

  NaPoWriMo Prompt #2: A poem inspired by, or in the form of, a recipe

  A simple recipe,

  Passed down through generations,

  From the distant Neanderthals,

  To the ancient glory of Rome,

  And to the life of a contemporary poet,

  Add some sugar,

  Little pinches of salt,

  Spice it up with pepper,

  Then, boil it repeatedly,

  Pour into a vial and you have,

  A potion of life.

  NaPoWriMo #3: An Elegy

  Dear lovely soul,

  I was late to know you,

  Too late to adore you,

  But your songs remained,

  As memento for us,

  I knew you at first,

  Not by your songs,

  But a movie called,

  The Matchbreaker,

  Your beauty completely mesmerized me,

  Only in the credit scene,

  I knew the fact that,

  You are no longer with us,

  It was heartbreaking and shocking,

  And I am a new fan of yours,

  There will be more to come,

  New fans that appreciate your voice,

  Even when you no longer with us,

  We will treasure your songs,

  Singing out loud and proud,

  Dear lovely soul,

  We feel the pain,

  Of losing a star like you,

  Shining with brightness,

  Brilliantly for thousand years,

  We lost hope but you spoke to us,

  In ‘I Bet You Don’t Curse God’.

  NaPoWriMo #4: A poem with a secret

  He was called,

  But with anxious heart,

  And cautious mind,

  No confidence in his part,

  Many eyes leering,

  And judging his stance,

  He tried not to be boring,

  As he is desperate begging for chance,

  They sound profoundly impressed,

  And smiles to him,

  But his brain made a mess,

  And now his chance is slim.

  NaPoWriMo #5: A poem that is based in the natural world

  I want to be like you,

  Unbound and unrestricted,

  Free to travel anywhere,

  Across continents and oceans,

  They said where the wind blows,

  That is the place you go,

  I am jealous of you,

  And your adventurous nature,

  I can never be like you,

  You are so high,

  And unreachable,

  But you are so reliable,

  No matter how much,

  Or how hard I tried,

  I can never chase you,

  Or get near you,

  Because you are a cloud,

  And I am jealous of you.

  NaPoWriMo #6: a poem that looks at the same thing from various points of view

  He saw it as a chance,

  A tool to attract,

  Or to reconnect,

  He assumed that all girls,

  Love red roses,

  Unlike others,

  Red roses might work,

  In movies or dramas,

  She is not a women of flower,

  But a chocolate lover by nature,

  As for me it is more,

  Than just a tool or stereotype,

  A rose is a symbol,

  Of beauty and taste,

  So precious and not to waste.

  NaPoWriMo #7: a poem about luck and fortuitousness

  As I inhale this air,

  Deeply, filling my lungs,

  Holding it inside me,

  I don’t want to let go,

  I’m not a lucky man,

  For coincidental,

  Surprises in my life,

  Still a fortunate one,

  I’m totally grateful,

  First, for my family,

  Then, my amazing friends,

  And all the memories,

  They don’t have what I have,

  They struggled every day,

  To survive in war zones,

  And it is not their fault,

  I should appreciate,

  And share my gifts with them,

  I am still fortunate,

  To have human conscious.

  NaPoWriMo #8: a poem that relies on repetition

  Rain, rain, rain,

  It’s raining outside,

  With violent wind,

  And roaring thunders,

  Rain, rain, rain,

  For how many days,

  Will you keep this up,

  Or will you slow down,

  Rain, rain, rain,

  Not being ungrateful,

  It’s inspiring,

  And it’s helpful too,

  Rain, rain, rain,

  Only drug I need,

  To make myself calm,

  In tranquillity,

  Rain, rain, rain,

  I want to keep you,

  Alone for myself,


  Rain, rain, rain,

  Save me from this pain.

  NaPoWriMo #10: a poem that is a portrait of someone important to you

  It was in October,

  On your graduation,

  With your robe and,

  Two bouquets of flower,

  The third bouquet was from me,

  Not made of flowers,

  But a band of frogs,

  Specially made for you,

  I was standing beside you,

  Awkward and shy,

  With a full suit,

  Mark the second time of my life,

  You wore the sweetest smile,

  In the hot weather,

  And your mother standing in front,

  Taking a picture of us together,

  I will never forget,

  That memorable moment,

  Because that was the last time,

  We saw each other.

  NaPoWriMo #9: a nine-line poem

  There is a thing you call a door,

  It leads you somewhere,

  Or something you are looking for,

  And a key to take you there,

  Grab a book now and read,

  Take your time and sit,

  And you have all the things you need,

  Now, you can never quit,<
br />
  Unlocking doors with the key and you have countless world to see.

  NaPoWriMo #11: the Bop

  Oh, what have I done,

  I questioned myself,

  I choose to be here,

  But where I am now,

  I am out of work,

  And my worries lurk,

  Being optimistic or maybe I’m not,

  Job applications,

  Like twenty a day,

  Then some was received,

  Some not suitable,

  And when my luck strikes,

  Called for interview,

  And with smile I come,

  To wait I succumb,

  Being optimistic or maybe I’m not,

  I’m back to square one,

  When no good news come,

  Browsing through papers,

  With hope like vapor,

  Then came a review,

  For an interview,

  Being optimistic or maybe I’m not.

  NaPoWriMo #12: a poem that explicitly incorporates alliteration and assonance

  Croak, croak said the frog,

  Cracking sounds through the fog,

  Drip, drip between the leak,

  Waking me from my peak,

  Lack, lack in my sleep,

  Losing dreams in the sweep,

  Fair, fair do not say,

  You will just ruin my day.

  NaPoWriMo #13: the ghazal (And you are the Queen in my holy song)

  Do let me, express my love through a song,

  It will be so good, you will love the song,

  Roses will be jealous of your beauty,

  Every flowers will know about your song,

  No honey can challenge your love sweetness,

  And the bees will be buzzing on this song,

  The mountains are weaker than our bond,

  On the ocean floor they will praise this song,

  Desert will flourish when wind blows your scent,

  The gush will whisper and sing this love song,

  My Dear, you are the jewel of my heart,

  And you are the Queen in my holy song.

  NaPoWriMo #14: a clerihew

  Jimmy Kimmel,

  Plain, tasteless, normal,

  I would write him a letter,

  “Your sidekick is better!”

  NaPoWriMo #15: a poem that reflects on the nature of being in the middle of

  Five minutes, ten minutes,

  Fifteen minutes, thirty minutes,

  And turned to hours and hours,

  Of waiting for someone,

  Never it was fun for some,

  None would please to wait,

  And wasting every little second of their time,

  They give up on waiting and start to curse,

  I am the one would enjoy the moment,

  The moment of spending time wisely,

  I learned to never wait for someone with empty hand,

  Learn to be prepared and expect the worst,

  Wait with books if you enjoy reading,

  Spend time watching movies with mobile devices,

  But the one I practiced a lot,

  Is observing others, silently like a tree,

  A tree is silent and ignored,

  But loyally there growing together,

  Through years and years,

  Until someone decided to cut it down,

  I will be the tree,

  Whenever I have to wait,

  I might learn one or two,

  In the middle of my wait.

  NaPoWriMo #16: a letter to a person, place, or thing, or in the form of a back-and-forth correspondence

  To the one who have my heart,

  Will have my heart,

  I wonder a lot about you,

  There are many things I want to tell you,

  If you are reading this,

  I can only think of two possibilities in this,

  Either you are not yet in my future,

  Or you are in my future,

  First of all, how are you doing,

  What have you been doing,

  I hope you are fine,

  I truly hope that the world is treating you fine,

  When you believe there is nothing for you in this world,

  Do remember that I believe you exist in this world,

  When you feel cornered and dragged down,

  Believe that you will not forever, stay down,

  If you wonder about your love life,

  I too wonder about my love life,

  If you wonder about your career,

  I too wonder about my career,

  Before I left you with my words and letter,

  I leave you with advice in this letter,

  There will be many challenges ahead,

  Think thoroughly and believe your decisions ahead,

  I wish to thank you for your time,

  I pray may Fate bring us together in time,

  I am your silent admirer, unknown friend and faraway ally,

  And your future love, Ally.

  NaPoWriMo #17: a nocturne (Nocturne in C Minor, Op. 48, No.1)

  Maybe it was good decisions,

  Maybe it was worst,

  I doubt everything,

  On the things happening in life,

  Where are the moments,

  The ease and carefree life,

  To laugh all day and,

  Dilemma free every day,

  I feel filled but unsatisfied,

  Part hallowed but wanted,

  I am waiting for something,

  That something is far away from reach,

  There are times I can feel,

  The climb spiralling up,

  Then Life sarcastically,

  Drowning me down,

  Perhaps hoping for happiness,

  Valuable sacrifices needed to be pay,

  Will I pull this through,

  Or give it up halfway,

  Maybe I am still waiting,

  Waiting for nothing.

  NaPoWriMo #18: a poem that incorporates neologisms

  It is a day of sagremi,

  Only the color of dablate to see,

  It haunt the heart of uncerusety,

  And that sagremi lies in me,

  Stay away, oh sagremi,

  Stop leading me to insadevity,

  There is no place for me to flee,

  Someone please, do not let me be,

  Free me from this sagremi,

  I beformecy to you with my plea.

  NaPoWriMo #19: a poem that recounts a creation myth

  Have you ever wondered,

  How exactly we know,

  A slice of green tea cake,

  Can make your day better,

  Actually quite easy,

  A long long time ago,

  There was a sad writer,

  Because he lost his pen,

  It was his only pen,

  Without his only pen,

  He can no longer write,

  His lovely words again,

  One day, there was a girl,

  She was a cake seller,

  She saw him looking down,

  “How can I help?” she asked,

  “None can help me,” he said,

  “I lost my only pen!

  I can no longer write,”

  Then, he started to cry,

  “Do not cry anymore!

  I can help you right now,”

  She gave him a slice of,

  Freshly baked, green tea cake,

  He gave the cake a bite,

  The he took another,

  Until there was no more,

  “How was the cake?” she asked,

  He smiled and start to sing,

  “I may have lost my pen,

  And no longer can write,

  But inspiration flows,

  Thanks to this green tea cake!”

  NaPoWriMo #20: a poem that incorporates the vocabulary and imagery of a specific sport or game

>   Strike!

  Base is full and two out,

  Pitcher under pressure,

  They are left behind,

  My turn?

  It is not my turn to bat,

  I am just a spectator.

  NaPoWriMo #21: a poem that incorporates overheard speech

  Chatters in the office,

  Like a flock of crows,

  All with the same purpose,

  To tell and share the unwanted,

  But there is one that caught,

  My attention so much,

  It is an off day on Monday.

  NaPoWriMo #22: a georgic

  Office plants,

  Small but reliable,

  Touches the soul,

  OF the owner,

  A long lasting bond,

  With great care,

  And continuous effort,

  With unwavering love,

  Negligence made it wither,

  Throwing them away is easier.

  NaPoWriMo #23: a double elevenie


  Dry throat,

  Desert like weather,

  I do not belong,



  Shivering body,

  Blizzard like moment,

  I do not belong,


  NaPoWriMo #24: a poem of ekphrasis – the marginalia of medieval manuscripts

  A curious one,

  With a bard,

  Two females,

  And three animals,

  It is a play,

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