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       Divide & Conquer, p.20

         Part #4 of Cut & Run series by Abigail Roux
Page 20


  “He delivers, huh?” Ty said to Zane quietly. “Im burning every little brown bag I find in your fridge from now on. ”

  Zane just smiled innocently. “Even the cheesecake?” Ty liked that damn cheesecake; of course it came from here. “Dont push me, Stevie Wonder,” he growled. “Y EAH,I understand,” Graham whispered into the cell phone, trying to cover his annoyance. Pierce was getting on his nerves with all his damn orders, and in Grahams opinion, he was taking this shit too seriously.

  It was one thing to steal money from big banks to pad his wallet. The banks were insured. It didnt hurt anybody. But the bombs were real now and getting bigger and meaner. Pierce liked the destruction. He wanted to hurt people, especially cops. He said they were making some kind of statement now, not just creating a diversion to keep the cops distracted. It was making Graham and the others nervous. He hadnt signed up for a manifesto; he just wanted the extra cash

  “This is the big one, man. We need all hands on deck,” Pierce was saying furtively. “The best way to expose societys corruption is to split it open bit by bit and show everyone—everyone!—just what were dealing with here. The government pigs—”

  Graham rolled his eyes. Who talked like that? “Yeah, yeah, I get it. Ill be there, okay? I have to go or Im gonna get fired. ” He hung up before Pierce could start into his “manifesto” again.

  He peered through the kitchen door to see if table three was clear yet. He could see Ryan out there talking to two big dudes who looked vaguely familiar. Graham belatedly recognized the darker one. Mr. Garrett. No, Agent Garrett. He was some sort of government guy, always smiling and friendly, didnt make a fuss, always left generous tips. He seemed like a decent guy, for a Fed.

  Graham looked at them closer, wondering why Garrett looked odd. He wasnt exactly looking at Ryan when he spoke to him, nor was he looking at the pissed-off guy in the blue suit across the table from him. He seemed to be staring off into the middle distance.

  When Ryan left them and came through the door, he looked troubled. Graham nodded at the table. “Whats wrong with him?” Ryan looked back at the two men. “He said he was one of the agents caught in that explosion down at the harbor shops. He lost his vision. ” He gave them one last sympathetic glance and then was gone, off to the kitchen to put in an order.

  Suddenly Graham recognized them: the two agents from television that Pierce had the vendetta against. The other mans name was Grady, and Pierce had yet to stop talking about him.

  Caught in the explosion. Graham stood looking out at Agent Garrett. The explosion they set in the shopping mall. The bomb Pierce insisted needed to be bigger and better.

  Graham had been sitting beside Hannah when shed reluctantly called in the tip that sent the cops and FBI to that building. He had helped lure Agent Garrett into that building. Because of him and his friends, that man, a decent man, a man he knew, was now blind. How many more people like him had they hurt? Or killed?

  Grahams stomach turned. He ran and took the stairs two at a time, trying to get to the bathroom before he was sick. Z ANE sighed as he shut the front door and leaned back against it. While dinner had been great—the food at Chiapparellis always was— hed been tense, even in those familiar surroundings, all too aware that someone could walk up behind him at any time. Having Ty there had helped, but Zane was still glad to be home.

  “Will you put my leftovers in the fridge?” Zane asked as he held out the brown bag holding the plastic and tin container, stifling the laugh that threatened.

  Ty snatched it from him with a grunt. A moment later Zane heard the bag hit the floor, and without warning he was slammed against the door behind him. Ty held him there by both shoulders, fingers digging in hard. But he ghosted his lips along Zanes in gentle contrast to the rough treatment. Zane caught his breath, surprised by the dichotomy and immediately interested in more.

  Ty pressed against him, licking at his lips. “I think you should find a new favorite restaurant,” he murmured before dragging his teeth across Zanes lower lip.

  Zane swallowed hard. “But I like that one. ” He settled his hands on Tys hips, his fingers sliding on the soft, fine fabric of Tys trousers. “Thats what Im afraid of,” Ty growled playfully. He pushed Zane against the door harder and forced his tongue between Zanes lips, running it along the inside of his teeth. He crowded against Zane in an unspoken demand.

  Heat flushed through Zane in a sudden wash, and he felt the urgent need to beg for more. Hed been handled with kid gloves for two days now. He needed Ty all over him—the rougher the better. When their mouths finally parted, he deliberately fanned the flames. “Lots of reasons to keep going there,” he said, breathless.

  “Are you trying to make me jealous?” Ty asked in a low voice. It was almost a purr with Tys rough mountain twang. Zane let out a shaky breath as he felt his body react to the arousal starting to spread through him. “Seems to me you already are. ” He dug his fingers in where his hands rested at Tys waist.

  Ty pushed his face closer to Zanes, causing his lips to move against Zanes when he spoke, his voice dropping to a growl. “I am,” he admitted shamelessly. Zane could feel him smiling. Ty might have been telling the truth, that he really was jealous, but he was also enjoying it. “I think you should start liking seafood instead of Italian. ”

  Zane opened his mouth to answer, but a shaky moan came out instead. He had to stop and take a breath and try again, and he pulled Tys dress shirt out of his waistband while he was at it. “I do like seafood. They have that there too,” he drawled, shifting his groin against Tys thigh.

  “Dammit, Zane,” Ty snarled before he kissed Zane again, with no regard for soft lips caught against teeth. He reached between them to yank at Zanes belt, then shoved at his jeans, pushing them down his hips. He forced his tongue into Zanes mouth hungrily and ground their bodies together.

  Zanes gut clenched; hearing and feeling Ty this worked up was a hell of a turn-on. And the fact that it was because Ty was feeling possessive…. Zanes head spun with delight, and he tried to give as good as he got. Ty pulled back from him just long enough to shuck his suit jacket and yank his shirt and undershirt over his head. Zane could feel the bare skin under his fingertips, soft and warm, shifting over muscles he could trace with his eyes closed. Then Ty was on him again, hands all over him as he tugged and yanked at Zanes clothing, biting at his lips and his chin and his neck, sucking on his earlobe and growling, “Youre mine. Jersey Shore can get his own. ”

  The arousal ripped through Zane so quickly that his knees went weak, and he sagged against the door with a soft moan, Tys body pinning him there. “Baby,” he gasped helplessly.

  Ty finally managed to get Zanes shirt unbuttoned, and he pushed it down Zanes arms and left it there, tangled at his wrists. He dragged his hands up Zanes hips and around his waist to delve under his briefs and grab his ass possessively, then squeezed hard as he thrust his groin against Zanes and kissed him. Under Tys hands, Zane could do nothing but writhe against the door and try to return the kisses best he could. He had to struggle to get the sleeves of his shirt untangled from his hands, and Ty didnt help him at all. When he finally got loose, he clutched at one of Tys shoulders for support.

  Ty moved his hands, fingers digging into soft flesh as he pushed Zanes briefs down. “Dont fucking move,” Ty growled against his lips. And then he was gone, pushing away from Zane and disappearing into silence. Zane almost flailed as he lost his hold, and he flattened himself against the door, trying to keep from sliding to the floor along with his underwear. He sucked in deep breaths, trying to calm down a little. His cock was hard and aching, near-rigid against his abdomen, and he almost reached down to try to relieve a little of the pressure, but Tys words echoed in his ears, and no way was he going to disobey an order like that. He moved just enough to kick out of his jeans and briefs.

  He distantly heard the sound of a drawer opening and shutting, and after a few short mome
nts, Ty was back. When he touched Zane, it was obvious that hed stripped off the rest of his clothes while moving. Theyd be tripping over Tys blue suit all the way to the bedroom. If they got that far. When Ty pressed against him, it was all hard muscle, smooth skin, and rough hands. He grabbed at the backs of Zanes thighs and tugged, pulling Zanes feet away from the door and almost off the floor. It lowered Zane to Tys height, and Ty rubbed his hard cock against Zanes as he licked and sucked and nipped at Zanes lips.

  Zane grabbed for Tys shoulders and held on tight. Ty was hot and hard all over, and Zane needed him badly. “Baby, please,” Zane groaned.

  “Oh, now Im „baby, am I?” Ty asked gruffly, his voice husky and strained. “What happened to making me jealous? Teasing poor Ty with the hot waiter?” His hand grabbed Zanes ass again and squeezed hard; then he pulled at the back of Zanes thigh and bent his knees, lowering himself enough to yank Zanes left leg over his hip.

  Zane shifted his weight to his right leg, reached out to grab the doorknob with his left hand, and hooked his other arm over Tys shoulder, needing some kind of leverage as Ty manhandled him. “Need you too much to tease,” he got out between breaths. “Didnt plan it, really didnt. ”

  Ty hummed disbelievingly. Zane heard the distinctive pop of the cap on the tube of lubricant, and then Tys hand was between them, squeezing the cold gel out onto his own cock and onto Zanes. He tossed the tube away, and Zane heard it land somewhere as Tys hand wrapped around both of them and began to jack them slowly.

  His lips came to rest against Zanes for a moment before moving. “Im going to fuck you until you cant remember your name,” he promised in an oddly intimate voice. He pulled Zanes lower lip between his and dragged his teeth along it.

  Zane clutched at his lover desperately as Tys hand squeezed. Fuck, he wanted that. “Please… please, Ty. ” “Nobody likes a beggar,” Ty whispered. He hiked Zanes leg up higher and reached behind him with his slick hand. His fingers were hot as they massaged at Zane, teasing at him, taunting him by dipping deeper and twisting. They fucked often enough that it didnt take much preparation, sometimes nothing but lubricant. Ty was doing this now because he wanted to tease Zane, not because Zane needed it.

  Zane gasped out a laugh. “You love it when I beg. ” Ty growled again, biting down harder on Zanes lip as he moved with alarming speed and power. He hooked his arm under Zanes leg and hefted him farther up the door, getting a gasp of surprise out of Zane. That leg now rested in the crook of Tys arm, and Zanes balance on the other was threatened when Ty slammed Zane against the door, holding him there with the weight of his body and the strength of his arms. His hands tugged at Zanes hips, bowing Zanes back, and Zane could feel the head of Tys cock, rock hard against his ass.

  A wild, needy keen tore from Zanes throat as his fingers scrabbled for purchase on Tys skin. He would have given anything to see Tys face right at this moment. He could imagine it: hazel eyes sparking, brow furrowed and full lips pursed with concentration and intent. The amount of pure brute strength and violent desire it had to take for Ty to practically pick Zane up and hold most of his weight was incredible.

  He jostled Zane some more, grunting and sucking air through his teeth as he struggled to get them in position. It took a few attempts as Ty fumbled and kissed him messily, but he finally forced himself inside Zane as he let gravity pull Zanes body down. By the purr that echoed through them both, Zane could tell Ty was savoring the slow slide, and when the head of his cock pushed past Zanes tight muscle, he punctuated it with another violent exploration of Zanes mouth and a hard thrust of his hips.

  Zanes cry of pained pleasure was muffled by their kiss, and he dug in his fingers and tensed his leg, trying to hold onto Ty. It was uncomfortable and precarious and unbelievably fucking hot. Zane thought he might come at any moment, come all over Ty and himself right there, just as Ty was getting started. He would have been embarrassed if he didnt want it so badly.

  “Fuck,” he gasped as soon as their lips parted. “Oh fuck… Ty. ”

  Ty didnt respond other than to bury his face in Zanes neck and thrust up into him again, over and over. He occasionally hitched Zane higher, the sensation of being picked up and then pulled down onto Tys cock entirely different from anything Zane had experienced before. Ty panted heavily with exertion and bit at Zanes shoulder as if he wanted to simply devour him. Zane wanted to be eaten alive. He held on as the pleasure racked him until he couldnt conceive of anything but Tys hands and teeth on his skin and riding Tys cock.

  A low growl started in Tys throat, and the thrusts of his hips began to slam Zane erratically against the door. He tightened his hold on Zanes leg and ass and lifted him higher yet again, putting Zane on the toes of one foot, and Zane gasped as the warm skin of his back skipped on the weather-chilled painted metal of the door, catching and pulling. Tys growl became a tortured, brutal shout as he fucked Zane painfully hard, without any regard for either of their bodies.

  It only took a few of those thrusts to force a broken whine out of Zane as the tension in him snapped and he slammed into climax, coming in pulses with Tys thrusts, his come smearing between them. Zanes entire body tensed and strained in Tys arms, helpless. All he could do was trust Ty to keep him from falling and ride out the pleasure that was blotting out absolutely everything but his lover moving inside him, prolonging the orgasm.

  It was a few more glorious seconds before Tys movements froze and his body arched. He was silent as he came inside Zane. When his body uncoiled, he was gasping for breath, his forehead resting against Zanes shoulder. His skin was damp with sweat, and his arms and shoulders trembled as he pulled out of Zane quickly and lowered Zanes feet to the ground. But Zanes legs were far too wobbly to support him, and he grasped at Ty as he started to slide down the door to the thin carpet. Ty huffed a laugh, and they sank to the floor together. Ty shifted and sat down with a thump beside Zane, his back to the door and their shoulders brushing. He was breathing hard from the exertion, still gasping for air.
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