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       All Fall Down, p.3

           Alida Zaczyk
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his hand fall off my shoulder as I walked past him, to start down the sidewalk.

  He followed after me, sticking to my side, watching my face for any sign of an emotion. When he found nothing, he spoke again.

  “Good, I’m glad you’re ok… but, I was actually hoping to run into you today,”

  I glanced at him, then away, keeping my eyes forward.

  “Oh, why is that?”

  “I was meaning to ask, if you wanted to come on a little group date thing with the guys, you know, go out and grab a bite,” He offered, seeming to get a nervous edge to his tone.

  I didn’t look at him.

  The last thing I wanted to do was be out here for any longer then I had to be. I didn’t want to bother with talking to me friends, I just wanted left alone, why couldn’t anyone understand that.

  “I don’t know Sam; I’m kinda busy today,”

  “With what?”

  Quickly I tried thinking up a lie.

  “Well, I’m going to the new neighbors to meet them, so I doubt I’ll have any time to anywhere else later on, I plan on staying there for quite a while,”

  Sam frowned, and suddenly stopped walking, staring at me.

  I stopped as well, curious of his reaction.

  “You’re going to see the new neighbors?”

  “Yeah, why?”

  “They are super weird Jade, my parents won’t even let me walk past their house on the way to baseball practice,”

  Now I frowned, raising a brow at him.

  “Weird how?” I wondered, and began to walk again.

  He followed behind slowly.

  “Get this, supposedly the family moved here to give their kids a more… ‘rural’ living environment.” He started.

  “What’s weird about that?”

  “Jade what kind of excuse is that to move here?” Sam said shaking his head.

  I rolled my eyes at that.

  “Is that all?”

  “You never ever see the parents; you just see the girl, and boy,”

  Again, I didn’t see what was weird about that, maybe the parents preferred to stay inside, and enrich their kids with more nature, but have no desire for it themselves.

  “Sam, I think you’re the weird one,” I tried to smile.

  He gave me a half smile, and sighed.

  “I’m telling you Jade, they are weird. The boy, and girl, they never wear shoes, you see them walking around town with no shoes at all,”

  Ok, I had to admit that was a bit strange, but it was nothing that I would consider to dangerous for a kid to walk past the house they live in.

  “Maybe they don’t like wearing shoes,” I offered, and turned my attention to the sight of the house that belonged to my new neighbors.

  Sam was paused a few feet behind me, watching me with a nervous look.

  “I’m telling you Jade, you shouldn’t go in there,”

  “Sam would you relax, I’m just going and welcoming them to the neighborhood, maybe get to know them a bit ok?”

  Sam shook his head,

  “Ok… don’t come crying to me when they end up being some kind of serial killers,”

  I almost smiled at that.

  “If they were serial killers, I wouldn’t be able to come crying to you, I’d be die,”

  Sam rolled his eyes now, and gave me a small smile.

  “Just be careful, I’ll see you later Jade,” He said as he began to back away, waving as he did so.

  I sighed, and waved back, before turning to look up to the house.

  It wasn’t that big of a house, it was about the same size as mine, average. It was entirely built of wooden logs, and had dark green shutters, around each window. On the porch, there sat a simple porch swing, along with a welcome mat and a few outdoor chairs on each side of the door; which could only be reached if you followed the stone path up the driveway, and to the stairs of the porch.

  I took my time as I made my way across the stone path, and up the stairs of porch.

  For some reason I felt my heart begin to race as I lifted my fist up to knock on the door. Had Sam’s warnings actually scared me?

  Lightly, I knocked on the large wooden door, hearing hollowness of the door rattle slightly under just that bit of pressure.

  In a matter of seconds the door was swiftly opened by a boy, looking closely to my age. His eyes pierced into mine with a flame of emerald green, capturing my breath as I held his gaze.

  “Can I help you,” He said, his voice sounding of sweet velvet perfection.

  My tongue was tied, and unthinkingly I stepped back from the boy, startled by his beauty.

  “I…um, I’m from the house beside you, just… wanted to say welcome,”

  His emerald orbs took note of me, his arms now crossed, leaning back on the door frame. My eyes roamed him as well, taking in the size of his muscles; half impressed at how firm they looked, and the mess of black curls at the top of his head, seeming to scream out to me to run my hand through it.

  Quickly I pushed those thoughts out of my mind, and forced my eyes to look else were, focusing on the door instead of him.

  “Thanks, anything else?”

  I swallowed back my surprise at his words, now looking up at him.

  “I wanted to see if I could meet you properly, maybe get to know you and your family a bit.”

  His eyes now seemed to tighten, his jaw snapping shut, before roughing extending his arm towards me to shake.

  “I’m Elijah, nice to meet you,”

  I took his hand, and nearly jumped out of my skin as I felt electricity fly down my arm at the contact, biting at the inside of my skin It was as if I was getting burned, and cooled at that same time.

  I took this second to examine his perfect features, his stance was tall, and powerful, like he was towering over anyone that went up against him, at the same time, a had a feeling about him that was dark. It was at scare, and thrilling to stand in front of this guy. The way his lips moved as he spoke had gained my attention first, taking in their fullness, and getting the urge to get closer.

  I fought back against this feeling, and I easily overcame his distracting looks once I thought back to Daniel. I don’t think he would have appreciated my thoughts towards Elijah. And the least I could do was be respectful to his wishes, since I was the one after all who caused him…. Too not be here.

  “I’m Jade, and the pleasure is all mine.” I said, my voice stuttering slightly.

  As soon as I had said this, he had his hand pulled quickly out of mine, and took a step back, keeping his expression hard as he took hold of his door.

  Had he noticed my change in tone? Or what? What was his problem with me already? I usually can get along very well with new people.

  I hadn’t done anything to offend him did I?

  “Well, if that’s all you wanted, I guess you’ll be going now,”

  I frowned, my eyes narrowing just slightly.

  That was a hint, it was as if he was practically begging me to leave. Was I really that bad to talk with?

  “Well, I wanted to meet you’re family,”

  “They aren’t here,”

  “Where are they?” I asked raising my brow, leaning to the side a bit, trying to glance inside the house.

  “I don’t see how this is any of your business,” He said a bit darkly, shifting to block my view inside.

  Now I was really getting mad.

  “Look, I don’t even want to be here, would you just, talk to me?” I asked crossing my arms across my chest.

  He paused, looking over my expression, and sighing.

  “It’s just not a good time ok,”

  I watched now as he glanced behind him, rubbing the back of his neck for a moment, glancing back at me.

  He at least seemed to be trying to speak more politely towards me, but I could still see the hardness in his eyes, and almost… an urgency.

  “Why,” W
as all I could manage out.

  I felt my face getting flushed as I watched him run a hand through his hair. When or eyes met, his eyes quickly snapped away the same time mine did.

  “I’m in the middle of something,” He continued.

  “Another time then,”

  I couldn’t help this, there was no way I was going to let this go. I was going to sit down and talk to this guy, if it’s the last thing I do.

  He paused again. “You’re real stubborn aren’t you?”

  “Yeah, I guess you could say that…”

  “Well, you better be careful, that might just get you killed someday,” He said, and with that he backed up into his house, and closed the door.

  I stood there for a moment, shocked out of my mind that he had said that to me,

  Of all the nerve!

  With now a sour mood I turned, and walked down the stairs of the porch.

  Why does a guy that… attractive, have to be such a jerk?

  Well… what did I care anyway. I had to stop thinking like this; that was a horrible thing to do, especially knowing full well that my boyfriend had recently died…

  I paused, my thoughts, waiting for the pain to erupt in my chest at this memory.

  But nothing happened, just a pinch, but that was all. I could still breathe; I didn’t have to hold back my tears.

  The pain wasn’t there, the longer I waited to feel it, and the more surprised I was that it didn’t come.

  By the time I had made it back to my house, it still wasn’t there. I didn’t know if this was good or bad… but if this meant no more pain, then I wasn’t going to dare complain.

  As soon as I had managed to open my front door, my mother and father was waiting in front of the door with unnerved looks, which quickly turned to relief.

  “Jade, how did it go?” My mother wondered, looking more relaxed in her stance now.

  I gave a shrug, unsure if I wanted to say much about our rather rude new neighbor.

  “I only got to meet one person over there, Elijah,” I muttered, slowly unbuttoning my jean jacket, shaking my head once his image filled my head at his name.

  “Was he nice?”

  I paused, “He’s different,”

  “In a good way, or a bad way?” My father wondered, raising a brow at me.

  “I don’t know… he didn’t say much,”

  “He’s probably shy,” My mother smiled warmly, and glided her way into the living room, taking a seat on the couch.

  My father nodded in agreement to what she had said, and followed after her, sitting down next to her to turn his attention to the TV. There was a football game on, so of course they would be down here watching it.

  For some reason, my mom loved football just as much as my dad, which I had to admit was something no one would have guessed coming from my mother. She was about as girlie as a Barbie doll; it didn’t make sense, but as long as they were both happy.

  All I knew for certain at this moment was, Elijah wasn’t shy, he didn’t want me around, or getting to know him or his family.

  But that left so many other questions in my mind.

  Like, what did he mean by, my stubbornness would end up getting me killed? Was Sam right about this family being serial killers or what?

  There was a lot I wanted to figure out, and this would be the perfect distraction from Daniel, and the accident…

  “I’m going to head on up to my room for a while,” I stated, walking past my parents, their eyes glued to the game,

  “Alright dear, call if you need something,” my mother said not looking away from the TV.

  I nodded, even though they weren’t looking at me, and walked carefully up the stairs to my room. And to my complete surprise, I was able to go all the way up, without the first step slipping me up like usual.

  Making my way into my room I let myself fall down onto my bed, shifting around to get comfy, and then pulling the blanket up to my chin.

  My thoughts didn’t stray from Elijah for one minute, and I couldn’t help but admit I was rather glad, it was less painful thinking about this rude boy, then thinking about Daniel, so I held onto my thoughts of him as hard as I could.

  I let myself become engulfed.

  Slowly I let my eyes close, feeling a bit tired.

  Maybe a nap would be a good idea. But then again, it wasn’t even 2 pm yet, I couldn’t take a nap now. Then I would be awake all night, which isn’t a good idea at all.

  As I opened one eye, I noticed a flash of brown out my window.

  Lifting myself up, I moved off my bed, and towards the window, catching something dark brown go flying into the behind my house.

  My eyes widened.

  That thing was huge, what ever it was.

  Hopefully it wasn’t a bear… but bears didn’t come out in the mornings did they? I wasn’t very knowledgeable when it came to wildlife.

  I waited for a long time, watching out the window, waiting for what ever the animal was to come back, but it never did. I guess it got scared off by something. God only knows by what.

  Taking my time, I crawled back in bed, and pulled my blankets up over my head, closing my eyes once more.

  Ok… maybe just a tiny nap wouldn’t hurt to bad…

  As I drifted to sleep, I swore I could feel the presence of someone hovering over me, breathing down on the blankets, but I was too sleepy to care. And soon, there was nothing but black.

  I guess there was hope of moving on. You just had to take the first step… be a bit brave, and hopefully you will find something beautiful.

  Elijah’s Point of View


  She was going to be a problem. I knew that for sure already. I could still feel my heart pounding loudly in my chest.

  She was for sure suspicious of me, she wasn’t stupid, and that was obvious just by looking at her. She had a brilliant beauty to her; that I couldn’t ignore. It wasn’t good smart to begin having thoughts like these towards a human girl.

  She shouldn’t need to deal with my kind of, in her life. She needs to be kept away from us, to be safe.

  “Nice job Eli, you probably scared her off for good,” My sister Vanessa spoke, walking over to me, glancing out the window, probably watching Jade walk away from the house.

  I looked down with a glare, wanting to smack the smirk off her face, but instead I just turned, and walked away.


  “What’s you’re problem?” She asked following after me with a raised brow, looking annoyed with me.

  Frankly, I didn’t care if she was or not. She would never understand me any way, so there was no point in trying to even explain how I was feeling on the inside, I didn’t even know myself, what I was feeling.

  I didn’t want to stay away from Jade… I wanted to get to know her, and find out why there is a hidden sadness in her eyes. I didn’t know why… but after meeting her, she was the only thing in my thoughts.

  “Just buzz off,”

  Vanessa growled lowly, pausing as I walked into my room.

  “You better watch you’re mouth or you’ll be swallowing you’re teeth?” She threatened.

  I rolled my eyes, shrugging at her, unafraid, knowing that I was stronger, and faster then her.

  “Very scary Vanessa, what site online did you find that threat?”

  Her face now was flushing in fury, her whole body trembling.

  “You little ass, I’ll kill you,” She growled, crouching as if to attack.

  I was serious now, moving back. “Vanessa, get to the backyard before you transform in the house,”

  Her eyes widened, but quickly did as I said, running towards the back door, but I could already hear the ripping of clothing, and the rumble of a wolf growl.

  Rolling my eyes I closed my bedroom down, and went to my chair, sitting down to control my breathing.

  We needed to figure out how to keep that girl calm
or she is going to blow our cover… again. She was always the reason we had to move. But this time… I couldn’t say that I was annoyed that she had us move here…


  I shook my head slowly.

  Stop thinking about her. She’s a human. You’re a beast. Stay away from her. You can, and will hurt her.

  I had to keep thinking this to myself. If I didn’t, who knows what would happen.


  Jade’s Point of View






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