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The House of the Hooks
e of the hooks.

  Adriano Fernandes da Silva

  Copyrighted work by Adriano Silva

  Registration date: January 19, 2016 - 05:23 PM

  Copyright number: FHZ4-9LKQ-F5IF-CJUC

  Title: A casa dos ganchos - house of the hooks

  Description: Horror eBook


  The house of the hooks.

  David was a young man who faced the challenge of living alone.

  He had a small rented house and celebrated his own employment, for he already completed a year of work.

  David worked with the cash register of the butchery near his house, but for his happiness, earned the salary a doctor or engineer.

  He never made a point to ask why, but it was clear that the owners of the establishment were absurdly rich, and this was noticed by even the smallest details of the giant butchery.

  It was a reference point throughout the city, and the owners were a couple rich in kindness too.

  The family came from some remote point from abroad, but David never asked much about the origin of his bosses.

  He lived a happy time, and even full of money, still kept living in his house, like he really liked.

  Early, one morning, the young man woke up with the noise coming from the street, announcing a tragedy.

  David was tall, slim, with "feline" traces in the face, and awaking like that, with such a messy haird, made him look like a lion running down the street to see what was happening.

  Running along with other curious, the young's heart sank when he saw the butchery and part of the house of the bosses, adjacent to the property, burning in a fire that lit up the whole street.

  Population and firefighters struggled until the fire went out and, in the end, the elderly couple was saved without life-threatening problems.

  Next morning David's fate was uncertain, not knowing if he was going to work.

  After helping to fight the fire with other anonymous, he returned home and decided to return there the next day, like always did, to see if there was someone guiding the employees.

  Perhaps the whole thing really shocked him, for it was hard to sleep after that scene.

  Amid a relief for the end of the fire, the man had the house and the burning image stuck in his mind.

  The way the flames danced beneath the overcast sky, the horrendous smell of smoke, the crackle of embers ... Everything was hard to forget.

  He could not tell if it was due to the fire burning the meat, but the smell of smoke was disturbing, and was impregnating the block.

  Laying, David wondered if burning flesh had that strong smell, putrid and woody.

  The next morning the postman brought a letter in a yellow envelope, made of thick paper.

  It was about working through it and David know how things would continue now that the butcher had been partially destroyed.

  Ripping yellow envelope, appeared another envelope covering letter, it was red, made of an unknown paper, almost fabric, soft to the touch.

  David opened it and read the simple message, written with a beautiful letter.

  Apparently, the owners had left all the staff on "vacation" until the workers managed to rebuild everything.

  Even more impressive, they would continue receiving salary. Even with a reduction of 30%.

  At that time, David laughed, surprised, because no one would believe in the benefits of this work, not even himself, if he weren't living it.

  In the message back, printed on paper, there was the image of the house owners, as a decoration.

  That image took David's smile immediately, bringing memory of that awful smell coming out of there and the butchery next door.

  That afternoon, he was shopping at the market and had to end up going in front of the destruction.

  There were workers picking up the debris, but what drew attention was the huge hole in the big house, now stained by the power of the fire.

  David went there and could not avoid looking at it.

  Trembling and feeling an unexpected cold, he wondered if he had any phobia related to fire, for he felt like passing in front of a shark with his mouth open, ready to devour his entire body in a single bite.

  Perhaps it was this that held his attention to that macabre image, the sense of insecurity.

  Fleeing the feeling, the boy returned home by another street, what he would do in the coming days, avoiding the view of destruction until their workplace was reopened, with those many balloons and colors, typical when a large establishment is reopened .

  The following week, David had already forgot the scene of the fire, but that's when the fire began to invade his dreams frequently.

  In the beginning were only memories, then he saw himself closer to the flames, then came the stage where he was really concerned.

  As the end of the week came, he began to have nightmares more often, in which he saw the flames and a small girl standing in the absurd heat of the fire.

  Her skin began to change, twist and crumble like burnt paper, becoming bits of ash.

  In the nightmare, David tried to get closer, take the little one out of the fire, but there was something behind her, in the smoke, crawling by the debris, fast, difficult to identify.

  Suddenly, the thing advanced, waving the smoke and pulling the girl hard enough for her to disappear amid the destruction.

  David always woke up desperate, sweating as if he really had come out of a burning place.

  The nightmare became frequent and more intense, but what scared David was the result after the dreams.

  One night he woke up and found a number of stains on the sheets, both of which covered his body as the entire length of the bed.

  The young man searched for some liquid, any leak, some kind of mold, but once he sniffed one of the spots, imendiatamente realized what it was.

  The spots were burn marks.

  The flames from the nightmare of David, somehow, began to affect his surroundings.

  Still refusing to take action, the young man went to sleep one more night to see what would happen.

  After seeing the same girl in the macabre, he woke up and, in addition to seeing bigger spots on the sheets, his body showed remnants of smoke.

  He did not feel excessive heat, but now was more than scared. He needed to understand what was going on before he woked up with all the house burned down.

  In the morning, he left home and went to the ruins, which now had many debris removed, leaving only the big house surrounded by "don't trespass" tapes.

  Before that view, David was sure he wasn't going through a normal problem.

  The walls seemed to be calling for him with a hideous buzz.

  For a moment, the young man felt like dozens of voices whispering something, trying to attract him inside the house, or what was left of it.

  During the day there were all kinds of surveillance, including the curious people, but after midnight, David would have to walk through those gaps and see for himself what was the root of his disturbances.

  As much as the house caused him horror, fall asleep to wake up roasted was more horrible.

  After sunset, he prepared a flashlight and knee pads, that was what was left of an old sports equipment.

  Taking advantage of the night, he wore darker clothing, meant to hide him in the shadows.

  Once he set foot on the street, David felt a cold air, and it was not the evening breeze.

  Something watched, haunting and, apparently, clearing the streets.

  It was not just effect of the night, there was something in the night air, allowing David to avoid any encounter with anyone, as he approached the mansion.

  David went straight and crossed the tape prohibiting the entry, getting enough i
n the dark to turn on the flashlight and light the corridors of the house.

  As well as the owners kept the butchery, so they kept the house, quite well decorated with paintings of very good taste and various doors in the many corridors.

  Everything would be receptive, if it wasn't for something strange in the air, including smell, which was not of something burned.

  Suddenly David heard footsteps walking barefoot, moving from one point to another, getting closer.

  He didn't leave nor tried to escape, just stood there, standing, shivering, looking through the light to see who approached.

  For his surprise, it wasn't a creature, nor something unknown, but a small figure that illuminated by the flashlight, the same girl always present in David's dreams.

  Now, live, he saw and noticed how small she was, with long volumous hair and a white dress.

  It was identical to a ghost, but it was too small to be threatening, and neither seemed to have any malignant intent.

  The boy approached her and asked her name, and if she was lost, but she only said that was, indeed, lost and needed to get something that was in the house before leaving.

  David, to ensure her safety, had to follow with the girl, feeling little by little, he wasn't guinding, but being guided by her small footsteps.

  She knew the house and walked hurriedly by choosing the right door to open in the deepths of the corridors.

  They found a guest bedroom, then the little one pointed to the wall and asked David to push it for a moment.

  He didn't understand, but when looked straight into the girl's eyes, felt a seriousness out of the ordinary, something that was contagious.

  He placed his hands on the wall according to her instruction and began to push, forcing what looked like a normal wall.

  Just before he quit, the surface shifted
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