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       Boredom, p.32

           Alberto Moravia

  And so, in the long run, the only truly certain result was that I had learned to love Cecilia, or rather, to love her without complications. Anyhow I hoped I had learned. For in relation also to this aspect of my life, doubt could not be excluded. And in order to be completely sure, I had to wait until Cecilia came back from her visit to the seaside.

  This is a New York Review Book

  Published by The New York Review of Books

  435 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014

  Copyright © R.C.S. Libri S.p.A.-Milan Bompiani, 1960

  Introduction copyright © 1999 by William Weaver

  All rights reserved.

  First published in Italy by Valentino Bompiani & Co. as La Noia, 1960

  Cover image: Arnulf Rainer, The Empty Painting, 1951; © Arnulf Rainer, courtesy of Galerie Ulysses, Vienna

  Cover design: Katy Homans

  The Library of Congress has cataloged the earlier printing as follows:

  Moravia, Alberto, 1907–

  [Noia. English]

  Boredom / Alberto Moravia ; introduction by William Weaver ;

  translated by Angus Davidson.

  p. cm.

  Originally published: Milan : Valentino Bompiani & Co., 1960.

  ISBN 0-940322-28-5 (pbk.: alk. paper)

  I. Davidson, Angus. II. Title.

  PQ4829.062N613 1999

  853’.912—dc 21 99-31900

  eISBN 978-1-59017-121-9


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  Alberto Moravia, Boredom



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