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Phantom 500 episodes 1.., p.1
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       Phantom 500 - Episodes 1 - 5, p.1

           Alex C. McDonald
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Phantom 500 - Episodes 1 - 5

  Phantom 500

  Episode 1 - 5

  By Alex C. McDonald

  Phantom 500 – Episode 1 - 5

  By Alex C. McDonald

  Copyright 2015 Alex C. McDonald

  Thank you for purchasing Phantom 500 Episode 1 - 5. If you leave a review at your favorite retailer, please e-mail the author at [email protected] and you will receive the next episode in the series for FREE.


  Episode 1

  Episode 2

  Episode 3

  Episode 4

  Episode 5

  Phantom 500 – Episode 1

  Phantom 500

  Episode 1

  By Alex C. McDonald

  Phantom 500 – Episode 1

  By Alex C. McDonald

  Copyright 2015 Alex C. McDonald

  Thank you for purchasing Phantom 500 Episode 1. If you leave a review at your favorite retailer, please e-mail the author at [email protected] and you will receive the next episode in the series for FREE.

  Phantom 500 – Episode 1

  Captain James Riker a veteran of the Mars Wars was happy to have finally captaining his first private spaceship. After years of waiting he was able to find an investor willing to put the money into his business venture. Sure, his investor was not the most reputable of individuals, but he was where he loved to be, space.

  The ‘Phantom 500’ was a ship left over from a time before the Mars Wars and upgraded with some new technology and was being used as a cargo ship from Jupiter’s moon, Europa, to Earth. James Riker and his crew’s job was easy, ship the frozen water of Europa to Earth to be recycled as clean drinking water. The most precious resource in the solar system.

  “Set course for Earth and keep us 2 clicks under light speed,” said James Riker.

  “Aye, aye, Captain,” replied his blue-haired pilot, Aurora.

  “We don’t want to come across any straying Lycans,” said James Riker.

  When space agencies all over the planet of Earth began getting masses of funding from governments to explore the solar system for drinking water and other fine resources needed to sustain the human population, they never expected to find what they found on Mars. Advanced technology leftover from a species that had become extinct thousands of years ago. It was heralded as an amazing discovery, but when they turned it on that’s when humans encountered the Lycans.

  The beacon sent off a signal to the universe that the Lycans, a conquering Alien race, picked up. They sent an army of starships to take Mars and to retrieve this forgotten and valuable technology. However, scientists on Earth harnessed the technology quickly and soon developed ships that could travel at light speed and weapons that helped them to win the war. For now.

  Aurora kicked the ship into autopilot and turned her chair around.

  “How about a celebratory drink Captain?” she said.

  “Kakura think that is bad idea,” said a gruff voice as he entered the deck. It was Kakura, a large muscled alien, with scaly skin that James Riker had saved from the prison cells of a Lycan ship. “We not in no man land right now, it will take a few hours before we behind the fleet’s defensive line.”

  “Lighten up Kakura, we won the war. Besides I want to celebrate, my cut of this cargo is going to buy me the prettiest man I can find for a week,” said Aurora. Aurora went over to a metal cupboard and pulled out a bottle of whiskey and poured three glasses. She handed one to Captain Riker, Kakura and Aurora. “Drink up Kakura. You never know, keep working this trail and you’ll be able to buy your own ship and try to find home.”

  Kakura grimaced before shooting back his whiskey. The ships missile alarm then suddenly sprang into action. Aurora’s face suddenly turned sour. Kakura dropped his glass, allowing it to shatter into pieces and ran to the control panel. He instantly sent a command of anti-missiles to counter the incoming missile.

  “Missile has been countered, Captain,” said Kakura.

  “Well, get the damn shields up then, Kakura!” said Captain Riker.

  “Aurora slow us down, we’re not going to outrun a Lycan ship in this old ship. We’re going to have to fight,” said Captain Riker.

  “Y-yes, sir,” said Aurora nervously. She was young and had not fought in the Mars Wars and had no battle experience.

  “Send a mayday out to the fleet,” said Captain Riker as he walked over to the radar panel to study their surroundings. He saw a red dot appear on the screen and it was approaching fast.

  “Mayday, Mayday. This is cargo ship Phantom 500, we are under attack from a Lycan ship class, er,” Aurora briefly put her hand over the microphone. “Er, what kind of ship are we looking at, Captain?”

  “Destroyer,” said Captain Riker. Aurora and Kakura turned to their new Captain, with a worried look on their face.

  The Lycan Class Destroyer Starship was a massive space vehicle, capable of taking on a small fleet in battle. Two small Lycan fighter jets sprang from the Starship and darted towards the Phantom 500.

  “Two jets coming in, Captain,” said Aurora.

  “Kakura?” said Captain Riker.

  “Kakura is waiting for the right moment,” said Kakura.

  “Kakura? Fire the damn guns!” said Captain Riker.

  “Not yet,” said Kakura.

  “They’re firing on us Captain,” said Aurora. Captain Riker ran from the radar panel across to Kakura’s station and tried to push him out the way to fire back. However, the large arm of Kakura gently moved him away. High pressured laser bullets rained down on the Phantom 500 and the ships shields went down by 10%.

  Kakura acted quickly as the two Lycan fighter jets passed over their ship he put down their shields and fired back at them from the ship’s large Gatling gun. The fighter jets instantly exploded. Captain Riker took a sigh of relief.

  “If I had fired too early I may have missed. I too have fought the Lycans many times,” said Kakura.

  “I guess I’m learning as much about you as you are about me,” said Captain Riker. “Now, get the shields up.”

  “Yes sir,” said Kakura who then re-energized the Phantom 500s shields.

  “Message received from Starfleet command, sir. They have scrambled five C-Class destroyers and are heading here now at warp speed,” said Aurora.

  Out of the Phantom 500’s cockpit window the three crew members watched as the space outside seemed to warp and then five C-Class destroyers appeared and fired upon the Lycan Destroyer. Smoke billowed out of the Lycan ship and it appeared that a couple of bodies got sucked out into space.

  “Look, Captain, Lycans,” said Aurora pointing to the bodies in the distance.

  “You never want to meet them face-to-face,” said Kakura. “They are the most vile creatures in the universe.”

  The Lycan Destroyer fired back on the starfleet ships, but its attempts were poor and its missiles bounced off the shields. Four of Starfleets ships surrounded the Lycans and the fifth ship floated over to the Phantom 500. A message then beamed into the Phantom 500s cockpit.

  “Hello, Captain. This is Commander Tsokonov, is everyone safe on board?”

  “All safe, old friend. How are you?” replied Captain Riker.

  “Just fine. Not sure whether to call you sir anymore, now that you aren’t an officer of Starfleet,” joked Commander Tsokonov.

  “James is just fine Ronin,” said Captain Riker referring to Commander Tsokonov by his first name.

  “Well then James, the Lycans have surrendered. The other ships will board their ship and take the survivors as POW’s,” said Commander Tsokonov.

  “POWs? I thought the war was over?” said Aurora.

  “A complicated situation, young lady. But that’s all classified,
said Commander Tsokonov.

  “Okay, well anyway, thanks for the help, Ronin. We’ll make sure we get to safe territory right away,” said Captain Riker.

  “Of course. However, due to your mayday call I have been instructed to personally transfer you myself. My crew will lock onto your ship with our tractor-beam and we’ll usher you back,” said Commander Tsokonov.

  “Won’t be necessary Commander, but thank you,” said Captain Riker.

  “Come on, James. You know I have to, put your shields down and this can be easy,” said Tsokonov. Captain Riker quickly pressed some buttons and so that the Starfleet ship couldn’t hear the conversation he was about to have with his 2 crew members.

  “What’s going on Captain?” asked Aurora.

  “They’re going to take us to Starfleet base on Mars and take our cargo,” said Captain Riker.

  “What? They can’t do that, we’ve just purchased it from the Europa Mining Corp. A signed agreement and everything! They’ve got to be breaking some kind of law, right?” said Aurora.

  “There is no law in space,” said Kakura.

  “Just listen, when I open up communication again. Let down the shields and plot a course straight for Los Angeles and take us into warp speed,” said Captain Riker.

  “What? You mean Earth right. Because plotting a light speed journey that plummets through Earth’s atmosphere is suicide,” said Aurora.

  “I trust you. Besides if we don’t get this cargo back to our investors, we’ll never have another chance at this,” said Captain Riker.

  “But Captain,” said Aurora. Captain Riker ignored her pleas and switched communication between the two ships back on again.

  “Okay Commander Tsokonov, we’ll let down our shields,” said Captain Riker.

  “Good, we were beginning to wonder whether you were going to try to outrun us?” laughed Commander Tsokonov.

  “What? No,” smiled Captain Riker. Kakura then let down the shields.

  “Now!” said Captain Riker.

  Aurora quickly and skillfully send the ship into light speed. The Phantom 500 flashed out of space.

  On board Commander Tsokonov’s Star Destroyer he and his crew laughed.

  “Mr. Tooray,” said Commander Tsokonov to his pilot. “Track their trajectory.”

  “Yes, sir,” said Mr. Tooray he studied his computer intently. “Heading straight for Earth.”

  “Mr. Tooray set a course for Earth and three times the speed of light. We’ll be there waiting for them,” smirked Commander Tooray.

  “Oh, no, wait! There course and speed actually look like they are heading right for Los Angeles,” said Mr. Tooray.

  “What? But that’s practically suicide!” said Commander Tsokonov.

  “Yes, but they’ll be within International Law, sir, which means the cargo is theirs and Starfleets will miss out,” said Mr. Tooray. Commander Tsokonov sat frozen. “What do you want me to do sir?”

  “They’ll never make it, they’ll die. Its a ploy, Captain Riker knows we were going to track his trajectory. Set a course Earth, he’ll pull out of the warp before they go into Earth’s atmosphere,” said Commander Tsokonov who sat back feeling a little unnerved to be outsmarted by his former Captain.

  * * *

  Warning signs were lighting up everywhere on the flight deck of the Phantom 500.

  “Sir the ship is pleading with us to pull out of this warp,” said Aurora.

  “Aurora, I have full faith in your ability,” said Captain Riker, who looked over to meet the worried gaze of Kakura.

  “Sir, this is probably not the best time to tell you, but I didn’t actually drop out of Starfleet Pilot Academy, I actually flunked out,” said Aurora.

  “What?” said Captain Riker.

  “Yeah, I lied in my job interview,” said Aurora. “You think if I had the opportunity to fly this ship or one of those big Destroyers I would have picked this one? No way, I’d be a Starfleet pilot all the way.”

  “This is a terrible time to be telling this to us,” said Kakura.

  “Well, what part did you flunk at?” said Riker.

  “Emergency planetary landings,” said Aurora.

  “Oh great!” said Riker.

  Aurora read on the screen that landing was imminent. Alarms and light flashed all around her and then the Phantom 500 began to shake violently.

  “We’re coming out of light speed, sir,” said Aurora.

  “Grab the wheel, Aurora,” said Riker. The Phantom 500 then bounced out of light speed and right in front of them was the Wilshire Grand Tower.

  “Oh, crap! Aurora, put the rocket fuel thrusters on now!” screamed Captain Riker. Aurora fidgeted around before the rockets at the back of the ship exploded.

  “Evasive maneuvers, evasive maneuvers!” said Captain Riker. The belly of the Phantom 500 skimmed the side of the Wilshire Grand Tower and flew around in a curve darting in and out of Los Angeles buildings. On the streets people screamed as the starship plummeted along.

  “This landing is not going to be pretty, Captain,” said Aurora. Kakura and Captain Riker held tightly onto their seats as Aurora aimed the large cargo ship for the Santa Monica Beach.

  “This ship is not made to fly in Earth’s atmosphere,” said Kakura.

  “I know, Kakura,” said Captain Riker. The Phantom 500 scraped the top of rooftops and then came crashing down on the beach. It slid through the sand and splashed into the shores of the Pacific Ocean. It took a brief moment, but the three crew members all looked at each and began laughing.

  “James? What the hell do you think your playing at?” screamed the voice of Commander Tsokonov, who was waiting in his destroyer above the Earth’s atmosphere. “You could have killed hundreds of people.”

  “Well, Ronin, you never could catch me. Turn the communicator off, Aurora,” said Captain Riker.

  “Yes, sir,” said Aurora.

  “Okay, let’s go and get paid,” said Captain Riker.

  Phantom 500 – Episode 2

  Phantom 500

  Episode 2

  By Alex C. McDonald

  Phantom 500 – Episode 2

  By Alex C. McDonald

  Copyright 2015 Alex C. McDonald

  Thank you for purchasing Phantom 500 Episode 2. If you leave a review at your favorite retailer, please e-mail the author at [email protected] and you will receive the next episode in the series for FREE.

  Phantom 500 – Episode 2

  Captain James Riker opened the door to the office of Atsushi Takamatsu who was sat at his desk and flanked by two bodyguards. As he walked his way to Takamatsu’s desk he began to get applauded.

  “Congratulations, Captain,” Takamatsu stood up and extended his hand.

  “Thank you, Mr. Takamatsu,” said Captain Riker as he shook his investor’s hand.

  “Please sit down,” said Takamatsu and gestured towards some leather couches near a window. Captain Riker nodded and sat down with Takamatsu. A waitress came over with a silver tray that had two shot glasses of a clear liquid on it and placed them on the coffee table that separated the couches. “This is a sample of the cargo you brought with you from Europa.”

  “May I?” said Captain Riker.

  “Of course, that is why it is here,” said Takamatsu. Captain Riker lifted his glass to Takamatsu.

  “To a successful partnership,” said Riker, who then shot his glass back. Takamatsu forced a smile and left his glass.

  “It has amazing healing abilities, this water. Several trials have proven that it has a reverse effect on the aging process. Human body cells are being regenerated in those that drink this liquid regularly,” said Takamatsu.

  “Yes, so I’ve heard. But expensive stuff, I hear that it can sell for a hundred thousand dollars a bottle,” said Captain Riker.

  “A million,” said Takamatsu.

  “Wow, a million bucks. Well, I guess I’ll take mine and my crew’s share and leave this liquid to those who can afford it,” said Captain Riker.
  “Why don’t you have my shot of the water. I want my Captain to be fit and healthy for launch in two days,” said Takamatsu.

  “Launch? That’s not a good idea, Mr. Takamatsu, we didn’t make many friends on our first voyage,” said Captain Riker. “Best to stay low, besides I won’t need the money once you pay me.”

  “Well, that the problem, Captain. There is no money,” said Takamatsu.

  “What do you mean?” said Captain Riker.

  “The Governor of California has me by the neck to pay for the damages you caused to Santa Monica Beach and the launch of the Phantom 500 is going to cost me hundreds of millions. That ship is meant to stay in Earth’s orbit,” said Takamatsu.

  “Hey, well charge five million for this god damn water. I don’t care. My job was to bring the cargo to you and that’s what you got,” said Captain Riker.

  “There is no money, Captain. I am ruined. I already signed contracts with all of my clients at the fixed price. This isn’t space Captain, there are laws down here on Earth,” said Takamatsu. “If you don’t get on that ship in two days then we’ll both be begging on the streets!”

  “Well what do I tell my crew?” said Captain Riker.

  “You tell them next time you come across Lycans, never mayday for help,” said Takamatsu.

  “You’re going to need to upgrade our weaponry then,” said Captain Riker.

  “Just don’t get caught, Captain,” said Takamatsu. “My men, Ryu and Rex, here will take you and your crew to Houston tonight.”

  Captain Riker stood and pulled out a water bottle from inside his coat. He walked over to a plant that was sitting on the window and emptied it. He then walked back and poured the shot glass of Europa Water into the bottle and held it up.

  “I have a daughter in college right now. Do you know how much college costs these days? I’m already behind on the payments,” said Riker.

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